2 Inches Of Hair Growth In 5 Days? Inversion Method, Hairdrenalin Potion And Bamboo Leaf Tea

2 Inches Of Hair Growth In 5 Days - inversion method, hairdrenalin potion bamboo leaf tea

Not too long ago a story broke in the media of a woman who tried to rob a Beauty Supply Store of $850 worth of hair weaves. The woman got involved in a violent altercation with the shop owner and at one point the woman’s little baby was caught up in the fight and fell from her stroller as it was being flung around.

After pleading guilty to attempted robbery, the woman was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Now the point I am making with this story is that there’s a reason why black women who form 12% of America’s population are consumers of over 33% of hair care products. Basically we take our hair very seriously.

Yes I know that the title sound ludicrous and we all know that every few weeks yet another lotion, potion or technique of speeding up hair growth is released but still you couldn’t resist clicking through to see what this one was about.

As a hair blogger I have seen and heard more than most when it comes to hair care and even though I reached my goal length a long time ago, I have to admit to a burning curiosity any time I come across a fast hair growth technique and this is one is too fascinating not to share.

This particular method was shared by YouTuber longNhealthy (videos to follow) who while doing the inversion method decided to change a couple of things and see if they improved her results. And oh boy, did thye ever! She claims to have received 2 inches of hair growth in 5 days.

Here’s what she did:

1. The Inversion Method

Inversion method

If you don’t already know what the inversion method is then click here to read the full article. But the summary version is that you apply warm oil to your scalp and massage it, then turn upside down, either hanging off the side of your bed or bending over for 4 minutes each day. This increases blood flow to the scalp area.

You do this every day for 7 consecutive days and the method promises that you will see a growth increase of 1 inch in a week. LongNhealthy had already been getting good results from the inversion method but she decided to enhance the results with the these two extra tweaks…

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  • This is a method that cannot be done every week. Ladies be carful

  • I only do the inversion.

  • Is this real?!

  • Is it even possible for hair to grow 2 inches in 5 days. On average a persons hair grows about half an inch per month?

  • I can’t see myself doing this. So much rubbing and oil

  • The picture of the girl in the tshirt is actually a hair infinity pic

    • Yep, this someone just scamming ppl by using this pic to promote this method

    • Not true, this is a pic of Shanel she does use Hairfinity but she also uses the inversion and bamboo tea and so on. All of those things helped her hair grow. So its not a hairfinity pic. Simply because she used other growth aid as well.

      • Tabatha

        I use hairfinity too. Its pretty good but I heard Manetabalism is better.

  • The potion, is it a tonic? I used one some time ago from India (Amla Oil) and now I cannot find it again.

  • Does anybody know where I can get a shirt like that I’ve been looking for a shirts like that

  • This is too much. Im not willing to go that far for some length. But to all who is doing it or who is going to try it. Good luck and pls post picture of ur growth. I would love to see it.

  • Ive done the inversion alone and got 1 inch in 7 days.

    • Ruth

      I’ve done the inversion method too and received the same results. I have to get the onion and garlic oils then making my own Hairdrenalin; I can hardly wait!

      • Tabatha

        I know it seems so crazy, yet intriguing. I have short hair, but I’m thinking about trying it. The more I think about it the more I’m like, “Eh… might as well; if it works great if it doesn’t fine”.

  • Watch YouTube reviews

  • Tina Wilson I use Amla oil and I order it from Amazon.

    • Ruth

      If there is a store that sells Indian hair products you can get it from there too, it’s much cheaper. I drive about 15 minutes to get mine an d it lasts a good amount of time too. If not, Amazon has it as Nicole said.

  • I know when I blow dry my hair it is fuller and shorter. When I moisturize and flat iron it, it weighs/ stretches it down and shows more length. (Just my opinion) but this is what it appears to look like what was done in this particular picture here.

    • Michelle

      I agree with you…her hair looks puffy in the first pic and it’s flatter in the second. Also, there’s no time and date stamp to “prove” this method works. Seems like their just trying to get more clicks for some AdSense money.

      • Tabatha

        Even if there was, whose to say it wasn’t doctored? You know what I mean? I’m not calling her a phony, but since has proven 1/4″ to 1/2″. I don’t know I’m gonna side eye it a little while. But it is interesting though.

  • Hmmmm I don’t know about all that

  • Sounds like a head ache

  • That is too much for me to do. Bending over for 3-4 minutes everyday will cause me to be dizziness and light headed. I’ll stick with the norm.

    • lean off the side of your bed lay flat on your back and have your head hang off

  • It don’t even look like the shirts line up ;-/

  • 2 inches in 5 days?? I don’t think so.

  • Long ting, I say be happy with what God gave you.

  • I’m just not willing to go that far to get more hair. Also I hate trying things on myself that have not been tested and tested. So until my head starts to bald, I’m gonna take care of my head and let my hair grow at it’s own pace.

