Nikki Minaj Tweets Her Natural Hair . . . Again

We are no strangers to celebs who tweet photos of their real hair in an effort to prove to us that they are either not bald or don’t need to wear weaves. That trend doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon either.

We all remember the photo that Nicki Minaj tweeted of her hair back in 2012 with the words ‘No chemicals. No perm.’ right?

Nicki Minaj natural hair no chemicals no perm

At the time a Madame Noire writer took issue with it because Nicki did not show her face in the picture.

Of course, this photo did not include her face, so you’re just supposed to assume that this is her and her hair.

Along with folks like Beyoncé, Nicki’s real head of hair is one of those things many folks have been wanting to see (like Big Foot).

Now a few days ago on the 20th March, Nicki was back tweeting about her mane complete with picture of her showing off her grazing waist length hair. This time she simply said #LongHairDontCare #HangTime #ImaWearItOutWhenItTouchesMyASS =P

Nicki Minaj natural hair longhairdontcare

Quick as a shot Madame Noire was giving side eye and doubting the authenticity of the picture because Nicki again chose not to show her face in the picture.

Maybe Nicki didn’t get the memo or she simply doesn’t care to prove that the beautiful tresses are hers.

Maybe I’m naive but I tend to believe what I am told (and a lot of what I read too) and although it’s safe to say that some things that you read on line should be taken with a grain of salt, I find it implausible that anyone would go to the trouble that Nicki has to tweet hair that’s not her own . . . twice.

Whether or not it’s her real hair, it probably doesn’t even matter. One commenter wrote:

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?
If your beautiful hair is constantly under wigs and no one sees it, does it make a difference to anyone besides yourself?

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  • I know I’m gonna get grief for this but…who the hell cares? :/

  • Always some chick with her back turn towards the camera showing her hair but what proof do we have that its her? And again…..even if it was……WHO CARES? LOL

  • Who cares. Plus it looks like she needs a trim what’s long hair if it ain’t all healthy

    • her hair may not need a trim—she looks like she has a layered cut–it didnt get that long by being split ends

    • if her hair was not healthy it wouldnt be that long. you are just bitter jealous…go get yourself a shampoo to begin with.

    • lol^^ ok

    • jonae i guess you are being accused og being a hater too. lol some people just so quick to jump and bark.

  • It actually is hers. Theres another photo she has online facing forward and sideways. Kinda like she got out the shower or something.

  • Love it! I dont care to much for nicki but I doubt she would post a pic of someone else to portray her. She admires her self to much. Anyway beautiful hair even when she gets a trum still long and beautiful

  • It’s thin!!! Sick of seeing it already lol

  • I guess she’s trying to prove a point . She is much better looking with her on hair . She looks like she has good, long hair it was long when she was small. A good grade of hair don’t just go away . My daughters hair is longer than that not everybody wear weaves.

  • It is thin and she has split ends up to her shoulders. Its not even, even. Im just tired of seeing it .

  • Raven Maxwell, apparently YOU do, you cared enough to comment didn’t you?? Sit down!

  • My God ladies!! Do you have anything positive to say?!! I would rather see her real untrimmed thin hair than that pink wig!

  • So many haters!! Why must we tear another woman down?????

    • cuz these dummies dont know sugar about hair—while nicki is cutting her split ends to grow-in the layer cut style-ppl on here is going wt the mini afro wt the hopes of what shes doing—dumb

  • Exactly Fallon Nicole

  • Who’s hating? Im entitled to my opinion just like the next person.

  • I Love seeing her flaunt her natural hair, it could use some work like simple cutting of dead ends but overall her hair is gorgeous! Gone head Nicki and show it off I’m not mad at cha. LOL

  • Jonae D spread positivity. What is it with black women? Are you upset that your hair is barely past your shoulders? Nice look, Nicki! pretty hair!

    • So saying it has split ends make us haters? Maybe some of you guys bred to stop bring in denial and stop accusing people of being haters. It seems like you don’t know the difference between the truth and a hater.

  • And to other, if you don’t care.. why comment?

  • I usually dont comment on things I dont care about or have no interest in… #IJS. I like the more natural look on her and hope she keeps it! Alhough I know the wigs etc are for show.

