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I am doing everything right in my HHJ but have noticed my hair seems to be thinning esp. on the left side.  My regimen is:  Deep condition as cowash 2x per week, M&S 2x daily, taking hair vitamins, at the moment on second month of Hairfinity, stretching my relaxer between 12-14 weeks, no heat except for heatcap or steamer.  Affirm relaxer done at salon.  Any suggestions on what I can change?  Thanks.

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Hi JoJo,

There could be many causes for your hair to be thinning. If you have a good regimen then I would think it may be one of two things or both. One is heredity, because hair thinning is often a trait. The other is relaxers. No matter how well you treat your hair, the relaxer is still a chemical. Since you mentioned Affirm, perhaps you can ask your stylist to use Affirm fibergaurd sensitive scalp relaxer since it’s milder for your scalp and has extra conditioners in it. Be sure your scalp is getting based very well before applying any chemicals and of course stay away from hairstyles that pull on your hairstrands.

Hope that helps!


Hi Jojo. How long have you actually been on your hhj and what was the condition of your hair when you started? Are you relaxing bone straight or texlaxing?


I only ask because contrary to what many people believe, not all hair textures can handle straight up relaxer even when processed for the correct amount of time. If you have fine or combination hair, texlaxing may be a better way to continue to relax while retaining better length.


You also have to be patient. If you are only a few months into your journey, of course you know that the new hair that you have been growing in the last 3 months will be healthy but that does not guarantee the health of the hair you already had on your head before your hhj.


Hi Alma, thanks for responding. I have been on my journey for about 5 years and have made a lot of mistakes.  I think it’s safe to say I finally got the hang of things about a year and a half ago.  My hair is longer than it’s ever been (shoulder length) but I’m disappointed with the thinness.  I don’t think hairdressers are familiar with texlaxing, are they?  I thought about washing my hair only 1x weekly as opposed to 2x (1 wash, 1 cowash) maybe too much stress on the hair?  IDK.  Thanks for all your help.


If you are retaining length but your hair is thin then is sounds like your hair is just low density. Mine is too which is why relaxed hair never worked for me. Having said that, texlaxing instead of relaxing would do your hair the world of good in terms of gaining real thickness.


Some hairdressers are familiar with texlaxing, it all depends on whom you go to and their own personal efforts at understanding how to grow relaxed hair. This is actually why it’s so important to use the right hairdresser for your journey to long hair.


Reducing your washes would certainly help too because you would be reducing manipulation but TBH I think your problems go deeper than that. 5 years on a hhj and only shoulder length so far does not sound like a very good return, if you don’t mind my saying. Unless you have been trimming it purposely to keep it at that length of course! lol


What are you doing for your protein treatments and how are you drying/styling your hair after a wash?


Well, I’ve had a lot of set backs along the way.  It took me a while to learn what moisturizing and sealing was, things of that nature.  I bc’d at least twice along the way but natural hair didn’t work being that my hair is 4c & cottony, just didn’t look right, couldn’t manage it, so I relaxed.  I appreciate your taking the time to respond because I wanna make this relaxed journey work.  The way I style my hair is wear it in a bun every day except Wed. & Sunday, the days I go to my Christian meeting.  When I style I use Caruso steam rollers.  I also exercise 3x weeklyand sweat profusely in the head.  I wonder if the salt from the sweat has any effect?  I’ve googled but haven’t found anything definite.  Thx for all your help.


Oh yes, I use Aphogee 2-Step about every 6 to 8 weeks for protein.  and whenever I cleanse my hair, alternate I between protein and moisture-based deep conditioners.


Hi Jojo. Your regimen sounds fine to me at the moment. Based on what you mentioned (cottony 4c hair) there is a high probability that your hair is also fine. Thinness is not necessarily caused by breakage, in my case when my natural hair is dead straight, it looks pretty thin too even though when it’s natural there is tons of it! It’s just a question of genetics and not much can be done about that.


Since you are relaxed then I am assuming that your stylist processes it for the normal amount of time ie bone straight right? If that’s the case then can I suggest that you try texlaxing instead? Jeni from just grow already does this quite successfully (she has recently hit waist length). The roots are texlaxed while the rest of her hair is relaxed.


Texlaxing has lots of benefits. First off because your hair is deliberately under-processed, more of the hair’s innate strength is left intact which means easier length retention. Also it’s less porous than relaxed hair so it holds on to moisture better. The third most obvious benefit of course is volume. For those of us with low density hair, texlaxing can make you look as if you literally have double the amount of hair on your head.


Thx so much for all the response.  I have to say this is the most I’ve gotten help on any hair board. Exactly what I needed.  I am thinking of asking my stylist to texlax when it’s time for my next retouch.  Hopefully she feels comfortable with doing it.  I’m thinking it could be genetics also.  I just relaxed last week and don’t have any breakage.  Also, I’ve been using JBCO for the last 2 weeks mostly on the scalp and temple area.  I seal with grape seed oil since the JBCO is kinda heavy.