51 Ways To Use Your Coconut Oil

coconut_oilI usually have three jars of coconut oil at any given time. One near my tub for oil rinsing and pre pooing, another in my kitchen cabinet for cooking and another on top of my sons chest of drawers for quick and easy access to apply to his skin and mine.

We have talked about the huge benefits of using coconut oil for your hair yet we know that it is not cheap so having an arsenal of it is not always financially feasible. Many of us consider it to be a somewhat guilty but often necessary pleasure.

While most of us have had success using coconut oil on our hair, some ladies’ experiences have been hit and miss at best. A common complaint is that it is not heavy enough to keep thick low porosity strands moisturized for long enough.

If that’s you then it’s likely that you are at a loose end on what to do with the rest of the giant jar of coconut oil you bought on a whim.

Some of us who use it religiously and love it know that there are at least a 100 uses for it, but if you don’t, then I am about to share 51 with you right now. Brace yourself , I intend to speed through this one!

1. Eye makeup remover.

2. Soothes psoriasis and eczema.

3. Great for cooking stir frys and baking.

4. Dairy free substitute for butter.

5. Moisturizes the skin, it can replace your regular lotion.

6. Heals sunburn.

7. Natural sunscreen.

8. Natural chap stick.

9. Can help improve blood cholesterol ratios.

10. Can help to improve blood insulin levels.

11. Grab some chia seeds, mix with a little coconut oil you will have an immediate energy booster. Yup step away from the Red Bull!

12. Fights toe nail fungus and athletes foot.

13. Great prepoo treatment for your hair.

14.  Got a cold? Mix some coconut oil with some hot tea for speedy recovery.

15. Nursing? Increase your milk supply by taking at least 4 tablespoons a day.

16. Rub some on your nipples if they are sore from nursing. A great replacement for Lanolin cream and good for baby too.

17. It is a great personal lubricant, it won’t interfere with vaginal flora.

18. Use under your arms with nothing else as a natural deodorant.

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