5 Sure-Fire Ways To Correct Dry Hair Issues For Good

Woman with kinky curly 4a hair smilingGot a Sahara Dessert on your hands? Whether you are relaxed or natural we have all had to deal with dry hair issues at some point in our hair journeys.

Unlike split ends where you could get away with having them for a month or so, dry hair is a pressing need that needs a quick fix with immediate results otherwise devastation and a setback could take over.

So what if you could correct your dry hair issues once and for all? What some people fail to take into account is that dry hair correction, particularly if you have naturally porous hair, is not a single ‘set and forget’ fix. Dry hair can be corrected pretty easily but to prevent recurrence, it also requires ‘top up’ treatments little and often in order to keep your hair in check. How often depends very much on your own hair and this is all part and parcel of learning your hair during your individual hair journeys.

So without further ado, here are 5 sure-fire ways to correct dry hair issues for good.

1. Steaming

Steaming you hair is like therapy literally, no matter how many times you decide to do it, your hair will always come out feeling great. There are a couple of reasons why steaming is awesome, the first is that it opens top layers of the hair strand (the cuticles) allowing moisture and your great ingredients from your products to penetrate as much as they can.

Steam treatments are wonderful for the scalp as well because the heat encourages circulation, stimulating the hair follicles encouraging good health and in the long run, great growth. If you have dry hair issues steaming your hair should be at the top of your priority list for a long lasting quick fix and if you don’t own a steamer, you can try our method here of steaming your hair without a steamer.

2. Picking The Right Deep Conditioners – Thicker DC’s With A Balance Of Moisture And Protein

You might have the luxury of picking any kind of shampoo especially if you do not use it often, but conditioner, you have to take your time with and pick the right one for your particular circumstances.

One of the most important things in your regimen is balancing protein and moisture. Your hair can pave over cracks from the protein and hold on to more better when you add moisture to it. Another thing to consider is if the conditioner has some ‘umph’ to it, a thick conditioner with some great healthy ingredients like natural oils may be just what the doctor ordered if your hair is dry.

Once you have the perfect conditioner, use it to deep condition your hair, or just co-wash, either way you will be on your way to fixing your dry hair issues.

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  • I suffer from dry hair..well did. However I began applying moisturizer after washing and while hair was still wet. This definitely made a difference. Now the LOC is my go to method. I have really curly hair which dries out easily. Since this regime, I’ve maintained moisturized hair, free of breakage and length has been retained. Each product is organic. I condition overnight with coconut oil. My hair has never been more beautiful. http://www.sweetlittlesomethings.net

  • You can’t really defeat or correct dry natural African hair. One big characteristic of our hair is that it is naturally dry! No amount of moisturizing method is EVER GONNA SOLVE THAT. So people stop overly obsessively moisturizing your hair! To up to 2 Times per day which is NOT necessary.

    • You can’t stop your hair being dry naturally but I don’t think it’s any reason not to moisturize it. I have dry skin naturally too but I’m not going to walk around with ashy skin just because it’s what I naturally have :) By ‘correct’ we simply mean a way to keep your hair moisturized for longer not a permanent solution of course.

  • Love this and thank you! Just did henna and I love the results just need to kick up the moisture again!