  • I am sooo tired of seeing this type of post. Some people act like Black women can’t grow long healthy hair.

  • A lot of black women have long hair too.

  • This page is about black hair. If you dont like it why are you even apart of this page. Maybe if it was a picture of a bald chick with hair shorter than yours, you would then have a positive comment.

  • Lol upset? Whyyyyy ?? I choose to keep my hair this length because its easier for me. If i state my opinion, i state my opinion. I didn’t get on here and say she’s ugly & etc. I said Im tired of her posting pics . People kill me labeling everyone who’s opinion that is not of theirs a “hater”

    • You are a hater, but if I looked like you I would be too…If you don’t like her pics go to the next…

    • I agree an opinion is an opinion however there’s no way in hell I believe that you keep your hair that short on purpose it probly isn’t growing just my opinion and not trying to be sarcastic if it you wouldn’t be on a hair page directed towards growing hair

    • lol Tk Tatum Richey SNAP**

  • She needs a trim badly. That is all ends. What is the point of bragging when you showing straw

    • have u ever seen a layered cut

    • That is no way layered.

    • Jealous

    • Of what? Been there done the long hair thing. Growing up my hair was half way down my back and way thicker. I actually prefer short hair . You can’t be jealous of something you don’t want

    • no way—r u serious—I am a stylist and has had my hair in a LONG LAYERED cut for years—n YES nicki minaj has a good ass razor layered cut—-u r jealous–thats y u still got so much to say—u can clearly see her multiple lengths of hair–n the middle of the hair tapers into a point—long layer cut—sure u never had one

    • ppl be on a site to grow out hair but actin like they dont want long hair—smh

    • His destiny jealous of what? I don’t desire to have long hair. Like I said can only be jealous if she has something I want. Maybe if she had thick hair but there is nothing desirable about string. I call her hair string and I am jealous. Unless you are a psychic or something plz do yourself a favour and hush. N I only here on this rite for healthy tips

    • Layering or not still looks shot. It’s funny how when you say something, stupid women like you obviously think someone is jealous. Assuming that someone wants something other women have. Dumb western ideology. My thing is hair come and go don’t really care for the long hair why is it so hard for idiots like you to grasp. If long hair is what I crave I don’t think I would be getting hair cuts every other year? You could dismiss yourselves now

    • Lol…stupid women like me..u don’t know me…n u r displaying so much envy ur eyes r turning green…Nicki reppin for black women showing the whole entire world that black ppl can have long hair that’s not weave…n dumb ignorant females like u want to flaw it..u r such a loser for that..u obviously feed into the negative depictions of black women cuz u r playing that angry black woman role well..get lost

    • turning green because i said it has ends? how is that jealous. It sort of like saying if i see a fat person and i say the truth that they are fat i am jealous? it has ends it has ends. end of story. i didnt say she is ugly, i didnt say her hair is disgusting. all i said is she has ends and need a trim. ends is nothing to brag about really. I am green about that. and yes you are stupid to think that I am green because you are stupid enough to think that because in your culture long hair is envied that means I grew up with the same mentality. Actually thick her is valued more than length where i am from. so please do carry on with your ethnocentric point of view.

    • Right I am an angry black woman?? lol right maybe you are the one who image that of black women. And you got angry black woman from behind the computer screen? wow, ok miss cleo. by the way, never been in a fight, nor quarrel, or scuffle or anything but i am know for fact i am opinionated. it s funny again though because people who know me personally call me a hippie because of my calm demeanor and ability to not get angry an walk away from things. So if my opinion makes me angry then maybe you are the one who is really an angry person. and again you cant be jealous of something you dont desire. I dont think jealousy works that way, but it is nice once in a while when people judge who you are behind a computer screen. . you have to want something someone else possess to be jealous. but do carry on my little thespian. it is nice one in a while when people judge who you are behind a computer screen.

    • Lololol dnt even girl! I can testify u had dis much hair bak in high school until u decide to grow natural!

    • lol what i want to know Shanda Charlyn Prescott is how this young lady ever came to the conclusion of me being angry black woman? so basically i have to lie about what i see?

