Cayenne Pepper As A Hair Growth Aid?

Cayenne pepper for hair growth

Most of us know cayenne as a food spice, right? It’s in our favorite hot sauces and it can be used as a cure for some illnesses. Heck, cayenne pepper is even used as a weight loss supplement.

But what would you do if I told you that some of us are using cayenne pepper as a growth aid. EERRRRRRRR!!! Stop the press… I’m guessing this is probably some of you guys responses huh?

Yes, what I said was what you saw, cayenne pepper has been popping up more and more throughout many hair boards and blogs as a growth aid and we are about to bring you the 411 on cayenne pepper and its contribution to hair growth.

What is Cayenne Pepper?

Cayenne pepper, which also goes by other names such as bird pepper and cow horn pepper, is a red chili powder used mostly to season foods and heal ailments. It is has really high amount of vitamin A & C and trace amounts of vitamin E, manganese, potassium, vitamin B6, and riboflavin.

While these are very good vitamins for all of us to have they aren’t the reason why that some ladies have been having a huge bang for their buck in regards to hair growth.

Why in the world would one think that Cayenne Pepper would be a good hair growth aid?

Well, actually there is a pretty good and valid reason for why cayenne pepper would be considered as a hair growth aid. Cayenne pepper contains a high amount of something that goes by the name of capsaicin.

Capsaicin is an irritant, yes irritant (doesn’t sound pleasant huh?) to humans and animals that is largely found in hot peppers. This is the stuff that causes that burning sensation that makes you want to put two gallons of milk down your throat (almond milk for my vegans out there) to just stop the agonizing pain.

It is also known as a metabolism booster because it produces secondary metabolites which can aid in our go go go nature. Here’s the good part in all of this: The irritant nature of capsaicin is actually the biggest reason of why cayenne pepper may work as a growth aid.

When we consume cayenne pepper or apply it to our skin it, the capsaicin that’s contained within the pepper causes dilation in our blood vessels. This dilation means that wherever we apply the cayenne pepper, there would be increased blood flow to that area and if we digest cayenne pepper then we experience boosted metabolism. Now I have a feeling that this question coming up may be the next question on your mind…

Rhetorically speaking: If I wanted to use cayenne pepper as a growth aid, how would I use it and how often should I apply it to my head?

Well, from the ladies who have experienced results, such as ladies from Long Hair Care Forum and Black Hair Media Forum, there were two main ways that the cayenne pepper was used as a growth aid.

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  • Tried it once in some olive oil. Had to get my husband to wash it out. It really tingles. I am sure you probably have to do it more than once though for it to work.

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  • Onion & Garlic I’ve heard…

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  • I’ve heard Rice Pudding and honey nut cheerios works. Lol. No… really. Lol


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  • Omg! U people will nt kill somebody.for GOD’s sake why will i use pepper 2 grow ma hair? Hell no!!

    • actually i have herd of it and it does work. they sell the oil

  • Its in some of those african hair growth greases…. you guys ever seen the cayenne pepper ingredient?

  • Just sharing i got no problem with my hair growth.

    • That’s good!.. Me either i just like to take hair vitamin’s to keep my hair extra healthy when i maintain it.

  • this is silly! like for real

  • Pre-natal vitamins…even if you’re not pregnant. Hair growth stimulant…it works.

    • Le Le SR

      I agree, Pre-Natals help a lot.
      I’ve been taking them for about three months and I’ve seen a drastic difference with my nails and hair. I actually just did a carrot oil and moroccan oil deep conditioner last night and my hair is shiny and strong.

  • Rosemary, cayenne, olive oil, and clear castor oil I actually use on my edges, just a sprinkle of cayenne though *** cayenne is freakin powerful

    • how often do u use cayenne and how much? how soon is the growth noticeable?

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    • RareDiamond

      Now that sounds like something I’d use !!! How soon did u see results & how often did u do it ?!?

