A Look At The Cathy Howse Regimen For Relaxed Hair

Cathy Howse relaxed hairCathy Howse used to be known as the don of relaxed hair and even though she is natural now her very simple relaxed hair regimen led her to great success with not only her own hair but also all her fans who have followed her healthy hair regimen religiously.

Cathy was one of the first black women who successfully proved that relaxed hair can in fact grow to great lengths with consistency and a great regimen.

The goal of her challenge is to retain six inches of hair every year by adopting seven basic guidelines. Here are the rules of engagement:

1. Wash you hair twice a week with an slightly acidic pH balanced shampoo, moisturizing shampoo or a sulfate free shampoo.

2. Use a protein based deep conditioner weekly. You have the option of using one of Cathy’s products or any of your favorite protein based deep conditioners, and you must use heat cap to deep condition or allow the conditioner to sit overnight. She is quite firm on the idea of using heat while deep conditioning because heat allows the conditioning agents to penetrate into all areas of the hair shaft.

3. Air dry your hair with your leave in conditioner generously applied.

4. If you must use a blow dryer, only use the cool setting or don’t use it at all. Blow drying (even on low) is notorious for drying hair out.

5. Do not use brushes ever. Period. Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb once a week only on wash day.

6. Stretch you relaxer for 10 weeks or more.

7. Limit the use of heat to once or twice a month. Although originally she had stated that it is ok to use heat as long as it is on freshly washed and deep conditioned hair. Some relaxed ladies got tripped up by this however because depending on the resilience of your strands, some ladies tresses are unable to withstand regular heat.

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  • Love her hair

  • She was one of the first black hair gurus that I looked up to as a teen and such. Glad to see this.

  • Well the only time my hair gets long is while pregnant. Once my hormones balance my hair breaks off seems like 500 strands a day. And not amount of oil really works. I became natural in August. Everything has been okay… however now I can’t get the deep conditioner to take… so the oil is jyst getting on my hair and not absorbing.

    Can anyone help me out with this?

    • Are you deep conditioning with heat. It sounds like you have low porosity hair.

    • Yes I do, up until last month it worked fine and now the heat isn’t making a difference.

    • How long since you first started using heat to DC? And what heat are we talking about, a hooded dryer, a heat cap or steam? Steam tends to work the best. Also my sister had very low porosity hair before she started caring for it and it took us two full months of weekly DC’s 1 hour each with heat to get her hair to normal porosity levels where it gets appropriately soft with conditioner it it and absorbs a reasonable amount of conditioner. In my experience, patience and consistency is key. You can always switch up to DCing less often after normal porosity is reached but if your hair is naturally low porosity, you may always have to deep condition more than those with normal porosity hair. Also bear in mind that if you have very fine strands it can only absorb so much!

  • Hello I was wondering do y’all have anything for a 2 year old with dry thick hair?

    • when my daughter was 2 B&B oil moisturizer worked great, when she turned 5 I have to switch to Organics olive oil moisturizer.

  • Thank you… Felicia Hamilton

  • My relaxer stretch ends this week. I look forward to incorporating some of this regimen into my own! I am very interested in trying the tip about liberally applying a leave in conditioner and then air drying.