CPR For Breaking Hair

CPR for breaking hair infographic

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C is for Ceramides:

  • Binds to cuticles helping repairing damage and helping increase tensile strength.
  • They are found in natural oils like wheat germ, grape seed and hemp oil.
  • Vital if you use hair color, relaxer or heat in your hair regimen

P is for Protein:

  • Strength – Strengthens the hair and helps to repair damage caused by relaxers and general wear and tear.
  • Structure – Helps hair retain more moisture by improving structure thereby helping to increase elasticity.
  • Found in eggs yogurt, protein conditioners and treatments.

R is for R and R: Rest and relaxation

  • Give your hair a chance to rest by protective styling.
  • Use braids, twists, weaves, up-do’s and other styles to help reduce manipulation of your strands.
  • Stay away from heat and deep condition often.

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