How To Grow Your Nape Area Long and Healthy

How To Grow Your Nape Area Long and Healthy

My bun is my staple style around my house when my son is not napping. I prefer my hair down most of the time, but lately that just has not been feasible even on the weekends with captain destructo around.

Now that he is walking, things have been a little easier for my hair, because grabbing my braids and removing the hair from my nape area seemed to comfort him whenever he was in my arms.

I can’t blame Jon totally, my hair is super fine, and the nape area being the most fragile, tangles very easily often creating knots almost in the middle of the strand. This is common among most women with very curly hair, and with breakage and chemical damage that some of us may endure, we have been forced to figure out ways of getting that area growing healthy again.

If you have a broken nape, and you want to find ways to nurse it back to health we have a few suggestions for you that might just do the trick.

1. Separate your nape hair from the rest of your hair

When you are working on portions of your hair, it is better to separate it from the rest so that you can focus on it, handle it in a gentler fashion than the rest of your hair and assess your progress.

2. Massage the damaged area with castor oil

Castor oil is probably the most popular and recommended oil for any sort of mild alopecia or as a general aid for hair regrowth. Massaging your scalp is known to get your blood flowing and the follicles jump started, when you do your massage, focus on the areas that need the most help making sure your hair is already well moisturized.

3. If you relax, save the nape area for last

Typically you would start your relaxer process wherever it is most comfortable for you so that you can get finished quickly. However if you are having problems with your nape area we would suggest processing that area last (along with the edges so that the chemical is not sitting on there for the longest amount of time.

4. Do not include the nape in any protective styles involving extensions

In the video we are about to show you the young lady is sporting a braided protective style, however she braids her nape area and does not add any kind of braided extension hair to it. This way the nape has no additional weight added to it and remains protected and un-tampered with for the duration of the style.

5. Protect Protect Protect

Keep your nape braided either in single individual braids or in a single cornrow across when you are not moisturizing and sealing it, that means 99.9% of the time. When you are wearing your hair down, the cornrow will be nicely hidden but your nape will be less likely to break. The moral of the story is, moisturize, seal and leave that nape alone until you are satisfied with your progress.

Check the video from KinkyStyles1980 below and see how she protects her nape.

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  • wow

  • Awesome, my nape area grows faster than my front and sides, looks like I have it tapered or like a fro hawk, anyone know what I can do for the front and sides???

  • What’s nape area?

  • Back of head

  • Back of the neck area…

  • The very back
    Right above ur neck

  • That’s what some folk called the Kitchen back in the day. The nape area. Lol.

  • Right @ Ms. Greer!! That kitchen….whooo

  • Always use jojoba oil too its good for our hair

  • my left back always grows longer than my right back. It’s been that way since I was a teen. Any suggestions on that ladies? Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  • My nape also grows faster than my sides. I was wondering how I could improve on that?

  • Same Kimberly Rice Dillard the whole of the back of my head grows about 2 inches faster than the rest and my sides are more delicate than the rest, I just keep them moist and braided and I don’t use tools on my sides only my hands and I’ve noticed length retention there now, I hope this helps

  • Love her curl pattern

  • Keep the hair moisturizer…use argan oil…Jamaican caster oil…Shea butter…olive oil or coconut oil…any of those will help with growth…

  • I want to grow my hair naturally bit I don’t want to wear braids. What can I do to achieve and keep my straight hair naturally?

  • Wow she has such beautiful skin!

  • Gloria Rand try hot oil treatments and things with “smoothing or straightening” on the label I use this while my hair is damp and comb in sections of 4-6 and I use clips. My hair combs out really straight. They also have a moccoran oil that I use in my conditioner that helps me get my hair nice hydrated and smooth.

  • I swim 2 to 4 times a week any ideas to help retain length??

