How To Wash and Deep Condition Micro Braids Without Slippage

Lady with micro braidsKeep your micro braids squeaky clean while avoid the slippage

Micro braids or ‘micros’ are one of the most gorgeous of braids. Resembling free flowing hair they can be worn in a variety of styles from curly, wet and wavy or dead straight. Human hair braids can be curled and straightened with ease and synthetic hair will remain as straight or as curly as when it was bought.

Micro braids can be worn safely for 2-3 months at a time as long as the braids around the hairline are redone every 3 weeks or so. This prevents any thinning of the edges associated with wearing braided styles for extended periods of time.

Possibilities are endless with these marvellous little braids but how do you wash them? Any sign of moisture and the braids start slipping out of your hair particularly with human hair braids. Many will avoid washing their braids for weeks on end to avoid the braids falling out but this is detrimental to the health of your hair which requires regular moisture.

There is an easy way to avoid the hassle of slipping braids while keeping your hair squeaky clean and conditioned. Here’s how:

  • Braid the micros in sections. About 6 large braids for your head or alternatively just do about 4-5 cornrows going back. The braids or cornrows have to be relatively firm but not tight so they are not tugging on your scalp. Secure the ends with a hair band. These large braids/cornrows will produce a cute curly set once they are dry.
  • Shampoo thoroughly concentrating on the scalp and massaging in and around the braids. You will feel the braids go softer but don’t worry; they will not slip out as they are confined to the large braid/cornrow. Do not rub the braids too much to avoid frizzes.
  • To deep condition, instead of using a creamy deep conditioner, use a liquid one. Use any liquid conditioner of your choice which you should water down a bit before applying to the hair. Cover with a plastic cap and deep condition as usual.
  • Rinse the conditioner from the hair thoroughly with warm water. Do not rub the braids, just let the water pressure from the shower head wash the conditioner out gently. You may then follow on with an apple cider vinegar rinse which is 1 part apple cider vinegar to 4 parts water streamed through the hair which will remove any remaining conditioner residue. This prevents any product build up which would make it difficult to remove your braids when the time comes. Lastly rinse hair for about a minute in cold water to close the hair shaft keeping all the moisture in.
  • After towel blotting the braids, apply a generous amount of leave in conditioner and seal with your favourite light oil or silicone based heat protection serum. You can also leave this step until after the hair is dry and out of the large braids/cornrows to condition every strand.
  • If you are planning to wear the braids curly either let them air dry or sit under a hooded dryer until completely dry then undo the large braids/cornrows to release your curly micros. If you wish to wear the micros straight, just sit with a towel on your head for about 20 minutes or until the braids are slightly dry then undo the large braids/cornrows. They will be slightly crinkly. Let your hair fall in the style you will be wearing it then re-wet the hair with a spray bottle. The weight of the water will make the strands dry straight. Do not manipulate the braids when they are wet to avoid any slipping. Air dry or sit under a hooded dryer until 100% dry then flat iron ends in large sections to get them super straight (Only for human hair braids). Avoid the flat iron coming into contact with your own hair to protect it.


1. Tie a scarf around your head before going under the dryer or air drying to get rid of any frizzes.

2. Do not manipulate the braids when wet or they will slip out.

3. Do not use a creamy conditioner as it will be very difficult to rinse out of the braids and may cause build up.

4. Get the edges plus the partition of your micros redone every 3 weeks to avoid breakage and to keep the style looking fresh.

5. Slick down the little hairs around your front hairline with alcohol free gel for a sleek finish to your style.

Follow these instructions and you won’t have to compromise the health of your hair for your style. Your micro braids will be clean and fresh weekly and your hair will also be in the best of health.

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  • Andrea

    How do I care for my micros yes I’m white when should I wash them lik every 3weeks or so

  • Dj

    Any highly recommended brands of liquid conditioners? The 1 I found online I can’t find in any hair supply store in my area.