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Maggot Infested Weaves From Corpses?

hair weave extensions This sounds like something straight out of a horror story book and with today being Halloween you would imagine that it is a crank tale but alas it is reported as true.

Let me give you a moment while you read an excerpt from the below article found on ireporterstv:

Nairobi, Kenya: Irene Myangoh, a personal assistant working at a law firm in Nairobi went to an up market hair salon along Kenyatta Avenue, and spent more than N5, 500 on a human hair weave. Two weeks later she started suffering from severe headache that would not go away. She would wake up with severe headache at night. She went to a private doctor who gave her drugs for the relief of mild to moderate pain of inflammatory origin with or without fever; they would only work for a few hours and then the headache would be back worse than even before.

Desperate, she went to see a specialist who did blood tests and even a brain scan. All the tests were negative but the headache persisted, making her unable to concentrate at work and sleeping very poorly. She went back to her doctor who decided to examine her scalp and under the beautiful weave he found worms!

The worms were burrowing into her skull and after sending the samples to the lab they found that the hair had eggs from which the worms had hatched. The doctor told her that the hair was probably from a corpse because those worms are usually found on dead bodies.

Irene had to take antibiotics and shave her head after this traumatic event. The manager of the salon where Irene got the hair is said to be shocked that this happened as she imports the weaves from the UK, USA and India.

Although the manager didn’t want to be named, she has promised to follow up and compensate the woman in question on the matter.

The story goes on…

Elsewhere, 16-year-old girl from Buruburu, a Nairobi surburb, also suffered the same fate but unfortunately for her she died. Cobweb eggs were found in her hair after she died. There was a profound cobweb design in her weaved hair. She dropped dead after constant headaches. The root cause? The weave had unnoticed spider eggs. The warmth produced after weaving provided a very conducive environment for the eggs to hatch. A spider grew in her scalp and bit her. The poison found its way to her blood. She could not survive the attack.

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Emily CottonTop

About Emily CottonTop

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer for Born and raised in St. Andrew Jamaica, I first moved to the United States in the year 2000 in order to find a job after college. I spent one year living in New York before moving to Texas in 2001. I went natural in 2008 after a bad perm experience and have enjoyed my hair ever since. I am still learning and I like sharing my experiences with my cottontop :)

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  1. 1

    Try and break a woman from her weave. Maggots, roaches, rats. Not gone happen. Lol

  2. 5

    Ugh :(

  3. 6

    Faux hair is in again

  4. 7

    that is insanely scary af

  5. 8

    even if no bugs. . . The hair may be from a corpse!
    to that I say no!

  6. 9

    Don’t wear FUCKING FAKE HAIR and Newsflash! You won’t get worms and shit in your head. Not rocket science ladies.

  7. 10

    See thats why I will stick with my model model synthetic 9.99 that aint real and it blends well with my natural hair.

  8. 12

    Love my weave am addicted!

  9. 13

    Do your research, buy from a reputable dealer and you should be fine.

  10. 14

    Omg…shocking. I just removed my very first sewin last nite. Jaw dropping.

  11. 15

    LOOL I first saw this shit on csi miami thats why me wear synthetic and not human

  12. 16

    Corpse? I knew it!

  13. 17

    Tonya B., you’re right! People gonna start doing RAID treatments at the salon, but they still gon’ sew that hair on! :^)

  14. 18

    Yes. I. Am! Lmbo

  15. 19

    Its a hoax/false story. Its still safe to buy weave, lol!

  16. 20


  17. 21

    Yup will not go without my 27 piece! And my real hair is down my back!

  18. 22

    You must do research. I’m a Retailer of Virgin hair. I Skype with my manufacture company when choosing my hair to sell. Once received its then taken thru a complete cleansing process before sold. You should make sure when purchasing hair that they have a process. What I’ve just read is scary and that’s why I do what I do.

  19. 23

    I dont wear weaves

  20. 24

    Never have. Never will.

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