Cut Off Your Dreadlocks Or Lose Your Job – Woman In Missouri Told

Cut Off Your Dreadlocks Or Lose Your Job - Woman In Missouri Told

No sooner are we done congratulating ourselves on the good work we have done in effecting change around how natural hair is viewed by the corporate world than a story like this takes the limelight again. It would be funny if it wasn’t so appalling.

Ashley Davis a 24 year old working for Tower Loan in Missouri was told to cut of her dreadlocks or lose her job after the company changed it’s policy two months into her employment. The company says that dreadlocks and braids amongst other hairstyles are now against company guidelines.

Ashley says that her whole family wears dreadlocks and they are of great significance to her and her culture and she feels that she has been singled out because nobody else in the company has the same hairstyle that she does.

In spite of all this, she seems pretty cheerful and is hopeful that the company will take another look at it’s policy particularly as she has no intention of changing her hair. She has until Friday to decide what to do.

See the full story in the video below and share your thoughts.



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  1. 1

    She needs a lawyer.

  2. 2

    That’s discrimination. I had a boss that used to have a problem whenever my hair wasn’t straightened. If I came in an Afro, a braided up do, or anything of that nature; it was grounds for a “little chat”. I wore my hair how I wanted. No one has the right to tell you how to wear YOUR OWN HAIR. How is her hair affecting her work?? GET A LAWYER!!!!

  3. 3

    Discrimination at it’s finest!! Lets not talk about how she performs on the job! Lets ridicule her about her hair….SMH!!! Lawyer ASAP!!!!

  4. 4
    Carrie Ann Sadler-Walker says:

    I have been locd for 3 years and would never cut my hair. Isn’t that discrimination? Girl get a lawyer because you are not your hair, your hair is a part of you.

    • 5

      I couldn’t agree more. I do not have locs but my bf does, what does having locs have to do with your abilities. I’m offended because if I had a job that told me no fro allow I would have to seek a better job or something. This is terrible!

  5. 6

    Yes get lawyer so if you get fired you’ll just own the company you work for straight like that!!!

  6. 7

    I have locs and would never cut my hair. Get a lawyer.

  7. 8


  8. 11

    The Most High TOLD US NOT to cut OUR Locks! NOT “dreds” whitey thought OUR hair was “dreadful” thus getting the name. “Dreadlocks”..They were only called locks n the Bible..EX: Sampson had 7 locks..not dreads..BUT I’d #LawyerUP and sue they a**!

  9. 12

    Get you a lawyer no one can turn you in to something your not im locked up and going to stay that way this is my body my head my heritage

  10. 13

    Get a lawyer

  11. 14

    My daughter quit her summer job for this reason. She got hired with sister locs and the district manger came to visit and told the store manager she can’t work there with locs.

  12. 15

    I think this is crazy! They’re telling her that she can

  13. 16

    They’re telling her that she can’t embrass her heritage.

  14. 17

    quit my job and hen sue my job!!

  15. 18

    Can you say LAWYER,seriously

  16. 19

    Like a relative of mine said, she should sue, and use the money, to start her own business!

  17. 20

    Lizi Zenifa to ser sa?

  18. 21


  19. 22

    Wow just so wrong

  20. 23

    Lose my job then get a lawyer and sue for discrimination

  21. 24

    No doubt if this was a person with some mocks it would be acceptable.

  22. 25

    DAT kind of bs don’t happen where I’m from. Racist n uneducated (nit the degree kind) minds breed Dis sorta hateful treatment

  23. 26

    racial discrimination at it’s finest!

  24. 27

    WTH….it never ends, they work overtime looking for a reason. Let’s see what merit says about her work performance, attendance, etc. Now let’s get Al Sharpton’s big mouth involved. Now make me believe that racism isn’t alive and well in the good ol’ us of A….good luck with that!

  25. 28

    She needs to sue them for discrimination

  26. 29

    Lose job. ‘The man’ cant tell you how your hair should be.
    if they hired you that way they can fire you that way
    it weren’t a problem to hire you in the first place so what’s the problem now!?
    Stupzzzzz racist bumdasses

  27. 30

    Depending on the type of job she has, she can be fired for no reason. Dept stores or job of sort can fire without cause, which is why many report to work sick.

