Want To See What Celebrities Would Look Like With Natural Hair?

Mary J with natural hairI love going to the movies. Entertainment, popcorn and good company, what’s not to like? A few months ago I found myself in the cinema watching the very funny and talented bunch in Think Like A Man.

Gabby Union was adorable, Meagan Good was fabulous, Kevin Hart was hysterical and even the cameo by Morris Chestnut had me swooning (but I’ve had a girly crush on him forever).

Anyway what struck me in that film was how odd it was that even with the natural hair movement in full swing, Hollywood still insists on remaining relaxed, straightened or weaved up.

I mean of course you have a few celebs who have gone with the natural trend but by and large you have to admit that the African American women gracing our screens night after night tend to keep their locks on the sleek smooth side.

I’m not going to get all political with this post, my views on relaxed hair and the right to choose are already out there. Having said that, without a doubt, natural hair looks like it’s here to stay so I would have expected a few more celebs to be rocking their curls and kinks by now.

You may be surprised to learn that 69% of our readership is either already natural or transitioning (even though this is firmly an equal opportunities hair care website). So I thought it was about time we had fun and got to see what some of these celebrities would look like with natural hair. Who knows, it may nudge some of them into taking the plunge!

Now don’t shoot me when it comes to the choices of hair texture that I chose for each celebrity. It was all very unscientific and there are so many different options that I just went with what I actually wanted to see.

So with a bit of Photoshop magic, let’s begin . . .

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  1. 1

    Actually, I think Kerry Washington is natural. She said while shooting Django it was the first time she wore her hair in a natural state in a movie. But I would love to see that look on her!

  2. 4

    OMG Naomi Campbell in dreads, LOL! Kerry Washington and civics look amazing!!

  3. 6
    MsCurlyKat says:

    Ahhhh! Now I wish they could ALL see these pics because they would all look so cute with a natural! I can’t see Naomi with locs but I can easily imagine her with a natural!

    • 7

      Lol, honestly I don’t think she will ever really grow locs either but she may transition when she gets tired of those weaves snatching off her edges!

  4. 8
    Shaniqua says:

    I actually liked Nia Longs hair! Kerry Washington is killing it though, Naomi Campbell, nah. Would love to see a natural Toni Braxton, Rihanna, golden Brooks and nicki minaj. Love this post!

    • 9
      hemehim says:

      i think toni is natural, if not maybe just a texturizer. but im pretty sure shes been natural since the i <3 you video. of course flat ironing and gels etc, but i dont think any relaxer.

      [my opinion =D]

    • 10

      nicki minaj is natural.she just wears weaves over it. But she has a decent amount of hair.

  5. 11

    The only one I’m feeling is MJB. And I never knew Kerry was natural…is this confirmed? The last time I can recall seeing her with kinky hair was in ‘Save The Last Dance.’

  6. 14

    I believe Gabby Union is natural also.

    • 15

      Hmm are you sure? I remember her tweeting her hair sans the weave but she didn’t really mention her status. Unless she said something later on . . .

  7. 16
    Michelle says:

    Meagan Good’s twist out looks fly!!!! Love Kerry Washington & Tyra. Nia long looks bleh. Would like to see Kenya Moore with natural kinks. Oh and Zoe Saldana

  8. 17

    All of these pics were Photoshop for a “What if” scenario. Kerry Washington is natural (Save the Last Dance) but straightens and wears weave.

  9. 18
    saved_1990 says:

    kerri is gorgeous with it. She is ust gorgeous anyway

  10. 19

    Her skin is beautiful …

  11. 20

    Beautiful! I love it I started my natural journey almost 2 years and can’t wait to see this length of hair on my head…

  12. 21

    She would look amazing with a twist out.

  13. 22

    Hell no!

  14. 23


  15. 24

    Maybe not so much….

  16. 25

    Made in

  17. 26

    Her face looks like it hurts to smile. Lol other then that I thinks it’s great she is going natural

  18. 27

    Nope. Don’t like it

  19. 28

    I like this is hair style on her! :-)

  20. 29

    She aging gracefully n her hair looks gr8 2 mi

  21. 30

    Is this a real picture? I don’t like it.

  22. 31


  23. 32

    LOL ya’ll the picture is photoshopped

  24. 33

    I love it! Do your thing Mary

  25. 34


  26. 35

    She is still beautiful. ….just use to seeing her with the honey blonde look

  27. 36


  28. 37

    Verry beautiful…..!!!

  29. 38

    It’s photoshopped ladies!!

  30. 39

    Lmao we know

  31. 40

    Photoshop but nice :)

  32. 41

    Oh I did know but I’m glad but didnt care for it much

  33. 42

    Looks older but good

  34. 43

    Mary J has to have some color regardless natural or relaxed it brighten her up

  35. 44


  36. 45

    Blondes are way more fun!!! Not Mary at all!!! I don’t like it all all!!! Yuck….

  37. 46


  38. 47

    Really wish she would get rid of that blonde hair.

  39. 48

    ii love it :)

  40. 49

    Maybe she would be not that style.

  41. 50

    Her make-up looks good. Straighten the hair by pressing or flat iron.

  42. 51


  43. 52

    No sorry! Thank goodness this is not real! Not everybody look good natural! Just sayin

  44. 56

    No she wouldn’t. Just because not all of us choose to wear it in the nappy state don’t mean it’s not natural but that’s not cute and it don’t look good on everybody

    • 57

      Nappy is u moisturised hair and therefore unkempt, which does not look attractive. Take Solange for example…

  45. 58

    Nah! I don’t like this style on her

  46. 59

    love it get it Mary

  47. 60

    they look awesome with natural hair

  48. 61

    Not really!

  49. 62

    She’s a really pretty woman

  50. 63

    Yes it is photoshopped. MJ has a relaxer.

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