Heat Training Hair: A Balanced View

Hot comb and straightenerSince featuring Brittany, an avid heat training enthusiast, on the website a few weeks ago, I have had few emails and comments suggesting that I give a more balanced view on the subject so here it is!

So what is heat training? From my research online, I have found two definitions for it.

► Using heat often to straighten natural hair so that it does not revert easily in response to atmospheric humidity. Pretty self explanatory and this is probably the more common understanding of heat training.

Virgin black natural hair is notoriously difficult to keep dead straight and will normally start poofing up within hours of being straightened. People however have found that the more they straighten, the longer they can wear it straight without it reverting.

Using high heat to straighten natural hair with multiple passes to both assist with preventing easy reversion but more importantly to change the texture of the natural hair. Essentially texturizing the hair with heat, also known as Thermal Texturizing. This is heat training as I have come to understand it recently and probably the source of all the controversy.

Ok, right off the bat let’s address the fact that heat training is not a new technique. We are all familiar with the hot combs and Marcels used by our mums and aunties back in the day to straighten their hair, they obviously noticed that their hair did not look quite the same when they next washed it, results that were only more pronounced the more they visited the stylist for yet another press and curl.

I have written before about a friend who would brag about her leave out hair that she used to blend with her straight weave. ‘It doesn’t kink up any more’ she would say happy as Larry! I might add that her hair never grew past shoulder length.

Looking at heat training by the second definition I will use Brittany as an example as many of you have probably watched her videos on the subject but just in case, here she is in her own words on what heat training is and what it is not. My take on it is after the videos.


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  • Nooooooooo. NEVER!!! I have it pressed out right now, been a week, and I miss my curls!

  • No…I came too far trying to NATURAL TRAIN my damn hair…count me out!

  • NO Heat plz……

  • Not worth my curl pattern! !!!

  • Yes. I am transitioning right now and have been flat ironing my hair. I haven’t decided how I’m going to wear it once all the relaxing has been cut out but haven’t rules out wearing it straight.

  • Once you straighten your hair by any means…..it’s no longer in it’s natural state…. is it???

    • It’s no longer natural IF you use a CHEMICAL (i.e. relaxer, texturizer). Applying heat is not a chemical.

  • Why use them? You are beautiful just the way you are! <3

  • I’m trying to untrain the top of my hair now

  • I love the diversity of straight and curly : )

  • Angelique Estella i was just talking bout this!

  • NEVER!!!! I had straight hair long enough and don’t miss it! My natural hair is luxurious :) If I need to see my length, I will do a wet set. No direct heat.

  • There’s nothing wrong with straightening your hair every now and then. Sometimes we need a new look and as long as you take care of it your curl pattern will always come back.

  • I had my straighten. I loved it but it became a hassle having to straighten it everyday. I go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week and I was having to straighten it every morning.

  • That is called heat damage.

  • I use the hot comb on my daughter hair.

  • yes I am this is alot of work an not enough time.

  • I heat trained my hair for years and lost ALL of the curl pattern. My hair was straight even when it was wet. I now know that it was also severely damaged. I had to basically start all over again. I press my hair out every now and then but I DO NOT use the hot comb. NO WAY!!! That thing will fry your hair. I use ceramic irons and ALWAYS deep condition with a steamer to lock in moisture before the straightening process.

  • Too humid in Texas

  • I simply wish a lot of you ladies would make up your mind about what you consider natural hair. Stop being hair bipolar!

    • lol…i agree but still it their choice. Everyone will always change mind.

  • That’s me right there.

  • Hairpolar lol

  • Leisa Johnson natural just means no chemical to make it straight. It will still be natural. It’s about the process. Not the style

  • I do straighten my hair my hair stays straight fir at least 2 weeks and when I wash it my curls comes right back

    • I have been natural for six years. I wear my hair straight the majority of the time and never did a big chop. When I wash my hair the curls come right back. In fact, my curls have always returned the second water touched my hair, even when I had a relaxer. By the way, my hair is well below my shoulders.

  • I have before but I was never taught how to use the straightening tools the right way,. I would add so much hair grease that it would drip out when I applied heat, so I was basically just frying my hair off.

  • Why?

  • No…I love my curls!!!

  • Heat train? smh sounds more like heat damage.

