The New Hair Product Offering From DAX And Why I Would Not Use It

DAX roots jojoba oilI had this question from one of our visitors last week and I thought it was important to highlight it.

There is a new product from Dax that states no petrolatum, no mineral oil. But the main ingredients is hydrogenated vegetable oils, is that good for the hair? Other ingredients are coconut oil, castor oil, and of course jojoba what about the hydrogenated vegetable oils??

The product in question is Dax Roots Jojoba Oil pictured here. So why wouldn’t I use it if it does not have the dreaded mineral oil? Two words Hydrogenated Oil. Manufacturers use hydrogenated oils in cosmetics first because they are cheap and transport well and secondly, they contribute to a thicker more luxurious final product.

Anyone who has ever gone on a health or weight loss kick will no doubt have heard about the dangers of hydrogenated & partially hydrogenated oils also known as trans fats. The primary risk for trans fats is the increased risk for heart disease. A 1994 study attributed an estimated 30000 deaths per year to the consumption of trans fats and by 2006 100,000 deaths were being suggested. These oils increase the risk for heart disease more so than any other macronutrient.

But that’s not the only the only reason why trans fats are bad news. Just to drive the point home, here are 3 more reasons why you should never consume trans fats, they increase the risk for the following diseases too:

1. Cancer

2. Type 2 diabetes

3. Autoimmune disease

Ok, ok, so whats the big deal, they are only hair products, we are not going to eat them, right? Even if you do not directly consume them, anything that touches the skin has the potential to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Surprise, human skin is porous! That’s why you can apply ibuprofen cream directly at the site of pain and have the pain disappear shortly thereafter. Some of these topical medicines even have warnings that applying too much in a short period of time has the potential to cause death due to large amounts being absorbed into the bloodstream.

I always have a cursory glance at ingredients in any new products I purchase. I may still buy a product if it has something there that I don’t recognize (which is common with hair stuff!), but seeing the word hydrogenated in the labels sets alarm bells ringing in my head as it should in yours. Seriously folks, even mineral oil is better than hydrogenated oil. The molecules of mineral oil are too large to penetrate the skin so it may clog your skin’s pores but won’t get the chance do do more damage inside your body.

We can’t live forever but I’m sure we all want quality of life as we age and battling heart disease, cancer or diabetes in our twilight years is not ideal. Natural hair products all the way!


I thought this was pretty obvious going by the title of the article but due to some of the comments that I get I would like to state categorically that this is purely an OPINION POST. You may not agree with me for whatever reason which is fine but my opinion holds.


**Further Edit**

The product lists ‘hydrogenated vegetable oil‘ which doesn’t really specify the actual oil used. Here is some unsettling information about hydrogenated castor oil. Please note I am not saying that Dax contains this particular ingredient but as a common hydrogenated oils has been shown to be of concern, it does cast ALL hydrogenated oils in beauty products under a suspicious light imo.


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About Alma

Hi! I'm Alma Ruddock, a full time blogger. I stumbled on a hair care forum in 2008 frustrated with my breaking relaxed hair and the information that I found there changed the fate of my hair forever!. I started as a way to help both myself and other women of color achieve their dreams of long healthy hair. I have now achieved my goal length and I continue to bring new information about hair on both this website and my personal blog.

  • Penny

    I would like to have my say too. Even though I can’t confirm the validity of the statement that fat is absorbed through the skin, nobody can because there hasn’t been enough research into the matter. The link Alma provided shows that it is certainly possible but far from decisively confirmed.

    @Michelle Rivera I think you are missing the point of the article that natural oils are the best. Olive oil is a fabulous moisturizer. It has been used around the mediterranean for thousands of years and remains superior to all man made hydrogenated fats.

    Personally I wouldn’t eat hydrogenated oils because of the CONFIRMED heath concerns. Does that mean that I want them in my hair products? Hell no! Much the same as a vegan searches out cosmetic products that don’t contain lanolin or other ingredients of animal origin.

    It’s a matter of principal and if you dont get that, then we can’t change the cosmetics industry for the better.

  • Asha Jamia

    I’m trying it anyway

  • Priscilla Washington

    This didn’t work for me

  • Markisha Tingle

    Smh i had long natural hair when people was telling me to perm all this natural ingredients is bs all the women in my family have long healthy hair and we used grease gel all that ive been natural my whole life never had a problem

    • Tanishia Lampkin
  • Tifannie Stoudemire

    Hydrogenated vege oil like Crisco basically right… and there was a post on how good Crisco works in natural hair. Anything not done in moderation is eventually going to kill us anyway.

    • Markisha Tingle

      People been using crisco for a very long time for hair and skin smh

  • Tifannie Stoudemire

    Markisha, that’s what I’m saying.. it’s Damn if you do or damn if u don’t. Ppl just use whatever works in your hair.

  • anon d

    err some of us like to coat our strands (4c) all the “penetrating oils” disappear after 2 minutes of application. and why does everything have to do with race?? o.O really?? please take it from the toxicologist, except u eat the cream tho 😐 besides dax castor oil and bergamot pomade grew my edges faster than all the “natural bs”. our folks used these pomades on us. So sick of all these natural product nazis. drink some water and chill!!

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