  28. 31

    I use to work with her and she love Her dreads my thing is it wasn’t an issue when you hired her like that what’s the issue now so lawyer time!!

  29. 32

    Quit the job. I don’t want to work in the corporate world anymore anyway. I’m a creative soul. I like flexibility. Companies want you to be flexible, why can’t they be flexible? Ain’t no way in [BLEEP] I would have cut my locks if I had locks. Why couldn’t they just let her wear her hair up or in a ponytail? That’s so stupid.

  30. 33

    HELL NO! Don’t cut your hair. I’m in the air force and I know they hate my natural, but as long as it’s not violating policy they can go to hell

  31. 34

    A womans hair is her glory! Dont cut it. Cultural based hair styles for blacks are frowned upon.. but I love my natural roots and embrace it. Its not ghetto or unprofessional its apart of your roots. Dont listen to those fools. God bless

  32. 35

    Hell just about everyone has their hair in dreadlocks in Mo. Sue their buts but if your job performance isn’t up to par they’ll just say your work performance was below standard. White folks are a trip.

  33. 36

    My boss never liked my locks too so i had to braid them in order to keep them.

  34. 37

    I’d keep the dreads and get a lawyer. And after the case is won….I’d still show up to work, dreads and all

  35. 38

    I think she should not cut her dreads that is apart of her culture the white man always trying to make everything go their way everyone don’t need to look like them god gave beauty in all skin color

  36. 39

    THATS MY COUSIN!!! Ashley EnvyMe I highly doubt she’d EVER cut her locks!

  37. 40

    Ashley EnvyMe Ayo F that! Keep your beautiful hair Lil Cuz. And fight back. This is definitely racial discrimination and if you ask me defamation Smh. Behind you %100. I see no reason for a corporation to require an employee to cut her hair. I could see them maybe asking a man to cut his hair but a young woman?! Certainly not!

  38. 41
    Mr. Commonsense says:

    F that! Keep your beautiful hair Lil Cuz. And fight back. This is
    definitely racial discrimination and if you ask me defamation Smh.
    Behind you %100. I see no reason for a corporation to require an
    employee to cut her hair. I could see them maybe asking a man to cut his
    hair but a young woman?! Certainly not! I mean How are you going to tell someone their hairstyle doesn’t fit company guidelines?? You can wear your hair however you see fit as long as you’re doing your damn job and are dressed properly! Sue them Lil Cuz!

  39. 42

    If she cuts them, they still may find a reason to fired her because their already trying to point out something wrong about her that not really a big problem!

  40. 43


  41. 44
    AngryGirl says:

    Curious as to what other hairstyles are deemed unprofessional at this company. Bet you none of them concern white people & their hair. All of a sudden the policy was changed, what does hairstyle have to due with on job performance. I’m thinking that maybe a client or someone else in the office is a hater because of her job, maybe she is so professional that it is threating the other employees in the company. So a good way to eliminate the competition is to come up with some stupid excuse about “hairstyles” to fire her. Wow, the sheer stupidity of some people is priceless. This is why Americans are considered dumb, because of silly stuff like this.

  42. 45

    Lose my job!

  43. 46

    Its sad that she would have to choose like that, they need to quit! If they can go around with Mohawk nothing will be said

  44. 47

    Keep you Dreadlocks Girl!

  45. 48

    That’s a lawsuit. … thats discrimination…I see folks with pierce, tatoos, all kinds of eye contact color even with pajamas at work…this make no sense so ever….

  46. 49

    This is just a reflection on how far we have to go in society accepting our hair for what it is. Black hair is all too quickly deemed unprofessional because it doesn’t fall into white supremacist standards of what hair should look like…. This is just awful

  47. 50

    They as well her to loose her skin tone too. These people need to come out of the dark ages, it’s 2014

  48. 51

    It should not happen in the world today, it is utter discrimination on grounds of race full stop.

  49. 52

    Jeez, so the only option offered was to cut it off and nothing else? That’s not even a little bit fair.

  50. 53

    I would have noooo desire to work there after that anyways

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