The Only Hair Type Chart That Really Matters

The only hair type chart that matters infographic

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Forget the hair typing system based on curl pattern as it doesn’t really help you look after your hair. Strand texture and thickness is what really matters.

The Only Hair Type Chart That Matters

 Seal with light oils like coconut. Seal with medium coating oils like extra virgin olive oil. Seal with heavy coating butters like shea butter.
Hard protein treatments periodically plus light protein and moisture conditioners. Light protein and moisture conditioners. Hard protein treatments when necessary. Opt for moisturizing conditioners and steam treatments. Protein only when necessary.
Finger detangle exclusively if possible. Be gentle. You can both finger detangle and use a wide tooth comb. Be gentle. You can both finger detangle and use a wide tooth comb. Be gentle.
Remain natural and use herbal color like henna. Remain natural or texturize your hair lightly. Use henna or use regular hair color sparingly. Remain natural or texturize your hair. Use henna or use regular hair color sparingly.
Do simple protective styles like updo’s and buns. Braid and twist gently. Do styles like updo’s, buns, braids, twists and sew ins. Be gentle. Do styles like updo’s, buns and sew ins. Try more extravagant braid styles but be gentle.
 Use heat very infrequently and at low temperatures. Use heat sparingly at low to medium temperatures.  Use heat sparingly at low to medium temperatures.

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  • V

    I know I’m late to the party but I want to thank you for this chart. I always suspected that hair typing system with the numbers and letters was BS 😀 The recommendations for fine hair are more or less exactly what years of trial and error led me to. I could have saved myself a lot of time, money and aggravation if I had this chart ten years ago.

  • Charlene

    I have fine hair and its begining to break at the nape (on right side only) also my edges also mainly right side. I’m looking for products to help smooth the edges but also help them to grow and not break. I find gels dry them out. Currently I’m wearing it straight with no relaxer so I’m using heat daily. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • CherylLynne

    Hi! I have fine, curly hair and I was wondering if anyone could give any examples of hard protein treatments?

  • I love curly hair but I just don’t feel my curls! I have at least 4 different curl patterns (bi-racial) and no matter what I do twists finger curls….. its just does not come out how I would like. I don’t want a perm been natural for 6 years but I’m really frustrated! Has anyone ever tryed the Brazilian Keratin treatment?

    • If you want a Brazilian keratin treatment get it from Organix.. There hair products are all natural. And it works the best without damaging your hair

  • I have coarse hair

  • My hair is corse but I can c my curls when its wet but no amount of conditioning keeps it from frizzing lol

  • My daughter has a combination of several different textures. Nd corse fly ways.

  • I have 3 different curl patterns and it makes styling really difficult.

  • Hair pudding and twist outs work well.

  • I have dry coarse hair,the creamy crack is really calling my name.

  • Combination

  • Thank you Shakari Nikia Angelica Whitfield I will try to see if I can order it and that they send it overseas! ! Thats one of my biggest problems I can’t find a good natural hair stylest here!

  • Coconut oil is still too heavy for my hair so I use jojoba oil.

  • Kinky kinky hair no curl pattern at all

  • I have 3C/4A (approx 70/30) hair that is dry (especially the 4A) and frustrating because I don’t know what to do with it…new natural. I’m wearing it straight this week just because it’s what I’m used to it but I don’t want to heat damage my hair either. I would love a product that would control the frizz without the crunchiness for my wash n go’s.

  • Good to know I should be using Shea butter . Ice been using coconut oil for awhile and while it helps it.doesn’t seem to be what it should.

  • I have a combination of fine and coarse.

  • Lu

    Hi, I have trying almost everything and browses a lot of sites. Some talk about knowing your hair type, what kind of product s is best etc. The thing is my hair is thine but i used a lot of Natural hair Oils cause of the hair texture i have it sucks up the oil or grease it become brittle and dry. I have even try Castor oil but it damage my hair badly before. Oh confusing in which leave in condition to used cause on most site i have read they said sulfate Shampoo or nothing with sulfate is bad for your hair is it true ? Need help plz

  • Course course

  • Fine

  • Course