5 Unique Pre-Poo Recipes To Spice Up Your Hair Regimen

5 Unique Pre-Poo Recipes To Spice Up Your Hair Regimen

I don’t know about you but I think the best thing about wash day for me, has to be the pre-poo, I take pride in my pre poo mixtures partly because I am a self titled ‘ultimate kitchenista’ and I love the fact that I can get some sort of deep conditioning in prior to my shampoo and not have to worry about dry straw like hair once I finally get out of the shower.

In case you don’t know what a pre-poo is, it’s simply an treatment that you apply on your hair just before you shampoo to prevent your hair from drying out too much. This is especially important if you use sulfate containing shampoos regularly. Pre-poo recipes vary from the simple to the exotic and even the downright weird!

If you are relaxed or natural and already love pre-pooing or you are just getting introduced to the process here are a few fun recipes you ought to give a whirl.

1. Olive Oil, Honey, Conditioner and Eggs Pre-poo

Prepoo olive oil honey conditioner and eggs

I would not do justice to this post without including this simple, no nonsense recipe. This one can be considered your go to recipe if you need a dash of protein with a side of moisture.

In a bowl mix one or two eggs, a table spoon of honey, two table spoons of olive oil and enough conditioner to keep the mixture easy to spread. If you have fine hair or hair prone to breakage, a little protein weekly will do nothing but good for your strands.

The honey, oil and conditioner are your moisture agents which balances out the recipe and makes this a very good all round pre-poo. A note on the conditioner, you dont have to get fancy, cheap ones like V05 or even Suave are perfect, you just need something moisture based.

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