Increase Your Hair Growth Rate With The Greenhouse Effect (GHE)

Black woman wearing plastic cap over her hairIf you are anything like me, your days consist of seeking out new ways to boost your hair growth so you can hasten to that glorious head of gorgeous hair you’ve been dreaming of.

It would also mean that in your searches you may have come across some far fetched theories that have made you go “What the heck?”

However, you have may also found some golden nuggets that you have added to your regimen and they have been working wonders for your hair.

One such hair growth method is the GHEThe Greenhouse Effect which we spoke about briefly a while ago. At first when I heard about it I had a little chuckle since my thoughts went straight to global warming and popular farming techniques.

FYI in farming GHE is the practice of growing plants by trapping the heat in a controlled environment so I got to thinking that the principles for stimulating growth in farming must apply to stimulating hair growth as well.

Yet with hip length haired ladies like Yahya who say that it has given them tremendous growth, GHE is definitely worth another look.

What Is The GHE And How Does It Work?

How did this practice gain its claim to fame? It is Meeka Jael of Real Queens, who recognized that the capillary adhesion methods employed by many YouTubers did not work for her hair and therefore decided to create a capillary method that would be easier to incorporate into her regimen.

The GHE is quite simply trapping the natural heat from your own body with plastic wrap or a shower cap, so as to create the perfect environment for the pores on your scalp and the follicles to open up, allowing for the growth rate to increase.

It is recommended that you massage oil into the hair to enhance the circulation which will boost the stimulation of the cells once the shower cap is put in place.

However, unlike another popular hair growth technique the inversion method, oil is not a must for success with the GHE method. You can use just water or a mixture of water and glycerin to lightly mist the hair until it is just damp, and the same results will be achieved.

This is usually done overnight but if you are at home during the day there is no rule that says it can’t be done then too.

Benefits of the GHE Method

► The GHE stimulates hair growth and has been proven to double and even triple the normal growth rate.

► It naturally softens hair, making it more manageable and lessens friction between the strands.

► It is perfect for keeping dryness in check.

► It aids in curl definition for those with curly hair.

► It makes it easier to seal moisture into your strands.

About Marsha Buchanan

As a Jamaican girl raised in a devout church family headed by my mother, I have always had my natural hair, no chemical processing. After years of mistreating it , often ignorant of that fact, I began my healthy hair journey in January 2013 in fact, I have seen to it that my entire household falls in line where this is concerned. When I am not poring over some hair blog or forum I spend my time teaching English to rowdy high school students (ok maybe I have some little sweethearts in the mix), mothering the most adorable two year old on this globe, or rushing to meet the deadline for a writing project on Elance. In my spare time I enjoy a stroll along the beach with my doting husband.

  • Works AMAZINGLY well for my low porosity 6 yo daughter and a hot mess for my normal porosity 9 yo daughter

  • Where do you purchase the glycerin from

    • Renee Banks

      You can find it at whole foods or amazon and I think Walmart sells it on their website too

  • Doing this rt now

  • ^agreed! Works great. The first time I attempted on dry hair in twists and lightly coated castorl oil . I took off the plastic cap in the middle of the night I got tired of annoying crunchy plastic sound every time I moved and my hair was extremely damp. Idk if I was sweating but reattempted a few weeks later. Tired a combination of loc method and Ghe method. Plastic cap and 2 scarfs (in hopes to minimize crunchy sounds when I toss n turn). When I woke up my hair was damp, messaged my scalp, let my hair dry and untwisted my two stand plats. I’ve seen improvement in my hair( Not as dry, really soft) But unsure if it will help with growth

  • Following

  • I only tried it once so I would have to do it several times to see if hair growth is a result of it but it did make my hair very soft and conditioned

  • Teresa you can get glycerin at almost any hair/beauty supply store but not at walmart or regular stores

  • Works well for me.

  • I’m sure it works just think back in the days how everyone with a Jherri Curl had long hair! The same effect…

  • I have been doing a ghe challenge that lasts 90 days. My 90 days is up January 9th. I will say so far I have ghe’d every night with the exception of a few nights where I had buns where I couldn’t. I have seen a significant amount of growth and moisture retention which is key for growth. I love it and plan on continuing past the 90 day challenge. I will also say I have extremely dry hair and live in a dry climate (Texas) so the need for moisture is overly necessary for my hair.

    • So what are you doing for the 90 days how is the ghe done?

  • Love it, I live were the weather is cold here in Chicago and my hair feels moisture and soft. Love it and I have retained all of my growth.

    • Im here in Chicago also how do you deal with it being cold out and your hair being wet when you wake up and go out?

  • This helped grow my edges back!

  • I’ve been doing for the past week and my hair feels amazing

  • It works!

  • Paula Oh

    As a naturalista, I always wondered why my hair grew so much faster in the Winter than in the Summer months. For years, I have always slept with a warm mist humidifier in the room during the Winter months so I don’t get nosebleeds or have dry sinuses. My hair grows so much in the Winter and I could never figure out why. Now I know! The humidifier serves two purposes so thanks for this great article!

