Molasses Hair Treatment

MolassesSince my commitment to weekly deep treatments whether in the form of an after shampoo deep conditioning treatment, steaming or a 1-2 hour pre poo I have been on the hunt for new and interesting natural ingredients to experiment with depending on what my hair needs… that is Protein or Moisture. Recently I came across a few articles on the benefit of molasses on hair and thought it was rather interesting.

The only thing I knew about molasses is that it is actually made from my beloved Sugar Cane, as far as its benefits in hair care, I knew nothing! In my research the claims are that molasses darkens the hair and defines its natural color, it adds softness and sheen and the most common benefit I have seen is that is strengthens weak and thinning hair.

What’s in it?

Molasses contains dense nutrients including iron calcium, manganese, copper, magnesium and potassium. Because of the nutritional value the claim is that molasses will actually help to improve hair growth. I would be willing to bet that taking it as a supplement would also be just as beneficial!

How to use molasses as a treatment

  • Pre-poo – Massage molasses into the hair cover with a shower cap or something plastic leaving in for 1 hour then shampoo and condition as normal
  • Another recipe that I found – 1-2 table spoons of molasses, ¼ cup conditioner (cheapie or deep conditioner), 1-2 tablespoons of honey

Molasses and Grey Hair

I have not found any of my own grey hairs yet but if I do I will be sure to read this post again. The claim is that the addition of molasses to your diet reverses the loss of pigment in the hair shaft so that the new hair grows regains its natural color. The copper in Molasses allows for the production of melanin that gives us the pigmentation in our hair. (Dosage- 2- teaspoons daily)

Disclaimer: Please do your research and check with a professional before adding anything to your diet. Many Internet sources are unverifiable, but interesting to read none the less.

To summarize, the density of the nutrients in molasses benefits overall health which in turn will only lead to healthy skin and hair growth. Molasses would be great for adding moisture and the appearance of luster to dull hair; I probably would mix it with something that penetrates the hair shaft such as olive oil and a conditioner that contains hydrolyzed proteins for best results for my hair.

Have you ever used molasses as a treatment for your hair?

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  • Jenna F

    So I know this is an old post, but if someone is still monitoring this page, I would like to know how easy this is to get out of your hair. I only wash with BS/ACV once a month, but I know there are some substances that call for more desperate measures. Would baking soda get the molasses out? Or does it dissolve and rinse out easily like raw honey? Or would I need to use castile soap or even a low poo to get it all out? I really want to try this as part of my experiment to get hombre hair naturally, but I want to make sure this will wash out of my hair before I am stuck with sticky roots haha

  • Marsha Buchanan

    @ Jenna F:

    It washes out quite easily Jenna.

  • going to try this