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Elongtress Hair Vitamins

Elongtress Hair Vitamins are a high strength vitamin formula that deliver targeted nutrition to your hair from the inside.


Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer

The 1-5 UM ultra-fine mist generated by ultrasonic atomizer can be easily absorbed more quickly
Moisturize and hydrate your hair prevents breakage and split
Instantly convert to a tabletop facial steamer


Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer

New handheld hair steamer
Use to reshape, rejuvenate, and moisturize hair
Volumize second day hair in minutes


Africa’s Best Men’s Wave N Curl Keeper Hair Lotion

Non-greasy moisturizer & conditioner for waves, curls, afros & twists
Long lasting moisture to soften and retain tight curls and waves


Texture My Way Mega-Protein Oyl Elixir Hair & Scalp Remedy

Designed to Keep Your Hair Beautiful
Extraordinary Blend of Ingredients You'Ll Love!


Texture My Way Flat Iron Ultra-Straightening & Smoothing Butter

Butter Up With This Smoothing, Sumptuous, Moisturizing Treatment
Conditioning Nourishment for Your Skin


Organic Root Stimulator Fertilizing Serum

Exfoliates clogged follicles and increases healthy skin cell production
Stimulates and promotes circulation for hair growth
Protects and strengthens newly emerging hair shafts


Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Cream

Infused with coconut oil and essence of olive oil to add shine and moisture
Leaves the hair silky, shiny, and smooth
Adds Shine and Moisture

ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion

Restores moisture to dry, thirsty hair
Conditions and protects hair from high heat
Not greasy or sticky


Organic Root Stimulator Hair Fertilizer

Stimulates scalp for faster hair growth
Adds moisture to dry hair
Helps hair to grow stronger and faster


ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo

Removes calcium build-up
Rinses easily
Aids in storing moisture to the hair


Organic Root Stimulator Fertilizing Temple Balm

A natural approach to hair and scalp restoration apply to temples, scalp and thin hair areas stimulates and promotes circulation
Phytic acid complex helps to exfoliate clogged pores leaving the scalp clean and supple
Sulfur-rich amino acids from horsetail, nettle and garlic fertilize the hair by delivering nutrients to the hair and scalp


Organic Root Stimulator Scalp Scrub Stimulating Formula For Hair & Scalp

Unclogs And Gently Exfoliates Scalp with Essential Herbs ivers Oxygen And Capsicum To Increase Circulation.
Rushes sulfur-rich nutrients to hair follicles so they can thrive
Oils moisturize and condition the hair and scalp leaving the hair soft and radiant.


Ors Olive Oil Hair Masque

1 Piece

ORS Hair Mayonnaise for damaged hair

Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise Treatment for

Rinse out, deep penetrating, moisturizing conditioning treatment for weak, damaged hair
Helps stop breakage & repair damage
Rejuvenates and renews weak fragile hair


Organic Root Stimulator Hairepair Intense Moisture Creme

Coconut oil and avocado oil for intense moisture and added shine
Enriched with lactic acid
Perfect for natural, color treated and/or relaxed hair


Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner

Stimulates the root of your hair
It leaves hair moisturized, soft, and healthy
If you have chemically relaxed, dry, damaged hair, this is the product for you


Nunaat Naat Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioner

Keratin and cupuacu butter
Wavy, curly and very curly hair
Extended moisturizing


Nunaat Treatment Curly Hair with Cupuau & Keratin Leave-in

Active Ingredients: Keratin & Capuacu Butter
Wavy, Curly and Very Curly Leave in
Brazlian Hair Care Product


nuNaat Naat Silicon Fortifying Hair Mask

For Dry,fragile and split ends
Silicone,Keratin and Protein
Made in Brazil


Nunaat Brazilian Keratin System Straightening Cream Regular

The straightening creams and neutralizer are the only products from the Naat Brazilian keratin professional system meant for professional use only
Repairs cuticle damage
Regenerates and strengthens hair fibers


NaatCream Intensive Care -Shea Butter

Detangling hair
Intensive care
For professional use


Nunaat Naat Silicon Hair Polisher Serum

Naturally strengthens hair, with silk and Pearl Proteins, defying the effects of age and restoring lustrous shine
Naturally occurring lipids, known as Ceramides, smooth hair cuticles and retain proteins to fortify hair
Keratin makes hair stronger, increases nutrition, flexibility and shine


NaatCream Intensive Care – Brazil Nut

For professional use
Detangling cream
Brazil but extract