  • What is the best way to dry your had hair after this process?

    • You don’t have to do anything special. Your hair is not supposed to be sopping wet when you wake up, just damp-ish and soft. So if your hair was set in twists/braids they will be dry enough to take down in 1/2 hour or so.

  • I will definitely be trying this… It might be the solution to dealing with the dry climate and hard water of Vegas that has dried out my hair and scalp.

  • Safkani

    I’ve been doing the GHE for 90 days (as a transitionner) and I’ve gained 3 inches , so it worked WONDERS for me!!!

  • I agree. My hair is so dry from living out here :(( Gena Morehead

  • Very knowledgeable

  • This teamed with protective styling have worked wonders for me- I only do it once a week after a tea wash (with leave in conditioner) to retain length and stop breakage :)

  • Yea I saw this , that’s why I wanted to do it. Sonia Springer

  • ticha

    Im 3 mnths deep into my regimen,i have been moisturizig wen i can,i deep con. Evry mnth,i use the loc m ethod but lately ive been doin the ghe method ive fast growth.i was shoulder level nw am collar bone length:-)

  • Did this last night! Using the baggy method on my ends during the day :-)

  • That’s the problem I just had the hair in the cap. I shlda put in twists of braids. All I had was a sopping wet hot Afro. Good to know : )

  • I do this!

  • it amazes me to see that things that were done years ago now have a “fancy” name.. in the Caribbean (i dunno where else) calls it sweating your head.

  • How often is this supposed to be done?

  • Basically you do the loc method and cover in a shower cap, then a silk scarf, then your satin bonnet and do it overnight. If your head doesn’t sweat easily you can spritz with water (some people add aloe juice or glycerin or oils, I just use water). Also some people twist their hair, braid out, etc I do that the night of wash day but guaranteed it’ll still be wet in the morning which I don’t mind but if you do mind than don’t have plans first thing in the morning. Also I normally do the loc method 2-3 times a week if my hair needs it. If not I just ghe without adding any oil or products.

  • You can do it as often as you think is necessary to put the moisture back in your hair. I do it every night. Some people only do it once a week because their hair creates or holds oil better than others.

  • I’m gonna do this.

  • *holds oil and moisture

  • Paris

    Can this be done on relaxed hair as well? At least maybe a month post relaxer if not right after?

    • Marsha Buchanan

      Yes Paris, this can be done on relaxed hair.

  • Niecey Henderson. I live in El Paso Texas what do you use in your hair for your ghe challenge?

  • So, once you remove the plastic cap your hair is a little damp. As the day goes on, does the hair dry and become hard and crunchy?

  • I may try this tonight. I’m a bit nervous about what happens once the hair dries.

  • Just did it with twist loc method for the night

  • I’m doing this right now

  • Miranda J

    Whats the difference between baggying and the ghe? For baggying I mean those who moisturize and cover their entire head with a plastic cap without sealing. Doesn’t it create the same effect if some persons get moist hair in the morning?

    • Marsha Buchanan

      Yes it works the same way, in fact I think it’s the same thing, the same principle applies. GHE may just be a fancier term for it.

  • I’ve just started doing this and my hair responds very well, I have very dry hair and a very kinky texture. This works great for me.

  • My hair loves it, but my poor skin!

    • Marsha Buchanan

      If you are having breakouts from using oil with it, try to use just water and see what happens.

  • Ruth Dyson

    I have done the GHE in the past with success. After reading this it reminded me of the results and I plan to do this along with the inversion method for the next four weeks – starting today. Thanks for the reminder!

  • ticha

    Ive. Been doiin it.success so far.but ive been wonderin can i use a aloe vera gel spritz to boost

  • I like what it does for my hair. ..but I feel icky and my hair doesn’t smell too nice the next day :-(

    • Marsha Buchanan

      Perhaps you could use a few drops of essential oil in your spray bottle to mist your hair. This could address the smell. I usually use some moisturizer with peppermint the next morning like the sweet mimosa butter to massage my scalp and sorta give my head a tingle (so invigorating). It’s so therapeutic that I forget how icky it can feel.

  • Ni’ Year

    Hello Does This Work Only On Females Or Males Too???

  • I do this ALL the time. My hair is extremely dry and this works wonders. I do this for 3-4 days on twisted hair and my curls are gorgeous when I twist out after it dries, and it lasts longer and doesn’t dry out as quickly. Thanks for the tip about the smell, that’s the only thing I don’t like, but I have some lavender essential oil that I will try.

  • This is very true i mist my hair braid it then shower cap and a scarf works wonders

  • to me ? taking care of my hair(applying oils,conditioning it etc) does not make it grow .. but when I abandon my hair,it grows like crazy .. I have tried this and it has not grown my hair

  • I love how it makes my hair feel but it makes my hair soooo itchy that sometimes i take the cap off and have a shrunken mess because i hate the feeling.

  • The term “Greenhouse Effect” is misleading and inaccurate for this process.


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