    • all this for what? she must be nikki minaj’s mother to defend her so! Ive seen the pic she had with her hair wet and thought it had ends too. I don’t see anything wrong with saying that! Its the truth so deal with it….and stylist my ass (all lies)! what stylist cant see ends?

    • lol like we stupid my step mom is a stylist as well never saw any of her clients, layers or not looking like that. fact is fact. dont see why people get offended

  • It look like she needs a trim. Don’t matter if it’s long or not.

  • Love it

  • Don’t cut your ends too often…. smh

  • Who cares? And your right, you are very naive!

  • This picture is mad old, like months ago before she even started looking more natural smh.

  • Your hair. Supoz to hav the same thikness from root to end so u need not post this lol u got a piece of hair in your fingrz so u need that damaged part cutoff, takapik, and then post again.

    • Maybe this is a before pic then once she get it nice and healthy she’ll post an after? Lol

    • u dont know anything about LONG STYLE CUTS—n the same thickness from root to tip is a look that u can only get at home wt an UNTRAINED stylist—lmao

  • Wow…the thoughts of a man/woman’s true heart…funny how we speak so much doubt, negativity and hatred…if a woman was going thru chemo and her hair fell out and needed some advice/support, I wouldn’t suggest this site…geesh

  • While she does need a trim, she does have nice length and its clearly some haters on here. I like to see the natural side of celebs. Im glad she’s sharing it with us.

    • y does she clearly need a trim—as a hair stylist–I see she clearly has a layered cut—smdh

  • She said in an interview last week she is done with the crazy wigs. Looking forward to a more sophisticated Nicki!

  • Wowwww! Nuthinbut negativity brought on by a simple picture of a womans hair. THATS SAD ….like really

  • You can always tell how miserable and truly jealous women are..Always so negative, nice way to start the week. I’m sure it will be worst for you haters… Smfh . Her hair is beautiful…

  • Some ppl need to get out their feelings, u gon hear negativity throughout your lyf so r u goin to complain all the tym?, get ovrit. Some ppl need to learn truth and what it is to hate smh cuz we all can hav long hair so it aint shyt to b jealous of ijs

  • For the people who don’t CARE wtf you waist your time to comment. Some people do the most. If you don’t have anything nice to say just keep it to yourself. It’s to early

  • That’s why I can’t deal with black women. They hates her for wigs and now hate her for snowing off her natural hair. I bet if they put up a twerk video all the ratchets would be applauding her smh.

  • When that strand touches her ass? Lol jk im glad she toned down her look tho pretty

  • You bitches kill me lets see you flat iron those natural Brillo pads and I bet we will find all kind of crap that needs to be cut off… Can’t see ur bad ends through ur nappy ass hair oh my bad I mean ur curls lmao

  • Cutting ends realy slow the growth of hair look at it like a plant the longest part Is where the rest is growing too!!!!

  • Nice hair for a beautiful woman.

  • She needs to cut those ends.

  • Look she a beautiful girl with fake enhances.

  • The time and energy it took to post most of these negative comments could have been spent doing something productive/positive. FB has this little button for liking things. If you don’t then keep scrolling. Everyone is entitled to their opinion yes. However, I find it difficult to understand why women have to be so negative towards another. Especially when its unprovoked. Such is life I guess. :-/

  • Beautiful hair. She looks nice .

  • Nice length but looks like she needs a trim!

  • Maybe she likes her hair the way it is. Lots of people have long hair with split ends. At the end of the day it’s her head and she can do whatever she wants with it.

  • these comments on here are upsetting—YA R SOME HATERS!! QUIT HATING—it is pure hate—everyone is saying she has split ends cuz her hair tapers off—have u EVER heard of a LONG LAYER CUT?? If u NEVER had long hair—probably not—but she clearly has a layered cut—n her hair wld not keep growing all the time if it was a split end issue—all ya get big chops just to get ya hair to “grow” which is really only stopping breakage–ignorance is bliss for some of ya—smdh

  • Okay I get that she has long hair I have long hair through why so many pics of it tho. Its just not that serious…

  • What’s the point of the picture ? Why is she trying to prove that she has a real hair? Lots of us have real ….and?

  • Black women are good for that, “She needs a trim,” line. If a female has long hair then,”She needs a trim.” Smh


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