Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment Review – Will it stop your breakage?

Aphogee twotein step Pro TreatmentThe product says that it stops hair breakage and rebuilds the hair structure for six weeks. It is targeted to people with colour-treated, relaxed or permed hair so it was ideal for testing on our subject.

She is of African descent and has shoulder length hair which breaks off constantly at this critical length and she hasn’t seen an increase in length for 3 years. Her hair is both relaxed and colour treated (double processing which is never recommended!).

She has decided to try aphogee products after hearing other people’s success with this product. Her hair was relaxed a couple of weeks ago and it feels dry and brittle. She shampooed her hair with her own brand once only to avoid excessive dryness. She then towel dried and sectioned her hair into 4 making sure it was relatively detangled as the product will have to be combed through once applied. When she was ready, she proceeded to apply the treatment to each section using her wide tooth comb to distribute evenly. She twisted each section into a loose knot before moving on the next one. She noted that she would have to work quickly as the product started to become sticky after a few minutes. The treatment is also runny which makes it a bit awkward to apply it to the hair without getting lots of it running down your neck! The product does not have the greatest smell in the world either.

She proceeded to sit under a hooded dryer with no cap on. The product says that you should sit under the dryer until the hair is hard; she found that some sections were still a bit soft and wet after 20 minutes stayed under the dryer for a further 10. The hair was rock hard and as stated, it is important not to try to agitate or manipulate the hair in any way at this stage as it could cause the hair to break!

She washed her hair in the shower under warm water not touching her hair until it went soft again the product was well rinsed out, it took about 15 minutes. She then applied a copious amount of her own ultra moisturizing conditioner (not protein but moisturizing only!) and covered her hair with a cap. She then went back under the dryer to deep condition for a further 40 minutes.

She rinsed the conditioner off and proceeded to style as usual. The first thing she noticed different was how ‘strong’ her hair felt. While prior to the treatment she was scared to death of combing her hair because of the number of strands that came away with the comb, usually 20-30! Now, the hair seemed more resilient and most times she saw no strands in her comb but sometimes she would have 1-3.

Did the protein treatment help in her quest for longer hair? 8 weeks and one more use of the Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment later, her hair is stronger and healthier than it’s ever been. She’s not needed a trim as she barely sees any split ends and her hair has grown a full inch! It’s the longest her hair has ever been and her friends have been commenting on how great her hair looks suddenly. She still colours her hair monthly and relaxes it every few months but she feels that with the protein treatment, she will achieve the long hair she craves in no time!

The product costs about $6.95 (£4.65) per 4fl oz bottle. The can last for 1 or 2 applications depending on the length of your hair. This might seem a bit expensive but considering that the product only has to be used only once every 6 weeks, it is in fact quite reasonably priced. It is highly recommended for anyone with relaxed or permed hair that breaks or colour treated hair that is dry and frizzy. In fact, it is an excellent product for any kind of dry damaged or weak hair!

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  1. 1

    I have to agree about this product. I had so much breakage and shedding eveytime I combed my hair, so then I decided to use the protein treatment, shampoo and leave in conditioner as well as the green tea. After the protein treatment which smelled so bad and you have to be quick when using it, cuz it dries fast!! anyways after that was done and risned out I have to say becasue it makes your hair so DRY you must and I say MUST use a deep condirioner afterwards for about 20 more minutes under the drier works wonders. I LOVE this stuff but since this entire line has potein in it be very careful not to overload your hair with too much of it. The protein treatment should ONLY be done every six weeks and I reapeat dont use it right after a perm EVER!! I must say after the treatment my hair is VERY soft and no more breakage!!!!!

  2. 2
    bridgette Lazard says:

    what products should i use when i am not doing the six-week treatment. What are the maintenance products to use because i wash my hair every week?

  3. 4

    Which deep conditioner do you recommend?

  4. 7
    1 2 beamup says:

    I am Indian (asian) origin. I have huge hair fall and I color treat my hair every 6 weeks. Will this product work on me?

    • 8

      Absolutely. Aphogee works for all hair types.

      • 9

        This product is amazing! I’m sure glad I went to Sally’s beauty supply store to ask the the hair care professional there if u can call them such, however all I know is they gave me this packet of aphogee and man it really worked… By the way I liked the citrus smell of aphogee. However I got he olive oil deep penetrating conditioner for upkeep instead I their conditioner.

        • 10

          Citrus smelling aphogee? Are you sure you have the right one? I think it smells evil! lol

          • 11

            She must have purchased the Aphogee 2minute (it smells like citrus).

