protective styling affecting my scalp


Why do I get dandruff when my hair is either cornrowed or braided individually? what’s funny is I do not have dandruff when my hair is loose. What is wrong with this picture? Please help!

Category: asked May 8, 2013

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Hello pari,

Dandruff is caused because of the overgrowth of yeast on your scalp. What happens is our roots get inflammed and it causes crazing itching. When we braid the hair too tight the contraction of the skin and just pulling the hair too tight causes inflammation of the hair follicles that leads to inflammation. Even if you think you arent braiding too tight or cornrowing too tight, you might just have a very sensitive scalp. Looks like your hair hates any kind of tension.



Absolutely agree with Petra here. Clearly braiding is not the best protective style solution for you. You may have a sensitive scalp that just can’t handle any stress on your follicles. Time to start looking at buns instead?


I agree with both Alma and Emily. When you have your braid in you could try applying a natural oil to your hair mixed with peppermint oil. Peppermint oil has a cooling effect to the hair  and limits dandruff.