The Best Moisturizers For Really Dry Natural Hair – LOC Method Friendly

best moisturizers for dry natural hairRemember that LOC method post you all liked so much? Don’t even front, we know you liked that one!

Well no gift is complete without the fancy red bow on the top so in lieu of adding to that post we went ahead and developed a complete list of product suggestions that would make things a little easier for you if you want to start practicing this cool way of sealing your hair.

Note that everything on this list can be used on natural as well as relaxed hair so don’t skip over any of them because you fall into either category.

The LOC abbreviation means liquid, oil and cream and also relates to the order in which the products should be applied.

Having said that a lot of you said that you do LCO with success too.

It is almost impossible to list every product on the face of the earth or even to say for sure which the best moisturizers are so if you have some great products that we may have missed, go ahead and comment below so we can all benefit.

Anyway, on to the products now…here goes:


liquid leave in moisturizers

Infusium 23 – The first ingredient is water which makes it perfect for the liquid category and it is a light weight old school conditioner that hydrates your strands right after washing your hair. If you use infusium 23 then you will just love it and it will always be in your arsenal. It is just one of those conditioners some of us have grown up with and just cannot bear to be parted from.

Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner – It’s the best light weight leave in conditioner on the market and with the first ingredient being water it is perfect for your hair and perfect for the liquid category.

Roux 619 Leave in Moisturizing Treatment – Because of how great this product is for detangling, it is often recommended for women who are transitioning to natural hair long term. It is a bit on the pricey side but well worth it if you want to have something really good in your arsenal.

HomemadeAloe Vera Juice and water mix – This can be a 50/50 mix with half your spray bottle containing water, and the other half being AVJ. You can choose to add more aloe if you would like but whatever you decide Aloe Vera does not disappoint as one of the best liquid conditioners you can find in your cabinet.

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  • I’m a big fan of many of the listed products.
    Good post!

  • great article.thank you.

  • Sheena Y. Ferdinand this is what I was telling you

  • Mayada Saad

    Thank you for the post.
    I use a homemade cream that consists of shea butter, oils (olive coconuts and castor oils) and beeswax. Because I live in very dry country.
    I want to ask if Palmer s hair food are good to be used as cream.
    I read that I can mix water with my conditioner to have a leave-in conditioner that is used as liquid ib LOC method. Is this ok?

    • Emily

      I am not sure about the palmers, only because I’ve never seen or used the product, but again it really isn’t about brand but rather ingredients. So if palmers is creamy in consistent and the first ingredient is not water then it would work as your cream. Or if it isnt creamy but clearly not water based but more oil based then it can be used as the oil.

      I think it’s perfectly fine to mix conditioner with water to make a leave in, alot of women use certain conditioners in that manner, again it’s all about ingredients. I prefer to use a conditioner that has no cones in it as my leave in only because I don’t want to create buildup on my hair. It’s all about preference but if you want to make a leavein I think that’s fine…


  • Cely

    I want to try this method. I’ve been using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie,Hair milk, and Moisture spray. I also use ORS olive oil smooth-n-hold pudding. I wanted to know if loc method means using all those products at the same time? What about build up? Products clashing/clumping? Oil melting down your face and back? Scalp residue and hair follicle blockage? I also like having some hold, I don’t feel comfortable having my hair to wild at work.

  • leah

    I have loc’d hair and i was wondering if this LOC method can be used for someone with locs. Creams aren’t something i’ve heard recommended for loc’d hair. would you have any hair conditioning and moisturizing tips for those of us with loc’d hair?

    I am also looking for some tips on toddler’s hair. my daughters hair is very tightly curled. it’s lovely when her hair is wet, because that is when her curls are more noticable. she has spiral curls when her hair is wet, but once it dries those pretty curls leave. I have tried a number of different childrens products, but the only one that seems to work well for her is taaliah waajihd’s kids line.
    I just want to find some thing to keep her hair moist so when its time to restyle her hair, its not the drama spectacular that it is now.

  • 1/3 of this is technically wrong. A lot of the creams listed are actually oils. Go with whatever works for you though. …

    • I think ‘cream’ refers to a product with a creamy consistency…and while the products listed do contain oils, it is their creamy/buttery consistency that leads to the great results and longer lasting moisture

    • Not in our house! Water based moisturizers work better for us here. Shea butter works as a flat out oil and dries us out.

    • Even whipped oils still act like oils but like I said whatever works for you…

  • Evan

    Good Day

    I am a male, and current LOC method is…

    (L) water+aloe vera juice+vegetable glycerine
    (O) virgin coconut oil+extra virgin olive oil
    (C) hollywood beauty olive crème

    Your thoughts?



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