The Best 6 Oils To Use For Your Natural Or Relaxed Hair

The Best 6 Oils To Use For Your Natural Or Relaxed Hair

Natural Oils are a significant and necessary part of healthy hair care they have a variety of benefits and are so important to hair growth because they provide the slip and protection our hair needs to maintain its moisture and prevent breakage.  Oils can be categorized in many ways but for the purpose of this article the two categories used will be Penetrating oils and Coating oils.

Penetrating Oils – Put simply penetrating oils are oils that have the ability to enter the cortex of the hair shaft

1. Coconut Oil – Once coconut oil enters the hair shaft it actually has the ability to patch and protect the hair from the inside out. It is light in weight and non greasy and one of the highest recommended oil for promoting healthy hair. It’s an excellent conditioner, helps prevent dandruff and is wonderful for scalp massages

2. Olive Oil – A light oil that also penetrates the hair shaft. Main benefits include sealing, reducing split ends, strengthening hair from the inside out, and conditioning. Olive oil can be added to shampoo to protect the hair from getting stripped it is also great as a pre conditioning treatment before shampoo (prepoo).

3. Avocado Oil – Comprised of beneficial nutrients such as vitamin A, E and D, protein, copper, magnesium, iron, folic acid, and amino acids. All these nutrients are vital for hair growth and health; it also conditions the hair and helps with moisture retention.

Coating Oils- These oils Do not have the ability to penetrate the hair shaft, however they sit just outside and ‘seal’ whatever the shaft has in it, this could be water or hydrolyzed protein. These oils are high in polyunsaturated fats which cannot be absorbed by the hair shaft

4. Castor Oil - This is heavy oil that is one of the best sealants because of its structure. It conditions the hair giving it the strength and resilience it needs to stand up to daily care. It promotes hair growth, moisturizes the hair, hair appears thicker with consistent use, and helps tames frizz.

5. Grape Seed oil – Also known as a carrier oil for other essential oils, in other words you can add any strong essential oil that may need to be diluted to grape seed oil. Grape Seed Oil is used to nourish the scalp, prevent against dandruff, it contains Vitamin E and linoleic acid and can also be used as a natural heat protectant due to its properties.

6. Jojoba Oil- the structure of jojoba oil is the closest to the makeup of the sebum that is naturally produced from the scalp. This makes the oil highly superior for nourishing the scalp; it has anti bacterial properties which keeps the scalp and hair healthy.

Bonus! More Cool Oils

Protein Based Soy Bean Oil – The stuff that Crisco is made of, is high in protein and with consistent use it can actually strengthen the hair making it resilient, moisturized and nourished. Because of its protein properties it is great when using heat tools at minimal temperatures.

Essential Oil Roundup:

Basil Oil: Promotes growth

Chamomile Oil: Great for golden highlights

Clary sage Oil: Used in the treatment of dandruff

Lavender Oil: Scalp treatment, massages, even Lice

Lemon Oil: highlights, encourages under active sebaceous glands to get active

Peppermint Oil: Used to combat dry hair, promotes hair growth, tingles on the scalp and great for massages

Rosemary Oil: promotes hair growth, minimizes dandruff

Tea tree Oil: Treatment for dry scalp, dandruff, lice, and underactive sebaceous glands



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  1. 1

    I also use vitamin E and carrot tissue oil

    • 2

      I’ve never heard of carrot tissue oil! I’ve seen carrot oil in my bss but never bought it.

  2. 3
    Tisha Sterling says:

    calcium also helps hair grow and carrot grease

    • 4
      Tracey Campbell says:

      Which carrier should we use when using/mixing any essential oils???thank you Much

      • 5
        Sharon Dar says:

        Olive and coconut are really good carriers.

        • 6
          Tracey Campbell says:

          Thanks a million!!!

          • 7
            Tracey Campbell says:

            have you used Dr. Miracles folicle oil, or any of his products. Your opinion…Thanks

          • 8

            I haven’t used them myself I’m afraid, I get itches when I put anything on my scalp especially oil! Maybe someone who has can let us know?

