Hair Blogs Weekly Roundup May 17th 2013


Happy Friday Ladies!

I follow hundreds of hair blog feeds so here are my picks from around the blogosphere this week. Enjoy!

1. Naptural85 – video – Pros and cons of long natural hair

2. Haircrush – video – Beer rinse Benefits and Results

3. Glamfun – Video – Wash and go’s don’t work on Nappy Hair Drake Started from the Bottom Parody

4. VeePeeJay – Video- Twist & Curly Fro 

5. AfroDeity – Product Review Tresseme Naturals Moisture Conditioner

6. BlackGirlLongHair – Six Alternatives to Ecostyler Gel For slicking and defining Natural Hair

7. BlackGirlLongHair –12 Ways To Get Longer Lasting Twists

8. CurlyNikki – A Marley Twist Technique

9. JustGrowAlready- FlexiRod Set

10. UrbanBshBabes – Benefits of Eliminating Products from your Scalp…or Reduction of Usage

11. BlackGirlLongHair – 3 Cute and Easy Styles for TWA’s and Short Natural Hair

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