  • Well if it doesn’t work atleast you know how to get a heck of a headache

  • the inversion method is a simple scalp massage and yoga.

  • this method can be dangerous can cause temperal blindness

  • Pitiful…

  • Sounds like witchery! lol

  • Oh ok. Cause I’m on hairfinty.

  • HOW TO| Inversion Method. EXACT STEPS!

  • This can be dangerous…but will try it someday

  • It works!! I dont kno bout 2 inches but I got 1 inch and my oil was just wild growth oil…I didnt think it would work either but I tried it kept my hair in a braid for a week and definitely grew:)

  • We all know braiding your hair helps it grow, if you don’t know how, don’t bother asking the friend that does, it’s gonna be an all you thing or you can get your daughter involved, utube French braiding its easy to learn. Simple, simple, simple, 3 to 5 cornrows every night before you go to bed, wake up take it down, do your daily. Reality about 1″ in two weeks. Trust me, this is why ANYONE can grow his hair long, and it’s highly possible he didn’t put a dang thing in it. Come on ladies, they can’t keep out shining us on #THE HAIR…let’s braid it together!

    • lol, the truth. men do not use any special techniques and be having the longest hair

      • Bea

        Men’s hair grows faster though – something to do with testosterone.

  • The shirt is up more on the after photo so it makes the hair look longer cause of the shirt length in my opinion

    • I have to admit that I thought the same thing but wouldn’t that suggest that her hair grew longer in the same time period? Straightening her shirt in the first pic would make it drop to a lower number.

    • if her shirt was drooping too low on the back side. What i think Natrice is saying is that when they straightened the shirt in the 2nd picture, they could have just as easily pulled it up higher/more forward so that the back would raise the hair would hit a lower number

    • I think she just flat ironed her hair in the second pic. Her hair is already long anyway, so it will grow quicker. Braiding and leaving it be for a while always worked for my daughters. AND we are not defined by our hair, BUT by our inner selves!

  • Never heard of this

  • Let grow & let God. All these potients, vitamins, food in hair, putting your head upside down, where does it end? Show some love to your hair weekly & enjoy the journey.

    • Hey Latasha, I’m new at this and it looks like you know how to grow hair the right can you help me out?

  • Blood rush = headache

  • Massage….hanging upside down and Tea….not bad. Smelling like onion and garlic….tough. hair will grow in time. Eat balanced diet….exercise. we should be fine!

  • The answer to whether it works or not can only be answered if you actually try it, but I recommend doing some research before trying ANYTHING new to be sure it’ll help you and not harm you in the long run.

  • Yes I would try it because it works really gd on ur hair

  • The inversion method works..don’t know about his other stuff. When I did the inversion it was one day only and about a week or more later I noticed I had about an inch of growth. I appreciate they ingenuity of some naturals but I concerned about it turning into hysteria

  • I have enough hair already…

  • It does work but I wouldn’t recommend it is very dangerous it causes crazy headaches because all the blood is rushing down you can actually feel your follicle open up when you do it eating healthy and taking care of your hair works too I’d rather be safe but whoever choses to try it is to each it’s own

  • Impatience leads to desperation

    • And when you stress about it your hair falls out instead of growing

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-ciMuVhDXA&list=PLD3AF692E644C3B45&feature=c4-overview-vl lol, this is the best response to all these crazy products and tricks. lol

    • Actually I agree with you. Even with my 4 inches a year I still eventually got to my goal length without ever taking a supplement. Problem is patience is a very difficult virtue to master for some. lol

      • cassie juste

        i have a question will the hairdrenaloin work on curly perm hair. if so how much on the inverson do you do

    • True, I think the cure to impatience is loving every phase of hair growth. There are things that I loved doing with my TWA, and medium length that I can’t do with my hair length now (like washNgo…if I tried a washNgo now…I’d probably have to cut it all off. lol). There is beauty at every phase. I didn’t realize that, honestly until I chopped all my hair and regrew it.

      • Dinah

        i agree with you 100% Toyosi. Eventhough im going to chop my long relaxed hair off soon because im going natural. I know my natural hair will grow to my hair goal at its own pace. All this turning upside down doing this and that im like naaah.

  • Yeah you do Asha……YOU keep your head upright and as straight as possible!! Chicken heads like me need to be doing this!! LOL

  • I’m gonna try this because I’m desperate for longer, fuller hair

  • Hmmmm. I may give this a try along with my company’s products and see how it goes.

  • i do it it works

  • Is it that serious to grow ur hair? Wth..u that desperate buy weave lol

  • If you maintain a healthy eating regimen and drink lots of water, hair will grow. Maintain proper PH balance with moisturizer and protein, hair becomes strong with less breakage. The inversion method or whatever is used is an added benefit that may or may not work.

  • Is hurr growth THAT serious though?

  • It seem that black women are becoming real desperate when it comes to hair length. My God SMDH

  • i could have sworn i saw this picture on the hair infinity vitamins facebook page