A Strengthening And Nourishing Oil Mix For Your Healthy Hair Journey

Oils that penetrate the hair shaft

Coconut Oil – This is the darling of the healthy hair world. It has been shown in studies to be superior at preventing hair damage during grooming compared with other oils which makes it a must have in this recipe. It is also one of the few oils that has molecules small enough to penetrate the hair shaft which means that it can also be considered to be a ‘moisturizing oil’.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – With its thicker more viscous nature, EVOO is an excellent nourishing all round hair oil. It helps to heal a flaky scalp, seals in moisture beautifully and also falls into the category of hair oils that penetrate the hair shaft which helps with hair’s elasticity and strength.

Wheat Germ Oil – Although still under the radar for a lot of newbies, wheat germ oil has increased in popularity in the online hair care community primarily due to the copious amount of ceramides that it contains. Ceramides are a fatty material found on the hair’s cuticle which essentially act as a binder to keep the cuticle in place.

Perfume Essential Oil - Essential oils don’t have to be those medicinal or strong smelling herbal ones that are popular at the moment. You can get more ‘perfume-y’ ones purely just to fragrance your home-made concoctions and make them smell yummy. Try Vanilla, Cedarwood, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Orange or Ylang Ylang pure essential oils. You will only need a few drops but of course, this is purely optional!

A Strengthening And Nourishing Oil Mix For Your Healthy Hair Journey

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The recipe couldn’t be simpler really:

An applicator bottle

2 oz Coconut oil

2 oz EVOO

2 oz Wheat germ oil

Essential oils for fragrance (optional)

Funnel (optional)

Melt the coconut oil in the microwave for 30-45 seconds until liquid. Using the funnel, pour the oils carefully into the applicator bottle. Add a few drops of your favorite scented essential oil for fragrance. Cover the tip of the applicator bottle and shake thoroughly to combine the oils. That’s it!

Just store the oil where you keep your hair stash, I keep mine in my shower so that I always have a nourishing sealant to hand after washing my hair. Don’t worry, the coconut oil will remain liquid when combined with the other oils so it’s super easy to use for day to day grooming.

Due to the strengthening abilities of each of the oils used in this recipe, as well as the inclusion of oils that can penetrate the hair shaft, it can loosely be considered a hair strengthener for people who are protein sensitive. If you are in fact protein sensitive or you find yourself shunning protein containing products for whatever reason, it is imperative to get as much protein free strengthening benefits from each product that you use in your regimen which will make this oil mix a perfect addition for you.

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  1. 1

    Love this love this love this! I was actually wondering how to use some grape seed oil that I purchased months ago. I am thinking of replacing the wheatgerm oil in your recipe with grape seed. What do you think?

    • 2

      Grape seed oil is great because it also contains ceramides so I don’t think it will negatively impact the strengthening qualities of the oil!

  2. 3

    My coconut oil leaves white flakes on my hair and scalp. When it dries it feels like large dandruff. It itches also. Its natural organic. When I don’t use it the flakes and itching are not present. Can I use black castor oil instead? Thanks

    • 4

      That’s odd Sadie. Is it proper virgin coconut oil? Have you tried melting it before using it? You can certainly use the castor oil instead but it doesn’t have the same penetrating power as coconut oil.

      • 5

        I’ve actually had this same problem. The coconut oil I purchased was virgin oil from a health food store but still it would dry and become white when put on my hair. This is even after melting it. Once the oil returns to room temp I notice that my ends are left hard with the white oil.

  3. 6

    Very interesting and informative! I really like it. Thanks!

  4. 7

    Sorry I’m confused. If you are protein sensitive, you surely would not be using coconut oil or anything which acts like a protein, so what else would you suggest, maybe avocado oil or macadaemia nut for instance?

    • 8

      Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft but it does not have the ability to bind to your hair like protein does so it’s not likely to cause stiff hair as would happen with protein sensitivity. In any case, even if you are protein sensitive you still need to find a way to strengthen your hair mildly. Remember that you lose protein from your hair every day so if your hair’s structure is not being maintained, your length potential will be quite limited.

  5. 9

    Hi, can I use the EVCO, EVOO and the JBCO/ Jojoba oil if I do not have the grape seed oil, and can this combination be also used as a hot oil treatment?

  6. 14

    I will use the grapeseed oil. What does one use back castor oil for? And how should I use it daily or weekly?

  7. 15

    I found the information about jco. I wish I could write the information but I have tremors and can’t.

    • 16

      Sorry to hear that Sadie, glad you found the info and good luck!

  8. 17

    Hi, how do you do oil rinsing?

  9. 20

    Kendall Lanford George

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  11. 22

    I use EVOO and peppermint oil as my mixing oil stable and my hair is moisturized and healthy. I always wanted to try coconut oil, so will coconut and peppermint oil work good together?

  12. 23

    KamGlam Iam i so love her big hair

  13. 24

    Star Herring me too

  14. 25

    Can’t wait until mine looks like this !!

  15. 26

    Shamesha Lee

  16. 27

    Thanks Shaniqua Hill

  17. 28

    There are videos on YouTube I will text you some of the people I watch to help you

  18. 29

    Raya Anderson

  19. 30


  20. 31

    Hi. I was wondering what other product can I use if I can’t find wheat germ oils? Thanks for the information. I love using EVOO but never thought of combining with coconut oil. Will definitely try out. Thanks :)

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