Using Baking Soda As A Natural Texturizer

Using Baking Soda As A Natural Texturizer

Ah baking soda. To begin with we loved you then Kimmaytube told us you were evil after which many of us disagreed and threw caution to the wind because it’s ‘all natural’ so couldn’t possibly be that bad. What’s a girl to do when a baking soda texturizer comes ‘a calling?

In spite of the warnings, baking soda has been used in beauty regimens quite successfully for many decades. Some people use it to cleanse their face, clean teeth or even as a natural deodorant!

Using baking soda as a texturizer is nothing new, it’s made its way around hair forums and blogs for a good few years. I’ve heard a few people refer to it as a ‘baking soda relaxer’ but it takes more than just alkalinity to create a true relaxer so don’t expect straight hair!

The treatments below don’t truly texturize your hair in the traditional sense either in that they will not relax your natural curl. What happens is that they help very coily hair with clumping so that your natural curl pattern is more visible. The end result is softer shinier hair and better definition of curls that hang down instead of sticking outwards.

There are a few old but epic threads on various forums with ladies using baking soda as a texturizer. From what I gathered, there are quite a few ways to use it.

1. Some ladies just mix it up with a water to create a paste then slap in on their hair.

2. Some combine baking soda with enough conditioner to make a thick cream and apply it.

3. Some even mix it with milk of magnesia (another alkaline product) to make a thick paste before applying.

In terms of how long they are leaving the mixtures in their hair, it varies widely. Some are leaving it in for 30 minutes and some for 7 hours!

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    Wow! I didn’t know.

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    Amber Pullie definitely try this!

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    Say what?

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  • LehlogoNolo Hihumba

    Is baking soda and bicarbonade of soda the same thing?

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    • LehlogoNolo Hihumba

      Ok thanks

  • Daphney Cadet

    Yes it’s really good, I’ve been using baking soda since I started the natural style.

  • Shay Carr

    Does it really help stretch the curl pattern?

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  • Melissa Steen McDowell

    I am trying that this weekend!

  • Kimberly Jones-Redmond

    NO THANK YOU!!! I just read Curly Nikki’s explanation about the acidity and the pH factors and how ABRASIVE it is…and it’s scared the crap out of me! I’m NO chemist & I love my hair way TOO much to try experimenting with acid-like ingredients! Read this and determine for yourself, ladies….just don’t see a suggestion on here without researching it first! JMHO


      I agree actually but remember that this treatment has yogurt which is acidic which will neutralize the alkaline pH of the baking soda. Having said that I would still need to have pH testing strips handy before applying to my hair :)

    • Adrienne Jones

      I am not sure it is yogurt because in her blog… curlnikki it metioned that baking soda alone was smelling bad. I did see a lot of youtube said it cleans well but smelling bad. You know how baking soda can smell bad but fizz when it is with something like apple vingear cidear? It got me to think again…if it fizz, how will it beheave on my hair> It probably burn like relaxer. Baking soda is seeming more powerful on their alone without yogurt . I dunno about amino , I never tried it before. I oly know Yogurt act as natural conditioner or relaxer to some. But it is more of deep conditioner to me. None texturizer. I tried ph balance strip. none bad.

    • Kimberly Jones-Redmond

      I agree. I thought about the fizz too. I’ve even seen where they encourage to rinse with the vinegar. I’ve also read how it can make your hair hard/crunchy like…. Are people that desperate to change their curl pattern!?!? I’m just not comfortable doing it either.

  • Drina No’MoreLyes Phillip

    I don’t do food lol…. I’m good

  • Tierra Jackson

    Baking soda strips your hair…no thanks.

  • Regina Stevenson

    Baking soda messed my hair up.Will not try.

  • Nicole Clark Betts

    This is the cherry Lola recipe, works amazing. I went from big chop to bra strap length in 3 yrs with 4b hair and have used brags backing soda and yogurt many times. The baking soda isn’t used alone, it oxidized the other ingredients so they work better. Don’t knock something you haven’t tried or even understand the chemistry behind. What works for some may not always work for others.

  • Ruby Curry

    I am four mouth natural and I need hope.

  • Andrea Simpson-Jones

    How do people actually find out that these things work. I mean, who thinks of this?!!!

  • Keri Toodle

    I didn’t know that was POSSIBLE!

    • Caramel

      Quite often, many ideas are not original but have been knocking around for a while. It just depends on who decides to pick what idea, money, circumstance etc etc. These people very rarely get thanks, most people just take things they have for granted whether it be technology or medicine but somebody/bodies did experiments, got the results and then you got stuff! These clever people are your humble Doctors, Scientists and Engineers.

  • Cherissa Cassamajor

    What exactly is being used with the baking soda I cannot read the lables good????


      It’s yogurt and braggs amino acids. Just read the post!!

  • Jeremiah Imani

    I didnt know anything about this .. I cleanse my hair a couple of time with baking soda mixed in with my conditon.. as a co wash because I didnt want to use shampoo and I had some product in my hair since I used it for my face as a face wash and it leave it smooth.. I figured is would be a good exfoliation for my scalp.. but I want use it anymore.. until I fo futher reseach on the chemistry portion on it.

  • Tia Tolliver

    Its called a cherry lola and works great!

  • Marcy Rowles-Shanghai

    I have tried this and had good results, it did loosen my curl.But

  • Kimberly Jones-Redmond

    If you don’t know how to neutralize & balance the pH levels, I wouldn’t advise this is all I was saying. I’m definitely knocking something I’ve not tried; I’m also not jumping on any bandwagon either. If I don’t feel comfortable putting it in my hair, then that should be fine by you. I’m not forcing you not to. I just simply relayed why I chose not to…and as I said, I’m no chemist and don’t know how to balance the pH levels. Thank you very much! Good day! ;)

  • Monica Tori

    Hey I just want to know, did this work for you?

  • Adrienne Jones

    lol i know it, that is why I saw baking soda being too high ph than needed. I was like no way..I only need it to be opened or lifted not closed .

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    Kimberly McCollum Check this out

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    Stephanie Thornton im gonna try it

  • James L. Mitchell

    It strips the natural oils from your hair its a natural clarifying shampoo so of course it would also be classified as a texturizer.

  • Charissa Callaway Richardson

    This is the cherry Lola treatment it only define your curls and reduce frizz

  • Dammy Ashanté Dixon

    Aish Haughton try it loool

  • Aish Haughton

    Dammy Ashanté Dixon you try it and tell me how it goes

  • Dammy Ashanté Dixon

    Loooool. No. Lool. The way my hair is set up.. I don’t like to take risks Aish Haughton

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    Kiff Anthony my aunt told me about this and says it’s like a homemade texturizer

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    I’m JUST starting to go natural. How do you get the relaxer out of your hair without a major chop