Finally! We Get To See Brandy’s Natural Hair

We all know Brandy Norwood for her music, her acting and of course her multitude of braided styles. Although of late she’s been seen rocking weaves and wigs, I generally cannot think of Brandy without thinking of long braids!

Having never seen her own hair I was pleasantly surprised to see her rocking it big and bold on instagram. Brandy natural? Who knew!

Brandy Norwood natural hair afro

She included the following quote presumably thanking her stylist Kimblebeauty

Thank you @kimblehaircare for my Afro puff!! We finally took the risk!! #bighairdontcare #afropuffpuff #brownskin #glowwwrraayy

She’s got a good length and her hair looks pretty thick too. Brandy’s always had a youthful face but the afro makes her look so much younger don’t you think?


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About Alma

Hi! I'm Alma Ruddock, a full time blogger. I stumbled on a hair care forum in 2008 frustrated with my breaking relaxed hair and the information that I found there changed the fate of my hair forever!. I started as a way to help both myself and other women of color achieve their dreams of long healthy hair. I have now achieved my goal length and I continue to bring new information about hair on both this website and my personal blog.

  • Toy Washington

    Natural looks good on her

  • Ijeoma Okereke

    I didn’t know we we’re waiting…

    • Alexandria Shaughnessy

      ok though…lol wth

    • Mary D Miller


  • David Duty


  • Stephanie Alexandria Sampson

    Really could b photoshopped in this pic lol

  • Rashan Jeheeb

    Naturally Beautiful

  • Monica Loveumore Threatt


  • Nita Rhodes

    Looks really nice!

  • Shirina Thurman

    Now come on Kim we saw that weave technique you did on China in season two, so we know you can hook up an afro to make it look like its coming of your scalp nice try though and good work.

  • Delise Evans

    Damn Moesha

  • Ivy Jackson

    It’s a weave

  • Meagan Anita

    Wow there are so many people hating on her because she has full natural long hair come on people stop being so judgmental

  • Tameka Dorsey

    It’s funny a white lady can have a head full of hair nobody thinks twice about it being hers but a sister takes a pic with hair longer than 2 inches right away it’s a weave or photoshopped news flash black folk can actually have long hair amazing but true

    • Assata Knox

      The problem is, a lot of us have gotten away from taking care of our own hair and so when some of us see another sister with healthy hair longer than two inches, it’s a miracle or came with a receipt. We have to get back to the basics, and then we’ll be amazed at what our own hair can do. I speak from experience; I would always rely on the hairdressers for maintenance and upkeep, but they can only do so much. We have to care for it in between visits to the salon. A lot of celebs do have stylists on call, but just like us, they have to do the maintenance in between, or their hair will look a hot mess, too. Brandy’s hair looks beautiful.

    • Tiffany Nicole Roberts

      exactly !!

  • Keshia Covington

    Let me see those edges

  • Tameeka FabulosityisMeekscatering Baugh

    ^^^^^ lmaoooo

  • Janelle Bryant

    Facebook is the place where everyone becomes a liar…smh

  • Adesjola Tucker

    Love it. :-)

  • Kalilah White

    Lol but it’s a wig though. She said herself on IG.

  • Erin Green

    It’s possible for this to be her hair. She had worn braids and weaves forever. Smh at the ignorance of some people.

  • Joeneyce Cunningham

    Honestly, I follow her on IG. I don’t remember her saying it was hers but she did say that stylist got her to try the natural look. She’s been rocking “natural looks” for a while for a new look. Either way, I love it and HER!!!!

  • Karen Richardson

    You are beautiful

  • Ashley Carter

    All those braids over the years!

  • Tynika Nelson

    I love the thickness of it

  • Ashley Carter

    Thank you Tameka Dorsey.

  • Moody Mee

    She shud have long flowing hair considering she’s been wearing protective styles since god knows wen… Who gives a fuc

  • Shanta Mitchell

    If her hair is natural, I wonder why, it appears, that she would chemically relax her daughters hair? Hummm…

  • Miriam Williams


  • Rebekah Faye

    Go head Brandy, your natural hair looks good!!!

  • Shaylinn Jones

    This is definitely no her hair nothing more than a nappy weave smh

  • Latoshia Furlow

    It’s cute but it’s not hers

  • Lalandj Blackshell

    It’s believable… She did wear braids all her life

  • Anna Ogonji Smith

    Nice! Bet her stylist gets tired with all that hair!

  • Anna Ogonji Smith

    I bet Kim K wears more weave than her but none of you all get on her page asking to see her roots!!! Where are your roots? She’s a beautiful lady with beautiful hair, so leave it at that.

  • Denise Wright

    Shoot Brandy. You’ve gt more hair rat your weaves. Get tat beautiful hair done and rock out. You’re beautiful either way.

    • Daynielle Blair


  • ShaRhonda Antionette

    #Au_Natural… <3

  • Famina Rolle

    O my god brandy so cute love it

  • Patricia Nicholson

    Brandy barely have any real hair on her head. Nice natural wig.

  • Monica Thornton-Anderson

    Heeeey beautiful ladies!:)

  • Catherine Borders Moore

    Definitely not her hair but gorgeous anyway!

  • Miriam Pierce McPherson

    brandy has been a natrual head since she was a teenager. her hair iit healthy and strong. Good for you!

  • Alexandria Deramus

    Unfortunately she suffers with alopecia , and that’s why she’s been wearing wigs and weave her whole life . She has a wonderful hAir stylist that can make her hair look naturally like hers . For the people who say people are haters because they say that’s not her real hair should really read before you call somebody a hater . Because the truth is it’s not , and her condition prevents her to have hair like this . God Bless :)

  • Peta-gay Young

    I love it ! Give it to me plz

  • Tae Moore

    So that’s not Brady’s NATURAL hair?? Thought it was!! Still love it!

  • parthenia holt

    She beautiful and natural

  • Lizzie Carrington

    Omg ppl with their conclusions Smh Lmao

  • Lizzie Carrington

    How she have alopecia & she wear braids & u can see her scalp??

  • Deelishus Goodaz Brooklyn Maraj

    It’s not her natural hair….but its cute

  • Jiretha Ubettawatchit Lumpkis

    She been B.O.S all her life I’m glad to c the middle full

  • Karen Mukey Burks

    Surprise it’s not longer

  • Marshaun Barr

    Yeah! Guess I wasn’t the only one wondering. Ha. Love it!!!!

  • Morgan Nimmz

    Yea, I’m not “hatin,” which seems to be the only comeback ppl can come up with for having a different opinion but it’s not hers. One, she has admitted it and two, why would you need to go pay a hair dresser just to take your braids out and have an afro when you can do that at home for free? Looks nice but these celebs are just jumping on the natural hair bandwagon just to get our approval and attention cuz they see it’s the new thing. It’s just a fad to them. I’m not falling for it smh

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