  • You know I’ve trained my natural hair to the point that it looks like I’ve blow dried it, but I haven’t put any heat in it in over 8 or 9 mos, and I’m really shocked that my hair is so soft and manageable now. I’m ready to take the wing off and show it off and I can see that it has a nice length without being straighten and I am so tempted to put the hot comb in it too see how long it really is, but the question is” will it take a long time to get naturally soft again?

  • No

  • I have been “natural” all of my life and began getting my hair pressed @ age 11. It has NEVER been as much work as most new naturals profess it to be. My hair is “heat trained” by the pressing comb and reverts back to it’s natural curl when I shampoo it. I occasionally use the flat iron but prefer the heat of the hot comb because of the spaces which allows heat to escape and not be held between two plates. There is nothing wrong with your hair being trained, it’s not a chemical just part of a regimen. The problem comes in when you don’t know how to properly straighten your hair without burning it which causes it to remain straight after washing. That is heat damage! Products matter, condtioning is a must… don’t try it yourself if you don’t know the different types of heat.

  • I did that and to get it back to it’s natural pattern I just wore it in buns,a weave,and twist outs for one summer and it came back

  • No, I would never permanently straighten my hair via heat damage on purpose.

  • Well my hair doesn’t even hold any type of heat unless your burning it with a stove flat iron and oil. Not that serious,havnt straightened my hair in years

  • I say to each his own…I would never lock my hair.

  • I have been natural for 10years. But have ALWAYS wore my hair straight. Just in the last two months i have been wearing it curly and it looks great. Very pretty curls. And I used to use A lot of heat on my hair.

  • Hell yea because my natural is kunta keinta

  • I straighten my hair with heat once a month but I always deep condition it and use a heat protection leave In and wrap.it at night..I’ve been chemical free for 4yrs when my hair is wet it curls right back up no damage….having my hair straight is just easier seem like for me just get up unwrap and go

  • I reaaaaally wish some people would learn that heat trained hair does not equal heat damaged hair. You can damage you hair no matter what state it is in if you dont properly care for it, smh #SillyHumans

  • Years ago that’s what I did press and curl and as soon as you washed it it reverted back. Why does it seem like people are afraid to do what they always have done. Its not perm

  • No way..

  • This is not rocket science..when my mom use to press my hair I NEVER had heat damage and playtime at the pool still drew my hair back to its original coily/curly state…is this a new school dilemma?I’m confused on this whole heat damage frenzy…The principles of straightening non relaxed curly or wavy hair are still the same..keep the heat tool temp at the correct temp for YOUR hair(just because its coily doesn’t mean u crank it up to 500degrees)and be careful of the straightening products of today that you use to straighten the hair because a combination of those elements are what may be causing the heat damage

  • That hot comb has traumatized me.. I LLLOATH that contraption. …. feel like a WW2 vet with PTSD LOL

  • Blah Blah to any Natural Hair Nazi who wants to read someone for using heat. I am an avid user of heat and my hair looks just as good kinky or better than some who chooses not to use heat at all.

    My preference is to wear my hair straightened in the Fall/Winter months and Kinky/Curly/Poofy during the Spring/Summer months… Folks need to stop coming down on ppl for what they choose to do with their hair. As long as it’s relaxer free and being treated with care, why the hell does one feel the right to judge others for their hair care regimen?


    • Florencia Marie I have actually consider doing that same method. Straight in the winter and curly in the summer.

    • Works for me. The Winter is just too rough on my hair. Plus it’s not good to do a wash n go because the winters here in the Midwest are notoriously cold. And in the summer, it’s impossible to keep my hair straight because it will poof up due to the humidity lol

  • I press n flat iron in the winter which includes me only co-washing my hair once a month…. n I do kinky/curly in the summer. I have 3a/3b type hair n flat ironing is very easy n my hair reverts back to its curly state just fine. I feel it’s to each its own, it’s ur hair do what u want to. I love my kinky/curly n my straight hair….natural hair is ALOT OF WORK regardless!!!!

  • I have always straightened my hair with straightening comb and ultra sheen creme of satin press. That’s what my mother used when I was a little girl, on my hair and hers. And I still use Ultra sheen and bergamot products,my hair is healthy.

    • That was it yvonne!…Yeeeees,Satin Press!I use something else , but I’m going to find some

  • Heat training???!!! Let’s try heat damage! And I’ll take HELL NO FOR $500 Alex… there’s no such thing as heat training it’s all damage.

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  • Stopped using heat on my hair already to prevent heat damage.

  • Maybe but i don’t straighten my hair as much as i used to but its hard not to when you have long hair

  • I love my curls too much.