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  • This actually does work..don’t knock it til you try stimulates quicker blood flow and circulation but I just make a paste with water and apply to my scalp before I wash my hair..BEWARE! It feels like perm left in too long…This is my experience it ain’t for everybody cause I know ya’ll love to debate so don’t start!

    • How long did it take u 2 notice th growth?

    • Some posts say 2 weeks I gave it a month. But it’s based on the consistency of your application, 2-3 times a week or more gets you quicker results. But I don’t wanna wash my hair that often.

    • Nicole Burns

      How do you make it into a paste? I want to try it.

  • Lol I will try it as a oil treatment

  • I mix it with extra virgin olive oil let set for 10 days then it’s good to go, happy

  • Hi my name is Martina am deaf lady just I want to know about Intersting cayenne pepper as a hair growth ? Myself wonder if work sucuss hair growth or not work grow hair from that cayenne pepper.

  • Libby Lyz Langa everynight on my scalp, I wash my hair weekly because I work out. I literally use two pinches in my concoction

  • Libby Lyz Langa and gently massage

  • I’m going to add a tablespoon to my prepoo, I like that tingly feeling.

  • I love my cayenne pepper oil mix I made. While using the oil mix and doing the Inversion method, I gain 2inches of growth in a month..

  • Any thing that’s pain to you is never the right. Life is a graceful thing.

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      Not really. Childbirth?

  • I mix it 2 with extra virgin olive oil must say i have seen results and my hair is thicker

  • Been there, done that Daizjele Cox. Nope didn’t work for me.

  • I haven’t cut my hair since I was a baby and people say my hair isn’t growning because I haven’t cut my hair but I don’t want to now I’m older so what can I do to make my hair grow but keep my bushy at the same time?

  • i use cayenne and 100 %coconut oil vita e and olive and castor oil rosemary horsetail sage stinging nettle

  • I mix with olive oil and let it sit, then separate oil from cayenne granules and massage my scalp with plastic cap on my head for 15 min my hair has grown sling with taking Hairfinity Vitamins

    • Yep! Hairfinity Vitamin’s are good! Im currently taking those also. And Nature Bounty Hair,Skin & Nail Vitamin’s are good as well! I been taking those for year’s. Yep! They definitely work! Make your nail’s grow, & good for your skin hair grow’s good to!!

  • Libby Lyz Langa my growth is pretty steady, dont have exact measurements, I really want my edges to thicken up I noticed true results in 30 days

  • Tonya Rolf

    I can believe it can be used for hair growth. The pepper will open up the pores on your scalp while the olive oil conditions and moisturizes. I’m mos. def. am going to do this.

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  • Do you let it sit? Do you rinse it out??

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  • one day I add it to my oatmeal thinking it was Cinnamon, it was so funny after3 spoons my mouth started burning I figure something must be wrong, when I check the kitchen I just burst out laughing at myself… it took day for me to tell my daughter… should have seen my face after the first spoon, then second…LOL

  • Abbie

    What if you’re a co-washer? Can you wash it out with conditioner rather than shampoo?

    • Alma

      Perhaps if you rinsed ALOT…. Can’t promise anything though.

  • Yes. It absolutely works. You can grow a bald spot back in one week using onion juice and cayenne pepper. If u have a juicer, u can get the onion juice that way or u can put an onion in a blender with water and blend it up. Mix a pinch of cayenne pepper into it and rub into the spot. Cover with a plastic bag and then a scarf and then another bag and another scarf, lmao. It BURNNNNNNNNNNNNNS!!!! and there will be tears bt it does work. If u want to grow ur hair out, boil an onion and wash your hair with the cooled water with a big pinch of cayenne twice a week. A friend of mine told me to put onion pieces in my shampoo and that’s how I first learned about onion. Do a google search for “Onion cayene hair growth” and go on youtube, there are lots of videos of people’s results.

  • Don’t do it. Your eyes will burn. Your body. Every inch of skin will be burning. Unless u can manage washing your hair without dripping any water on yourselves. Good luck. Lmao