Protective Styling: How To Take Care Of Your Hair Underneath A Weave

Relaxed and natural weaves protective stylesRelaxed

If you are relaxed on the other hand, straight weaves make the most sense as you won’t have to constantly manipulate your leave out hair to get it to blend with a curly weave. Again I would advise caution with picking the perfect texture to match your relaxed hair.

Go for the ‘relaxed texture’ weaves offered by some companies or at the very least yaki with low to medium luster (shine) depending on your relaxed hair’s texture.

Silky Caucasian hair does not match relaxed afro hair and I have seen many a relaxed lady literally cook her hair with flat irons daily trying to make her the hair blend. You will save yourself a whole lot of hassle and breakage if you pick the right texture to begin with.

Washing Your Hair Underneath The Weave

I have already offered my tips on how to make a weave look as natural as possible in a couple of articles here and here so now it’s time to look at how to take care of your own hair underneath the sew in.

The basic idea of hair care with a weave is to stick as close to your normal regimen as possible while making an effort to prevent build up. That means your normal wash day applies as do your normal moisturizing duties.

The most important thing to remember when washing your hair with a weave is to dilute all your products. This is where an applicator bottle becomes invaluable. They are dirt cheap, you can pick them up from most beauty stores and they make your wash day so much simpler!

Essentially you mix a small amount of your shampoo with plenty of water. You want to end up with a pretty runny mixture that you can easily get on your scalp and hair underneath.

Conditioning is done the same way, EbonyCPrincess below prefers a thicker mix of 75:25 conditioner to water ratio I prefer a 50:50 ratio. I suggest you test to see what works best for you.

Here’s ECP’s demonstration of how to wash your hair while in a weave:

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  • Thanks for showing us natural weavers some love lol

  • No problem. I’m a curly weaver too!

  • This must b so difficult to do. All I know is the weave broke mine off year after year. Plus hairdresser always snipping off ur ends

  • Typically, if you don’t forget about ur hair and dont use too much heat, and dont be too stressed out, your hair will be fine. One time I left my hair in a sew in for 2 or 3 months mine didnt break off and I could see the growth. But I thought this was just common sense.