How To Co Wash Natural Hair

How to co wash natural hair

By now most of us know what a co-wash is. If you don’t, a co wash is simply washing your hair with a conditioner only leaving out the shampoo step all together. It is an excellent way to infuse some mid-week moisture into your hair during those hot dry summer months when nothing else feels like it is working.

A co wash can be an good addition to your regimen but whether it is a help or a hindrance in your hair length goals will really depend on how you add it into your regimen.

If you are going to hop into the shower with your comb and denman brush to detangle every single time you co wash then you are better off without it. On the other hand if you just finger detangle under the shower using the downward motion to loosen any tangles without the use of combs then co washing is a smart choice.

Here Alicia James shows us how to co wash natural hair.

Although you may want to pick something other than a wash and go to complete your style, this co washing method works for all hair types from those with loose curls to those with tight kinky hair.

Might I also suggest that if you have very high shrinkage hair that doesn’t tend to stretch when wet you may be best off co washing your hair in workable sections instead of all at once.

Pick conditioners with a good amount of slip as they will make the detangling process that much easier. It’s also worth a mention that regular co-washing may put your moisture protein balance into disarray unless you pick your products carefully.

For instance if you use a moisturizing conditioner this week so you may want to balance this out by using something with a touch of protein for your next co wash. Alternatively you could exclusively use a moisturizing conditioner to co wash but use a leave in with a touch of protein.

Don’t forget that shampoos do in fact play an important role in your hair regimen so use them from time to time but if you prefer to co wash on a weekly basis instead then go ahead.

Happy hair growing!

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