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Top 5 Sealing Oils For Natural And Relaxed Hair

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You could go through the routine of deep conditioning your hair with heat for an hour each week but if you are not effectively sealing in the moisture that you put in, your hair will be dry and brittle within a day of washing and breakage will continue. Yes, the sealing oil that you choose is just as important as which conditioner you decide to use this week.

Here is my list of top sealants and the hair types best suited to them.

Raw Shea Butter1. Raw Shea Butter – This is the mother of all sealants. If you have hair that just won’t hold on to moisture, shea butter is sure to help! There’s a fab recipe on the website for a basic shea butter sealing cream that you could try. The only downside to shea butter is that it tends to be a bit ‘heavy’ so will not be suitable for straight styles or very fine hair. If you are wearing a braid out or other curly look, it will keep your hair soft for up to two days without needing re-application. If your hair is coarse, make shea butter your go-to sealant. – For UK alternative click here
Jamaican Black Castor Oil2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil – Aside from the fact that JCBO has been shown to increase hair growth when used in conjunction with essentail oils, the thick texture also makes it an excellent choice for sealing in moisture. Some people don’t like the smell of the oil (which comes from roasting the beans before pressing out the oil) but it’s not a terribly bad smell and it usually fades quickly. It works well for both fine and coarse textures but fine haired ladies may find that it weighs down their hair faster that other oils. – For UK alternative click here
Jojoba Oil3. Jojoba Oil – Joboba oil is the closest in texture and viscosity to our own natural oil (sebum) so it stands to reason that it will work great for sealing in moisture. This will usually do the job in keeping hair soft for about 24 hours or so and it should work for both coarse and fine textures. – For UK alternative click here
Coconut Oil4. Coconut Oil – Coconut oil has been called a moisturizer or even a protein in it’s own right but far fetched claims aside, there are studies that show that this oil is a superior hair grooming product. The size of the coconut oil molecules mean that it is easily absorbed into the hair which means that your hair should not be left feeling greasy. This makes it a good oil for fine haired ladies. The downside is that ladies with coarse hair will find that it does not seal in the moisture for long enough. – For UK alternative click here
Extra Virgin Olive Oil5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Yes this is the standard food grade EVOO that you probably have sitting in your kitchen cupboard right now. Used in the mediterranean for thousands of years, it makes an excellent sealing oil for fine and coarse hair textures. It will tend to be heavier than coconut oil but not quite as heavy as shea butter or JCBO. If you use the correct amount, EVOO should leave your hair feeling soft but never greasy. – For UK alternative click here
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