Kimmaytube’s Leave In Conditioner Recipe

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I am the queen of concoctions, I think I have mixed everything in my kitchen for my hair except for a black pepper and jerk seasoning. One of the real reasons I do this is because honestly I cannot justify paying over $25 for a jar of ‘glory hallelujah’  when I can just make something that works just as well myself.

Kimmaytube, is well known for her wonderful slick hair tutorials and most recently the launch of her Luv Naturals Product line, but what really helped me over the years was the leave in conditioner that she created and generously shared with her YouTube viewers.

The leave in conditioner we in the blogosphere affectionately call the kimmaytube leave in is so simple to make with only four key ingredients, most of which you probably already have.

kimmaytubes leave in recipe

The recipe

1 oz of Kinky Curly Knot Today or your preferred creamy silicone free leave in conditioner

2 TBSP of Aloe Vera Juice with a pH of 4.0 or 4.5 or Aloe Vera Gel

2 TSP of castor oil

2 TSP of Jojoba oil

The only thing that cannot be substituted in this recipe is the Aloe Vera Juice (or gel) as it is one of the main sources of moisture retention that this recipe is guaranteed to give. You can however mix and match your leave in and oils to your own liking and still get a perfect combination. The thickness of the leave in conditioner that you decide to use will determine the thickness of the final product so pick wisely!

In addition to all the above ingredients it may be beneficial to buy some pH test strips so that you can test the product to make sure that it remains at the proper level after all the ingredients have been mixed.The pH level that we are aiming for is that which is closely akin to our own sebum that is naturally produced from the scalp, this is about 4.0 to about 4.5.


  • ✔︎ Discover the truth about black hair growth
  • ✔︎ Identify tips that you can start using today
  • ✔︎ No expensive products to buy
  • ✔︎ Perfect for beginners!

About Petra

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  • rena

    Is the kimmaytube condi good for relaxed hair, if so can I replace the kinky-curl knot with keracare leave-in conditioner

  • Dacia Mackinnon

    Love this stuff!

  • Angel SoGood Morris

    Been using this about a year and my hair grew longer and healthier. Love love love this leave in :-)

  • Lynette Settle-Facison

    No Sis, but I’ve been wanting to try the kinky knot today leavin tho,,12.99 at most places tho Healani Edwards-Brown

  • Healani Edwards-Brown

    Lynette Settle-Facison! Bought some organic coconut oil to use on my dry scalp sis. It’s working wonders! Love it!

  • Lynette Settle-Facison

    Yaaasssssss,, good Sis, glad its working,,your scalp says”feed me”,,feed me,, feed my Seymour,, feed me all night long,, teehee Healani Edwards-Brown

  • Healani Edwards-Brown

    Lmbo! Cause if you feed me Seymour! I’ll grow up big and stronnggg! LOL! Lynette Settle-Facison!

  • Veronica Munroe-Ball

    @AngelSoGoodMorris how often do you use it and how long have you been natural?

  • Frankye Stafford Campbell

    Need this!!!

  • Terissa Conner

    Can someone provide me with the names of these products. And where if any are not in most hair stores can be purchased.

  • Jameka Jones

    Shutora Rogers, this is the recipe I was telling you about. I’ve had good luck with it so far. I use whatever oil I have on hand for ingredient 4, I haven’t used jojoba oil yet.

  • Tara Ttya

    Mercy Opoku!!

  • Pat Bailey

    This stuff is wonderful and easy to put together. You can get most of the ingredients at Trader Joes or any good hair beauty supply store

  • Zette

    I used this stuff and my hair felt wonderful but I am still a bit confused though.
    Should I still seal with the oil and apply cream (LOC Method) after applying the leave in, even though the leave in mixure has oil in it already?
    How often should I use this mixture per week? Is it only after the wash regimen.
    Please help.

  • Jen

    Look up the website “Puritans Pride” & they have Giovanni’s leave in for only 5.49 guys! That is not the best part, the best part is that everything on their website is FREE SHIPPING ALL YEAR ROUND! No minimum orders, no coupon codes needed or anything like that. No taxes charged either!
    I came across this information while reading reviews on amazon (where they sell that same item for 8$ (with a minimum of 35$ order, or else you’ll pay extra for shipping) or 9$ each if you want free shipping.
    It seems like a reputable site, and they accept paypal, so I just made my first order & although I have not tried the Giovanni’s leave in yet, I am excited to do so using this recipe & will definitely buy future bottles from that website if I end up liking it, as that’s the cheapest I’ve seen that product so far.
    Hope this information saves someone else 3$ per bottle & gets that website more customers on this product, if you love it as much as many reviewers online do.

    • Jen

      sorry for the double-post!

    • Monique

      Thanks for this info…I already purchase my coconut oil from Puritan’s Pride so I will add Giovanni’s to my shopping list as well…

  • Paul Bayley

    All really good stuff : )

  • Dacia Mackinnon

    This is my staple! Me and my 2 daughters all have our own.

  • Carla

    Do you use a leave in conditioner daily? Did the BC two weeks ago and am still trying to get a daily routine that works for me. Love all the info on this site.

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