How To Cheat at Roller Setting Hair

Rollers of different coloursA Guide to Getting Great Results at Roller Setting Without the Hassle that Comes with It

Good roller setting is an art form that takes a while to learn. It is also the healthiest way of achieving a straight style without using too much heat like a flat iron. If your hair is relaxed or you are trying to look after the health of your hair, limited heat is always a plus.

Now, if you are like me and patience is not you middle name then the cheat’s way of roller setting is for you!

Here’s what you will need:

1. 10-12 satin covered hair bands
2. 10-12 magnetic rollers or regular rollers with duck bill clips to secure
3. Rat tail comb
4. Setting Lotion
5. Heat protecting serum
6. Spray bottle with water

Start by washing and deep conditioning the hair making sure to detangle whist the conditioner is still in the hair. Towel-blot the hair gently to remove some water but remember that you need the hair to remain wet for a good roller set.

Apply a small amount of setting lotion for a bouncy set with lots of movement or apply a generous amount for a firmer set. Also apply a heat protection serum for smoothness and to eliminate frizz from the finished look.

Starting at the back, section the hair and comb the section through carefully with the rat tail comb. Make sure that you are careful with the combing as hair and particularly relaxed hair tends to be very fragile when it’s wet. Hold the section of hair relatively taut to get the roots nice and straight then secure with one of the hair bands. Repeat with each section of hair until your hair is tied into 10-12 ponytails. You may need to use the spray bottle from time to time to ensure that hair remains wet.

Once you are done creating the ponytails, start from the back again combing out a ponytail and attaching the end to a roller making sure that the ends of the hair lie smooth and flat on the roller. Roll until you get to the bottom of the ponytail and if you are using a magnetic roller secure with the cover or use the duck bill clips to secure.

Hair bandsRepeat this with each ponytail while still ensuring hair remains wet. Once complete, cover head with hair net and sit under a warm dryer for 1-1/12 hours or until hair is dry. Once dry remove the rollers and hair bands. If you are wearing your hair curly and you used small rollers then you don’t need to do anything about the indentation marks left by the hair bands as they blend with the curly style. Just massage the scalp to hide the partitions. However, if you are planning to wear your hair straight, then wrap the hair around the head securing with bobby pins where necessary, tie down tightly by applying 1 layer of cling film (saran wrap) and go back under the dryer for a further 15-20 minutes. The saran-wrap technique is also really good for taking the bulk out of the hair leaving you with silky smooth and bouncy hair which is full of body.

If you can achieve that without a flat iron, then the health and beauty of your hair is almost guaranteed! Read the article on how to get movement in relaxed hair.



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  • AJ

    This is a great idea and time saver!! I will definitely try this method. Thanks for sharing.

  • Agordon

    Im a bit concerned. Won’t the ponytail bands cut off the hair?

    • BHI

      The picture is misleading, please use satin covered hair bands or ouchless ones and you won’t have a problem!

      • Lisa

        Would the rubber bands used to stretch the hair work? Are these what you are referring to when you say to use the bands? My last relaxer was 3+ years ago but I wonder if wearing it stretched would help with the length retention. Thank you for the tips.

  • Nisha

    What if you don’t have a hooded dryer or one of those dryers that you sit under?

    • BHI

      You would have to let your hair air dry! It will take much longer but similar results.

  • vannahj

    is the hair net really needed?

    • BHI

      Nah, it only holds everything in place if your roller setting technique is not quite up to par!

  • Nikefagbola

    where can i purchase satin covered hair bands?

  • BHI

    Just google them, but ouchless goody bands work just as well, check on amazon

    • Brenda

      What is a good quality, yet affordable, hooded dryer? Thanks for the great tips!

      • Hairchica

        The lady from longing4length blog recently used pebco protocols hooded dryer. Apparently its comparable to a pibbs and it’s pretty cheap. She got it from Amazon too I believe.

  • Emma Berry

    Hi can I ask a question, when I go to the hair salon they wrap my hair before putting me under the dryer I have been doing this at home as well is this advice-able if I put on a low heat?

    • Alma

      Hi Emma, absolutely, there’s nothing wrong with a wet wrap at all. As your hair gets longer, it will become more inconvenient because your hair will take ages to dry so you will probably have to upgrade to roller setting at some point.

  • Shari Powell

    Love ponytail roller sets!