Flat Twist Out With Banding On Natural Hair

Flat Twist Out With Banding On Natural Hair

One of the things us girls with tighter curl patterns have a real issue with is shrinkage. While shrinkage isn’t that bad and most of us have accepted that it is the nature of the beast with our hair we continue to find creative ways of stretching our hair to give it some length and reduce tangles.

Banding is an oldie but goodie method for stretching your hair but if you are not familiar with it, well we have just the demonstration for you.

This video utilizes two methods of stretching the hair; flat twists and banding. The style is created using As I Am hair products but of course you can use any good leave in conditioner and/or any holding product that you have to hand.

You don’t need perfect parts for this style of course but to create a smooth curl remember to twirl the ends of your flat twist. You will notice that the section of hair that is banded is the ends of the flat twists at the back. Banding as she has done with some good ouchless bands will prevent the hair from shrinking up too much as it dries.

Check out the video from Asiamnaturally.

Some simple tips on banding

1. Band your hair in the evening so that your hair can dry stretched – Stretching your hair overnight really allows it to set properly because if you band and remove them before for your hair is dry, it will shrink right up again, making your efforts in vain.

2. Seal properly – I mention sealing because more than likely you would have added moisture, sealing your hair means using an oil over the moisture to keep your hair hydrated. Sealing your hair properly gives it a natural shine once your hair dries and you remove all the bands.

3. Banding is a great way to start your stretch before you flat iron or blow dry your hairSometimes you have to use way too much heat to get from full shrinkage to straight, so doing a heatless stretch in-between can be very helpful not to mention less damaging.

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