The Best 6 Oils To Use For Your Natural Or Relaxed Hair

The Best 6 Oils To Use For Your Natural Or Relaxed Hair

Natural Oils are a significant and necessary part of healthy hair care they have a variety of benefits and are so important to hair growth because they provide the slip and protection our hair needs to maintain its moisture and prevent breakage.  Oils can be categorized in many ways but for the purpose of this article the two categories used will be Penetrating oils and Coating oils.

Penetrating Oils – Put simply penetrating oils are oils that have the ability to enter the cortex of the hair shaft.

1. Coconut Oil – Penetrating

Coconut Oil

Once coconut oil enters the hair shaft it actually has the ability to patch and protect the hair from the inside out. It is light in weight and non greasy and one of the highest recommended oil for promoting healthy hair. It’s an excellent conditioner, helps prevent dandruff and is wonderful for scalp massages

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  • Synamon

    Is Shea Butter not considered an oil? Please educate me.

  • Emily

    Even though it behaves like an oil in the sense that it can effectively seal in your moisture, it is actually a very heavy butter. There is Shea oil that you can purchase that is pretty much an oil. – hope that helps

    • Synamon

      Thank you, thst does help

  • BJM

    I am suffering from Alopecia…start using Castor oil in Nov 6, 2013…I co wash, deep condition…hot oil treatment…very little fine hairs are growing in my crown…what suggestions do you have that help my hair grow back…I am 60 yrs old…Thanks

    • Terri

      I am suffering from alopecia it in the crown what can I do for growing thanks

  • what kind of oil is that???

  • I use them all but Grape seed is one of my staple oils

  • Coconut oil is new to me..I will try it

  • Coconut oil is my fave. Natural organic. And it smells sooooooo good lol

  • I use coconut & castor oil. Just ordered rosemary oil for greys & avocado & almond oil.

  • Tea tree oil, organic jamaica liquify coconut oil, organic sweet almond oils, organic jamaican black castor oil.

  • Latorria I have castor oil… doesn’t help. Think ima go across tha water & start there. This Crowder is rough! Lol

  • Olive

  • coconut.tea tree/jojoba my fav

  • cortezya

    Hi i mix coconut oil and olive oil is that ok to do…and is it ok to mix a number of oils such as castor oil and grapeseed oils in also i actually would love to mix about 8 oils into one container

  • Coconut and olive oil are amazing. I also like safflower oil after days without moisturizing.

  • at the moment i use jbco, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and grape seed oil….im thinking about trying advocado oil

  • I use Coconut, Castor, Olive, and Sweet hair absolutely love Castor.

  • Where to buy all these oils at

  • Great use indian hemp but not happy with the waxiness tangles my hair.

  • Castor, almond, olive and coconut oils for me.

  • Olive oil does nothing for me

  • Argan oil pure works great for me

  • Sweet bran oil is amazing!! Add cayenne pepper and it helps stimulate hair growth

  • Little known fact: coconut oil is best for treating psoriasis of the scalp as well.

  • @tamiko Ross. You can buy pure oils on amazon.

  • Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Olive Oil is what I use

  • Argan oil n Virgin Shea Butter

  • Love it

  • I used to use coconut oil, but I was using the bad kind you buy at pharmacy, not the organic kind that has nothing but pure coconut that you can buy In huge tubs at a natural grocers. I noticed the difference right away !
    And you can use it to cook too :3

  • I use olive oil, coconut oil, aragon, macadamia oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil!

  • A lot of the oils can also be bought in stores like Whole Foods

  • very nice information to know!!!!

  • Coconut, balsam, grapeseed, shea butter all natural, jojoba oil, Aloe vera oil all natural great for skin as well

  • I have very course and nappy curl hair .. what oil will do best on my hair??? Any Suggestions???

  • Information please!!

  • I use a mixture of olive, JBCO, Avocado, sweet almond, jojoba and Vitamin E. My hair loves that mixture.

  • Ahhh I am doing well. I have all of these oils and more n my cabinet!!! I notice a positive difference in my hair. Softness, manageability, shine and absolutely no breakage.

  • I get my oils in whole foods & food for less.

  • thank for the info nice to know when will you be getting it ?

  • and you have to still oil her scalp all the time, not just sometime and not just putting on her hair. and her hair must still be shampoo and conditioned all the time. and done all the time also. Love U hugs & kisses

  • I would like to try

  • Does this work for people who has dreads?

  • good—–

  • Castor Oil is working wonders here!

  • Use raw shea butter and mix in hemp oil, argan, jojoba. Just found on ebay organic oils you can order in any size you want. I am getting hemp, coconut & babassu (new to me so I googled it) They say it is better than coconut so I may just order the hemp & babassu.

  • What is good for all natural very thin hair I have Lupus and what’s is also good for washing and conditioning I have been natural for a year now and I have chunks of my hair come out when I wash and condition it. plz help

  • question do u mix the oils or use seperately

  • I love Olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil

  • Kayla

    Hi my daughter’s are half native American and half African American. There hair is very fine and straight at the roots but curls, abd coils up on the ends. I’m trying to find a good regimen promote growth, as well as seal in moisture. I recently was told that u could mix a oil in with there moisturizing hair dress creme.. is that a good regimen.. I would like to start with the jojoba oil since I’ve
    already introduced it to their hair.. im open to all suggestions. However please be mindful that my twin daughters are 2 years old.. thanks in advance!!!!!

  • Alana Douglas-Glasgow I mix mine with raw Shea butter..but I also add to my castle peppermint shampoo. You have to read up on the oil you want because some are carrier oils and those you would normally mix with something else. Then find what works for your hair. I been also daily dabbing flax seed and hemp in the top of my head.

  • Hanna

    Don’t forget argan oil! I love the one from pro naturals!


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