Challenges of Going Natural


The decision to go natural in a society that says straight hair is beautiful, has  been very challenging. I did the big chop in 2012, and the resistance I encountered was enormous! The major challenge was from my hubby (who is still warming up to the new normal). He did not Read More

relaxer update


hey guys i know its been a while I’ve just been so busy as of late but here i am now updating you on my relaxer. i got my relaxer done October 19th after 12 weeks post and my hair grew a good inch and in some places a inch in Read More

Touchup Time Next Tuesday!!

Body clock

I cowashed yesterday. I think that was will be my last wash until next Tuesday when I get to touch up. My plan of action for the next few days will be as follows: Thursday:: (tonight) Detangle then M&S Friday-Sunday:: regular nightly M&S sessions Monday night:: apply a layer porosity control then a layer Read […]

Henna? Henna what? MY hair?


     Lately, I’ve been getting more and more curious about Henna. Since trimming my own hair, (that ‘s another story), I was wondering about the health of my hair and breakage due to waiting so long before my trim. I’ve also bee itching for some new color.  A darker color and I Read More

My Flat Twist Out Result…….


My ponytail 11/2013 my Ponytail 12/2011 I have been neglecting my little hair diary. I took my braids down on October 15th and I have been wearing my hair out with some high buns  to protect my ends. I did a co-wash this weekend and and semi flat twist out and Read More

November Goals

Leeza’s Goals: Get at least one item from a thrift shop Find the perfect detangling “cocktail” Protective Style– other than mini twists which i will be doing next week–I’m thinking Havana Twists over Thanksgiving Break Find perfect skin moisturizer–m skin is super dry esp. in winter Watch hair videos that only come up on my […]

Trying Out Bunning As A Long Term Protective Styling Strategy


Today I am doing the more ‘traditional’ blog post format instead of the ‘talking head’ videos I have been doing for the last few weeks. Although videos are easier to do, they require me to get my thoughts organized before I hit the record button which can sometimes feel like Read More

Beginning Of My Hair Growth JouRney

Hi everyone this is my beginning journey to growing longer hair.   I have very thin hair and its also very fine with a recedeing hair line.   This will be a challenge for me that I need to take. Today is Sunday, October 27, 2013 which will be my start date.   I Read More

Working that Afro


It’s been three months since I cut off my relaxed ends. Within this period many days were spent hating my hair color (had enough of my sis tell me my hair looks dirty; can’t help that my hair is brownish), the lack of length, the ends that just wrap up Read More

Inversion Method Results Part 2

Don’t have much to say for myself this week so I will let the video do the talking…. Read More

Inversion Method


For the past 8 months or so, one of the hottest hair buzz in the African American hair world has been the inversion method.Online there have been reports from ladies who claimed to have used the inversion method for hair growth to achieve as much as ONE INCH in one Read More

Carmel Conditioner with Banana, Avocado and Coconut Milk

There are many recipes for the Carmel Treatment.  I have tried the heated and non-heated versions.  I found that when I need a deep softening treatment, the heated version is better.  Also, the consistency allows me to keep it on my hair longer.  I kept this treatment on overnight. This is Read More