          • 12

            Ah ha! Makes sense now. For anyone wondering, the 2 minute reconstructor is only a protein conditioner for weekly washes so it doesn’t do quite what the 2 step treatment does.

  5. 13
    Greenlee says:

    Can the shampoo you use before this treatment be a clarifying one? I was thinking about using my Carol’s Daughter Rosemary shampoo. Thanks!

    • 14

      Absolutely! Actually it’s better if the shampoo is clarifying. If you use a shampoo with moisturizing ingredients that coat the strands the protein will not take as well. You can coat your strands during your dc afterwards.

  6. 16
    Greenlee says:

    Has anyone ever used the ApHOGEE Balancing Moisturizer after this Protein treatment? Did you still need a moisturizing conditioner after it? Thanks!

    • 17

      Actually I have but I didn’t find it as moisturizing as my usual DC. That seems to be the consensus in the forums too. Use the two step but try a different moisturizing dc. I use Nexxus humectress or this l’oreal hair mask that I can’t remember the name of right now.

  7. 20

    I want to try the two step protein, but I see in the comments you should never use it right after a perm. So when is a good time to use it for maximum results? Also, I’ve been using Creme of Nature sulfate free shampoo for a while now and i honestly can’t tell a difference, but can you recommend a sulfate free clarifying shampoo to use before the treatment?

    • 21

      It’s fine to do an aphogee the week after your relaxer on your wash day. When clarifying using a sulfate containing shampoo isn’t the worst thing in the world. Remember that the reason you stop using SLS shampoos is to prevent stripped hair on a weekly basis. But when clarifying, you actually want to remove build up so personally I use a poo with sulfate when clarifying.

      Otherwise, Alterna Clarifying Shampoo is a decent sulfate free one. Word of caution, when you want to clarify for an Aphogee treatment, avoid a shampoo that says ‘moisturizing’ or ‘nourishing’ because moisturizing agents affect the protein treatment’s ability to penetrate the hair.

  8. 22

    Hi, how are you today. I’m planning on bleaching my hair and I was wondering if I could use this product after bleaching my hair. Would I do this before or after I co-wash?

    • 23

      Hi Rose, I wouldn’t do an aphogee straight after bleaching, I think it would be too much manipulation for one day. You are better off doing the aphogee 2 step the following week but it should be done on freshly shampooed hair and followed up with deep conditioning to restore the moisture balance in your hair.

  9. 25

    I am 2.5 months post relaxed as i am trying to extend my relaxers. I did a ors wash, aphogee two step and a ors deep conditioner then i proceeded to detangle my hair, what a task;i almost wish i had just relaxed it, that’s how tangle the hair was. It was knotted to the point i had to use a scissor in some parts. I tried to be patience as i a really trying to spread my relaxers to six months. Please give me some advice on how to detangle my hair to avoid knots and breakage

    • 26

      Hi pearls. It’s not so much about how you detangle but rather how you wash it to prevent tangles in the first place. Being relaxed does not excuse you from washing in sections for instance (I don’t know if you did). Never begin washing until your hair is fairly free of tangles, this is a good reason to prepoo while finger detangling beforehand.

      Separate into at least 4 sections and shampoo the roots one section at a time while holding your hair taut to prevent your new growth getting tangled again. Rinse the poo allowing it to clean the length of your hair and use the pressure of the shower to ensure that your roots have remained fairly free of tangles then proceed to dc.

      You can go over the hair with a wide tooth comb after your final rise but if you deep conditioned with heat, your new growth should be pretty soft and easy to comb through.

  10. 27

    Can I use the Olive Oil creamy aloe shampoo, instead of the aphrogee shampoo before the treatment and the Olive oil deep conditioner (yellow) after, instead of the balancing moisturiser?

    • 28

      Hi J. You can use any shampoo as long as it’s a cleansing one (not a moisturizing one that will deposit stuff on your strands before the aphogee). I can’t find the ingredients of the olive oil conditioner but it is ok to use only if it does not have protein in it. You want something moisturizing after a hard protein treatment.

  11. 29

    Hi i wanted to know what would be a good moisturizing deep conditioner without protein because i do not want to get a protein over load. Do you know of any deep conditioners without protein? Or do you know how i can make one my self ?

  12. 31

    I used the apogee protein treatment on my hair on Sunday night and I follow all the instructions and now I have a lot of breakage in the back of my head and this is the week I am suppose to get a relaxer. What can I do to stop the breakage from my hair? I thought about cutting my hair short and start all over I was trying to grow my hair longer but that is going to take sometime.. What should I do?

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