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How to pineapple your hair

Hair ‘pineapple-ing’ helps to save curly styles like braid and twist outs as well as wash and go’s. You can keep these styles for a week if you pineapple every night!

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  1. 1

    thanks so much for this. my twist outs last for nearly a week when i pineapple my hair as compared to 1 day when i don’t so it definitely makes a difference. You also end up with stretched hair which is an added bonus!

  2. 2
    Racquel Jemison says:

    I have a question. My hair is pretty short (neck length) and I love doing twist outs, but pineappling usually results in most of my curls being smoothed out (if using a hairband), with only the ends still maintaining their curl. Leaving it out and using a scarf results in flattened, undefined curls the next morning. Any tips?

    • 3

      Hi Racquel. My daughter’s hair is pretty short, about APL when stretched. I cannot stress to you how loose the hairband has to be in order not to smooth out your curls, I tend to use an old hairband where the elastic has all but gone. I find that pineappling will stretch the curls at the back and sides a little but the top remains very curly. If you are wearing your hair down anyway, it shouldn’t look much different from day to day with pineapple-ing.

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