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Postcard the many benefits of hot oil treatments

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Tea Tree Oil

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The Benefits Of Hot Oil Treatments

1. Protects against dandruff and dry scalp conditions.

2. Reduces frizz and tangles in kinky curly hair.

3. Restores strength and balance in brittle hair by sealing in moisture into the strands.

4. Adding a few drops of essential oils corrects fungal and bacterial scalp conditions.

5. Hot oil treatments increase shine giving your hair an added bit of bling; and who doesn’t want that!



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    brownsugarcoffee says:

    I have a question it seems like no 1 really have the answer. I’m giving myself a hot treatment. Do I shampoo first or after I give myself a hot oil treatment.

  2. 3

    whats the best thing for dandruff? And what are some tips to make natural hair grow faster?

    • 4

      Hi Jammz. When I had dandruff years ago, I found that it miraculously disappeared when I began washing my hair regularly (weekly). If you still have dandruff in spite of regular washing and deep conditioning, then a hot oil treatment followed with a shampoo containing some tea tree oil should do the trick. To grow your hair faster you can always try some hair growth aids topical or supplements but mostly patience is the best bet!

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