  • Yes.. stop relaxing the edges

  • Look you put all kinds of products in your hair to make it grow. If constant maintenance of keeping your healthy such as; eating healthy, exercise, drinking PLENTY of water, moisturizing your hair, keeping your ends trim every 6-8weeks, and genetics is ALSO a key,etc…..none of how this lady does for her hair WON’T MATTER for yours…..EVERYONE growth of their hair is different. How your hair grows and thin out at the hairline, crown and nape area is base on….maintenance, eating right, and our health choices we make. Thinning hair (Alopecia)is cause by genetics and stressed to those areas mentioned above. And some ppl needs extra help to rejuvinate growth..But try to do those things and you will be fine

  • Thanks for sharing this video! It was right on time!

  • Keep wool garments from the nape (kitchen) area to prevent breakage. I’ve been an victim

  • Go natural. ..

  • Mine is growing better than my top. 😛

  • Well my front crown and sides grow way faster than the back. My hair always been that way. Smh.

  • Is that chris rock

  • U think so? Well she does have beautiful black skin, pretty white teeth! She could be, this made me smile. I would adore a sister that looked just like ME

  • those are not side burns, those are her front edges braided down/ im one of her subscribers. she does not braid her edges with single extensions. she protects her edges by cornrowing them to the the side. if you plan on making a stupid remark about how her hair looks, do your research first so you dont look ignorant making a flip comment about her braid coming down the side smh.. she explains why she does that on her channel.

  • I have the same problem, I’ve been using the extra black jamaican castor oil for 2 months. There’s a slight improvement!

  • Thank you @Stylist Thuthela :)

  • She looks absolutely NOTHING like Chris Rock!!!!

  • If you click on the link and watch the actual video, you’ll see that she is a really pretty girl. This picture doesn’t do her any justice. The nerve of some people to be so mean and say she looks like Chris Rock when she looks NOTHING like him!! This lady has a beautiful smooth complexion and nice, straight, white teeth!!!

  • Please do you know any affordable but good moisturizer I could use on my hair? I normally use water & Giovanni leave in conditioner and seal it with olive/ Castor oil. But my hair keeps growing Fuller due to that my Giovanni leave in conditioner finish quickly and it kinda not cheap So am looking for a moisturizer that comes in a big bottle

    • Aries Ram

      CANTU Shea Butter Leave In Condition is about $6 for 16 oz…sold o n Amazon,, or Walgreens. I hope this helps :-)

  • Nape/kitchen isn’t the issue at all. It’s the middle lol

  • she is absolutely beautiful.

  • Beautiful!!!! That’s what I need.

  • Idk what I did, but mine already does.

  • Thats my dream ! One day

  • Moroccon Argon Oil

    • my 4c hair loves Crème of Nature leave in conditioner with argan oil from Morocco

  • i love her vids. her tips on not braiding your edges when installing braids/twists was a life saver.

  • I’ve suffered from hair loss since a bad relaxer at the age of 19. I’ve been to cosmetologist after cosmetologist with no success. One suggested Rogaine & the other suggested a special shampoo that I use every three days. Ummm, as a black woman, washing my hair every 3 days wasn’t an option. Last year, my coworker who suffers from Alopecia told me about a product she used called Dominican Magic hair drops. When I first started using it I was completely bald in the back of my hair. Within a month, my hair started growing back, which hasn’t happened since I was 19 & I’m 35! I swear by this product! My son accidentally knocked over my bottle of it & I got so nervous I immediately went on Amazon & ordered 3 bottles so I would never run out again.
    Anywho, sorry for the long post, but I have extremely coarse & hard to grow hair & this is the only thing that has EVER worked for me for healthy hair growth. My hair has gotten so long & healthy in such a short time.

  • Yeah mine is growing in very nicely I don’t really put any tension on it though so maybe that’s why.. seems to grow fast too, it was the part that I cut the shortest, yet it has caught up w all the rest of my hair.

  • Gwen this maybe helpful for you

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  • My hair is longer then hers but its pretty.

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  • That’s deep. I was just thinking about her

  • Getting long

  • Mines is already long as the nape grows the fastest

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