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The Best Individual Vitamins For Hair Growth

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MSMBamboo SilicaBiotinNiacinVitamin D
MSM hair growth supplementBamboo silica hair growth supplementBiotinNiacin hair growth supplementVitamin D hair growth supplement
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Information on the Infographic: The Best Individual Vitamins For Hair Growth

1. MSM – This is a form of sulfur that helps to increase hair growth phase.

2. Silica – Bamboo has the highest amount of naturally occurring silica. it makes hair skin and nails grow stronger.

3. Biotin – The most popular of hair growth supplements. It helps hair grow faster and thicker.

4. Niacin – It stimulates blood flow to the skin and scalp helping increase hair growth.

5. Vitamin D – It boosts hair growth rate, helps keep the scalp free from infections and prevents hair loss.



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