DIY Avocado Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Recipe

Avocado Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Give your hair an extra special treat of moisture

This recipe works on the same principle as hot oil treatments or any deep conditioner in general. Start with damp hair clean hair and here’s what you’ll need;

1 small jar of real mayonnaise
1 ripe avocado

➤ Put the avocado in a bowl and mash with a fork.  Add the jar or mayonnaise and mix together until light green in colour. Smooth into your hair and cover with a plastic cap.

➤ Sit under a dryer or steamer for 20 minutes to allow for penetration. See the article on how to steam your hair without a steamer.

➤ As the mayonnaise is mostly oil you may want to lightly shampoo your hair afterwards with a moisturizing shampoo but it’s not necessary. If you do decide to shampoo, remember to use a good creamy leave in conditioner afterwards. Your locks will be left very soft with improved moisture retention.

Easy but effective!

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  • Michelle

    Do you have to use all of it or can you save it for another deep condition?

    • I would not reccomend keeping this mixture due to avocados tendancy to oxidise and turn black. If your hair is natural or thick then you will find that this amount is only for one treatment anyway! Otherwise just halve the amounts.

  • Michelle

    Oh ok. Thanks!

  • Hello,
    Instead of using mayonnaise can I use an egg?

    • Alma

      Mayo has oil which helps with softness but an egg is mostly protein so you won’t really reap the same benefits.

  • Dequita Childress

    Can you recommend a good do it yourself deep conditioner with avocado oil and/or argan oil?

  • Tia

    How often should u do the avocado treatment everyday once a week. I’m trying to grow my daughters hair when she was younger she had since long shiny hair now I don’t do her hair anymore she does it herself it’s breaking at a rapid rate. What can I do.

  • Going to try

  • Add honey coconut milk… It’s awesome

    • diane

      honey coconut milk from the grocery store? or beauty supply

  • How about just eating the avocado instead. Along with natural foods. WORK WONDERS

  • I might try it…salt n pepper taste better

  • It’s for your hair


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