Moisturizing Your New Growth In Relaxed Hair To Avoid Breakage

Woman brushing her hairYou know that awkward moment when you have just finished detangling, moisturizing and sealing your relaxed ends and all of a sudden you get that one itch that just wont go away right there in the center of your head.

You then reach up with all five fingers ready to let loose on your scalp only to notice that your new growth hair feels like the driest part of the Sahara dessert, wow! Really?

If you are on a healthy relaxed hair journey and part of your regimen includes stretching your relaxer, chances are you will have a ton of new growth that will require just as much focus and attention as the relaxed portions of the hair.

The reason for making sure your new growth is moisturized and healthy is breakage.

Simply put, if you do not have a moisture regimen for your new growth you might as well put away your bottle of super conditioner and magic oil mix because everything you are doing is counter productive and your hair will break.

A lot of people talk about the ends of the hair being the oldest  so tend to concentrate their moisturizing efforts there but when you are relaxed, you really cannot afford to neglect your new growth.


The importance of moisturizing your new growth lies in the structure of the hair and how it behaves during a stretch. New growth is much curlier and will tend to be much dryer in comparison to the relaxed portion of your hair. With all that character it tangles easily which causes a ton of friction if allowed to remain dry.

Not to mention that point where your new growth meets your relaxed ends, this part of the hair is known and the line of demarcation and is naturally the most fragile portion of the hair strand.

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