          • 9

            I have very very very very very dry itchy dandruff scalp It took me years to find something that would stop the problem( after 3 days of washing and DC i would have dandruff). I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food for my scalp(its comes in a grease form and its made up of all natural oils) I use it on my scalp 2-3 per week and it really works well!! I started out using Dr.Miracles scalp oil(that comes in a grease form) but I stopped because it contains mineral oil and other things that are not good for the scalp and hair. Tracey google: “Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food” and it should come up for you hun I hope this helped ;)

          • 10

            Very helpful, thanks Jessica!

          • 11

            i suffered all my life with itcy scalp untill i found out i was alergic to sodium laurel sulfate in shampoos thought of this whenn i read your post
            its in alot of products

  3. 12
    Tisha Sterling says:

    calcium pills and carrot hair food also helps your hair grow healthy

  4. 13
    Asrataboye says:

    what grows hair naturally?

  5. 15

    Is it okay to mix different oils?

    Can you actually use too much oil?

    Which oils should you not necessarily mix and use together?

    • 16
      Aliceatthe87 says:

      Is it okay to mix different oils? YesCan you actually use too much oil? Yes but your hair would be greasy so you would know!Which oils should you not necessarily mix and use together? You can mix and match all you like but essential oils must always be mixed with a carrier oil never used neat on their own

  6. 17
    Nikkole says:

    Where can you get coconut oils and rosemary oil?

    • 18

      Both are on amazon, that’s where I get my coconut oil from. Here is coconut oil and here is
      rosemary oil. Unfortunately I don’t know of any physical shops that you can get virgin coconut oil but I think you can get essential oils from most pharmacy’s.

      • 19

        You can go to Whole Foods and get virgin coconut oil and possibly all the other oils listed.

        • 20

          Yes, actually even my local supermarket has recently started carrying EVCO so that would also be a good place to start. Clearly demand has gone up, hehehe

    • 21

      you can buy 100% pure coconut oil from Whole Foods Markets

    • 22
      CBELLAMY says:

      I got my Organic Extra Virgin coconut oil from Sam’s club. 54 oz. jar for 15.00!

  7. 23
    Jessie Hunt says:

    What about the Jamaican black castor oil and argon oil from creme of nature?

    • 24

      Never used the creme of nature argan oil but JCBO is brilliant too.

  8. 25

    Hey, firstly, loving your blog; very informative. I’ve had some problems with a certain brand of Castor oil (shedding) and I’m looking for an alternative I can swap too for greasing the scalp at least two times a week. I use coconut oil already for sealing, but don’t know if it will help thicken and encourage growth. You mention that Jojoba is a good oil mirroring the make-up of the sebum, but as it’s a coating oil, will regular use of this cause the scalp to clog? Thanks in advance.

  9. 26

    Yes, regular use of any oil on your scalp without washing will cause clogged pores hence itchiness. For this reason, I don’t actually ever grease my scalp. Even good old coconut oil makes my scalp itch.

  10. 27

    Can I mix a Penetrating Oil with a Coating Oil and an Essential Oil

  11. 29

    what kind of product can I use to grow my relaxed hair? I’m desperate in need of a product. I use to have long hair, but now one side of my hair won’t grow to its normal length. My hair use to be soft now its not :( I’m using Cream of Nature relaxer and it seems that it makes my hair starts t feel rough. and it wasn’t few years ago.

  12. 31

    can you mix the all the oil together && use them that way??

    • 32

      Sure, some people mix a couple together and they work well. But I don’t see that there would be any added benefit from mixing all of them!

  13. 33

    I need something to and detangling. Not matter what I do, when wash I always end up with knots and have to end up picking them out with a needle. One time I got so feed up….please forgive me guys; that I grabbed the sheers!

