Hello All, I have been using Keracare products for a while now and no others. I noticed my hair isn’t as soft as it use to be after washing and conditioning it. Should I be switching up brands after a while so that my hair can still react to it. I use a sulfate free shampoo and condition it at least twice a week. What are some other good products? I’ve also used Olive Oil’s Root Stimulator deep condition maybe twice a month.

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Yeah it def sounds like you need to clarify Shae because I use the whole KeraCare hair line and it does my hair great but I also clarify every 6 wks because those products contain “cones” which requires clarifying(i read ALL of Almas…but I think you should def stick with KeraCare because they are one of  few hair lines that have A WHOLE LINE OF PRODUCTS WITH HEALTHY INGREDIENTS to make their products thats what made me try their products and i have been hooked every since!!!!


Sounds like a classic case of build up to me. You are using the same products weekly and you are not clarifying because you use a sulfate free shampoo.

To get rid of the build up I would clarify with a sulfate containing shampoo (you should be doing this every 2 months or so anyway), choose a gentle one, then try the Keracare products again to see if they go back to working like before.

It’s also a good idea to rotate your hair products periodically, especially conditioners. I swap my conditioners weekly (I usually have 3 or 4 in my stash). That way you don’t get such dramatic build up symptoms.


Thanks Alma. I used a sulfate shampoo last night and deep conditioned my hair and it feels a whole lot better and it has less frizz as well. Once my Keracare products are gone, I’m not planning on continuing the use because they are so expensive. What other products do you recommend using that aren’t as expensive but will get the job done? I have natural curly hair that is relaxed (which im trying to go back to natural with cutting all my hair off) and frizzy all the time.


Oh boy, there are literally hundreds of products. If you want to keep finaces in check, go for grocery store products, you know, pantene, tresemme, vo5 etc and supplement with a few expensive products like your protein treatments or an expensive once-in-a-while conditioner. Try to keep the ingredients as natural as you can within your budget. Another tip is to buy in bulk, it always works out cheaper in the long run!

Products are secondary to a good regimen anyway.