The Azure EdgeStick Product Review

The Azure EdgeStick Product Review

When the Edgestick was first released, I was dying to get my hands on one. At the time I was wearing my hair mostly straight but the reversion especially at my roots was driving me to distraction so the Edgestick seemed to be the perfect answer to my prayers.

As the name suggests, the idea behind the Edgestick is that it targets and straightens the little hairs around your edges and roots to get them straight without any burns or discomfort. It does this with a pair of heat proof combs surrounding a heated barrel at the center.

Before I get to what I thought of the product, let’s look at some of it’s features:

  • Ceramic with tourmaline barrel to enhance the output of ions, contributing to healthy, shiny hair.
  • The EdgeStick’s double-comb design protects the skin while catching the smallest hairs at the hairline.
  • Digital readout indicates desired temperature readiness and temperature setting.
  • Designed for comfortable gripping and styling experience.

Full feature list available here.

I watched a few videos of the product in use before I committed to purchasing it, here’s the one I saw below:

Of course I never planned on using the Edgestick on dry natural hair like the stylist in this video did (that’s a recipe for breakage all day long). I would never recommend that anyone should go at natural hair with a small tooth comb and the Edgestick with it’s little combs are no exception. I used it on recently blown out hair.

The issue that I have with the Edgestick is that it just doesn’t deliver on it’s promises. Sure, it will straighten your edges but only when the temperature is pretty high (about 380-400) but when the temperature is high, the Edgestick does in fact burn your skin!

I actually thought I was being unreasonable in my expectations so I decided to try the Edgestick on my little girl, I don’t usually flat iron her hair, it was just a test to see if she would be able to feel the heat. No sooner did I swipe it on her front hairline than she yelled ‘It’s HOT!’

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  1. 1
    Nina Mitchell says:

    Yep I thought it was rubbish too. I was lucky that I was able to resell it to someone else otherwise it would be sitting in the back of my drawer gathering dust.

    • 2

      I was considering reselling mine too but I may continue seeing if I can find a place for it in my reggie. If push comes to shove, I may give it away.

  2. 3

    I never did understand the hype with the edgestick either. Glad to see I’m not missing anything.

  3. 4
    The EdgeStick says:

    HI Alma. please allow us to clarify a few points in your review. The keys for successfully using the EdgeStick (and any hot tool) are: 1) using a serum to protect and seal the cuticle, allow the teeth to comb through the hair and maintain a straight look longer; 2) quickly moving off the skin and slowly moving down the hair while applying tension to the hair (as shown in the picture above); 3) using the EdgeStick on small sections of hair (no wider or longer than the comb assembly area). The EdgeStick is a professional salon product that reaches temps up to 450 degrees (critical for some hair smoothing applications such as Keratin treatments), and using a temp of 380-400 is within the range typically used on kinky/curly hair. The primary difference between the EdgeStick and a flat iron is: 1) while the user will feel warmth with the EdgeStick – they will not have a nasty, possibly third-degree burn mark on the skin as when a flat iron’s plate come in direct contact with the skin; and 2 a flat iron can’t pick up the short curly hairs on the hairline. Ultimately, we want you to be successful when using the EdgeStick and offer one-one-one consultations via Skype to help ensure your success. Please reach out to us at and we will schedule an appointment.

    • 5

      Hi there Edgestick! I’m glad you found my little website here and thanks for your response. I do know how to use hot tools and about protecting the hair with serum etc so that’s not the problem. I really don’t think that my technique was lacking either as I have been using an instyler which is similar-is to the edgestick with great success for quite a while now. I can see how the high temp would be convenient for someone doing a BKT but for those of us just wanting to rock a straight look as a one off, the high temp is just not well, healthy and I did find that I had to crank it way up to get enough heat to straighten the edges.

      I bought this primarily as a tool to straighten my daughters hair once in a while but seeing as she’s still complaining that it is too hot, I see that as a failing in the product’s part, either that or I misunderstood the ‘no discomfort’ message that comes with your product. I agree that the heat is nowhere near as bad as being caught by a flat iron but it’s still hot enough to cause discomfort in my opinion. Now, I concede, it is entirely possible that I got a faulty edgestick and I’m willing to revisit my review if that is the case, but the above was my honest review of the product.

  4. 6

    Thanks for the review. I won’t buy the edgestick, not because I don’t think that it will straighten my hair but because I think that it is too expensive for the job it does. It doen’st replace my flat iron so I don’t think that I should have to pay the same amount as a flat iron for it. Just my opinion

    • 7

      True, it is to pricey for a support hair tool. Some cheaper versions have come out on amazon but from the reviews they are not any better. Edgestick is currently on an average of 3 stars.

  5. 8

    Personally I love my edgestick. My advice is dont buy it not expecting it to replace your flat iron because it wont. But if you are relaxed, you can use it to straighten your roots after roller setting. I think it causes less damage than blowing out the roots with a hairdryer.

  6. 10

    lol yikes two stars

  7. 12

    This work wonders

  8. 13

    Not sure about this particular brand but when my stylist uses hers, it does the job

  9. 14

    I use one, absolutely great

  10. 15

    Dont like mine

  11. 16

    I don’t like mine either

  12. 17

    I have the hot n silky from Sally’s.its so small and tiny.

  13. 18

    Just leave your edges alone or you’ll end up with none.

  14. 19

    Guess I’ll be sticking to a pressing comb

  15. 20

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Yani Gallagher

  16. 21
    Tabatha says:

    When I was transitioning this was great! I only used it on my edges though I didn’t go through my hole head with it or anything. Also I had little sections in my hair where it had broken off and was growing back, so it really helped me out. My Only complaint is that you can’t really clean it. If I had shed hair in it that fell between the rod and the guard on top, you couldn’t get it out, so you are literally smelling burning hair. Now that I am natural and can flat iron better, I don’t use it as often.

  17. 22

    Coupe du monde 2014

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