    • 34

      It sounds like you are washing with your hair all out. Big mistake for a natural with high shrinkage. Have you tried washing in braids or twists? I rarely need to detangle my hair with a comb and tangles/knots are kept to a minimum

  14. 35

    this is a great site, i like :)

  15. 36
    Gina Jean says:

    Ok with all those oils listed how do i use them? do i just pour them into one bottle and use them into my hair

    • 37

      You don’t have to use them all at once Gina. You can pick one or create your own mix from a few of them. You use oil in your hair regimen for sealing after moisturizing or even added to your conditioners.

  16. 38
    Iyauna Dearing says:

    What is too much? when putting the oil of your choice on your hair. How much should you use?

    • 39

      A quarter size amount for each section of your hair, assuming that you are natural and your hair is sectioned into 4. Less if you are relaxed.

  17. 40

    Is Shea Butter not considered an oil? Please educate me.

  18. 41

    Even though it behaves like an oil in the sense that it can effectively seal in your moisture, it is actually a very heavy butter. There is Shea oil that you can purchase that is pretty much an oil. – hope that helps

  19. 43

    I am suffering from Alopecia…start using Castor oil in Nov 6, 2013…I co wash, deep condition…hot oil treatment…very little fine hairs are growing in my crown…what suggestions do you have that help my hair grow back…I am 60 yrs old…Thanks

    • 44

      I am suffering from alopecia it in the crown what can I do for growing thanks

  20. 45

    what kind of oil is that???

  21. 46

    I use them all but Grape seed is one of my staple oils

  22. 47

    Coconut oil is new to me..I will try it

  23. 48

    Coconut oil is my fave. Natural organic. And it smells sooooooo good lol

  24. 49

    I use coconut & castor oil. Just ordered rosemary oil for greys & avocado & almond oil.

  25. 50

    Tea tree oil, organic jamaica liquify coconut oil, organic sweet almond oils, organic jamaican black castor oil.

  26. 51

    Latorria I have castor oil… doesn’t help. Think ima go across tha water & start there. This Crowder is rough! Lol

  27. 52


  28. 53

    coconut.tea tree/jojoba my fav

  29. 54

    Hi i mix coconut oil and olive oil is that ok to do…and is it ok to mix a number of oils such as castor oil and grapeseed oils in also i actually would love to mix about 8 oils into one container

  30. 55

    Coconut and olive oil are amazing. I also like safflower oil after days without moisturizing.

  31. 56

    at the moment i use jbco, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and grape seed oil….im thinking about trying advocado oil

  32. 57

    I use Coconut, Castor, Olive, and Sweet hair absolutely love Castor.

  33. 58

    Where to buy all these oils at

  34. 59

    Great use indian hemp but not happy with the waxiness tangles my hair.

  35. 60

    Castor, almond, olive and coconut oils for me.

  36. 61

    Olive oil does nothing for me

  37. 62

    Argan oil pure works great for me

  38. 63

    Sweet bran oil is amazing!! Add cayenne pepper and it helps stimulate hair growth

  39. 64

    Little known fact: coconut oil is best for treating psoriasis of the scalp as well.

  40. 65

    @tamiko Ross. You can buy pure oils on amazon.

  41. 66

    Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Olive Oil is what I use

  42. 67

    Argan oil n Virgin Shea Butter

  43. 68

    Love it

  44. 69

    I used to use coconut oil, but I was using the bad kind you buy at pharmacy, not the organic kind that has nothing but pure coconut that you can buy In huge tubs at a natural grocers. I noticed the difference right away !
    And you can use it to cook too :3

  45. 70

    I use olive oil, coconut oil, aragon, macadamia oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil!

  46. 71

    A lot of the oils can also be bought in stores like Whole Foods

  47. 72

    very nice information to know!!!!

  48. 73

    Coconut, balsam, grapeseed, shea butter all natural, jojoba oil, Aloe vera oil all natural great for skin as well

  49. 74

    I have very course and nappy curl hair .. what oil will do best on my hair??? Any Suggestions???

  50. 75

    Information please!!

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