Oils: New and Old

Hey HHJ loves I hope all is going well, this post is really about oils I recently found a place in Jamaica that sells some really cheap oils both carrier and essential oils and I’m excited to go there and try some. Now my dilemma is this I wanna try Read More


is so scary when thinking about it but if you are serious you do a big chop off are take a little at a time until you get the length you desire like me i did a big chop but the thing is i  did not know the danger you Read More

What I’ve learnt so far!


Good Night HHJ loves I hope all is going well. I was featured again on www.blackhairinformation.com for their weekly blog round up I just love them so much and commend them as even though some people might say that they mostly focus on natural hair I really learnt a whole Read More



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Relaxer Update

Hell HHJ loves I hope all is going well and everyone is keeping safe and praying for all the madness that has been going on in the world lately. Well I just finished relaxing my hair after 11 weeks of my last relaxer I wanted to go longer but bla Read More

Black beauty- The continent speaks pt 2


So after the last post I’ve gathered up some of my thoughts that I feel I didn’t quite include in the first part , hence this second post. This here though is a view of my observation of the wider internet community of course, written from my snug corner of Read More

Co wash and decision


Hi HHJ loves I hope all is peachy so as you all know my last post I said I was gonna do jumbo twists in my hair but my edges have really not gone back to how I want them and that picture of Naomi Campbell with traction alopecia has Read More

Black beauty- The continent speaks Part 1


Natural hair on the continent is not an easy topic to write about. That’s because it’s not at all a single situation that’s going on  here. Africa is my home, my blood ,my everything ,I sincerely believe it is a privilege to be born and raised here. I’m sure that’s Read More

Stretching Regimen

Hey HHJ loves I hope your hair journeys are going better than mine. As you know I’m stretching I decided to not relax any time soon I’ve made up my mind and the next protective style I will be doing is havana twists with marley braids not too chunky just Read More

Protective Style Take Down

Hello HHJ loves I hope all is going well! My exams are finally over Thank God so as promised I’m going to up date the blog more and put pics and start having categorized stuff. Ok so I finally took out my protective style it took me forver cuz I Read More


UPDATE: Ill go on and update since i neglected to post my previous post on time and its been a while since then . So my straightback wore out , didn’t last much longer than a week. I then decided to leave my hair free for a few days while I Read More

1 month hair challenge

As much as its been a good few months since my saving grace from relaxer, I haven’t had much time to devote to my hair as I would have liked. What with starting university and all- no small feat. During that time, however , my hair experienced plenty of neglect Read More

I did the unthinkable…


After working myself to a hot and sweaty mess being outside, I was done and tired. This itchy scalp, thirsty hair and blank thought on what to do next with this mane force me to do the unthinkable. After two years of being natural as of June, I was thinking to Read More



Lipstick haul from Target!! I usually buy Covergirl lipstick to satisfy my itch for a new lip color. But I decided to take a chance on the NYC brand and I absolutely LOVE these colors that they have at the moment. They were even reasonably priced! Only downside is the tops Read More

“I’m Light-skinned so I can wear pink lipstick”.


So when I first heard this statement, my first reaction was “Really Girl? You just said that?”. I was at work and a young co-worker made this statement while trying to prove what colors looked best on her. She was actually trying to defend the ‘ ‘Good hair is not Read More

Please Stop Bragging About Your Husband On Facebook – A Frisky Rant


Do you brag about your man on FB? Lets face it alot of us do, you know the typical posts, either a picture of some flowers with the caption, “The Bae got me these just because” or I have the best husband blah blah, or its our 1st, 4th, 10th Read More

Please Stop Bragging About Your Husband On Facebook – A Frisky Rant


Do you brag about your man on FB? Lets face it alot of us do, you know the typical posts, either a picture of some flowers with the caption, “The Bae got me these just because” or I have the best husband blah blah, or its our 1st, 4th, 10th Read More

Itching to Relax

Hey HHJ loves I hope all is well I know I haven’t been on this thing in a minute school has been crazy. Now this is just a short little post saying I have had in my protective style that I posted  a few weeks back for about three weeks Read More

Convicted Felon Jeremy Meeks Is offered Modeling Job For Up To $30K A Month


I am all for the bad boy hot model type ish, but to be quite honest this is a bit ridiculous. This dude, is definitely no angel he has nearly a dozen felonies to his name and he is being held with bail set at $900,000. According to his mom, Read More

Liver Cleansing Juice By Rawvana English


Rawvana is my newest raw chick obsession, if you know me, you know I am a raw foodist in my mind and though I dibble and dabble in it, my ultimate goal is one day be completely raw and give up a ton of things.. Lets just say the raw lifestyle Read More

About Me


Emily Cotton is a lifestyle blog dedicated to anything and everything interesting and related to urban culture. Read More

Should Essence Magazine Have Put Gary Owens On The Cover?


For the record, Gary did not care whether he was on the cover of Essence or not, but before I get into that let me share the back story. Essence magazine featured the guys of Think Like A Man Two, you know the movie with the grown little man? They Read More

Nia Long On Beauty and Hair Via Hello Beautiful


Do you read Hello Beautiful? Sometimes the posts can be a little ratchet but hey they dont create the news they just report it. A few times though you might notice within the super busy feed the blog has a few gems you can pick out, and think .. ahh that’s Read More

Art By Shelby And Sandy


Shelby and Sandy are are California based brothers who have a pop art company. I first discovered them on Instagram because I happen to follow Sean Kingston. Their work is pretty damn amazing, never before have I seen some of my favorite characters brought to life in such a vibrant way. I Read More

priedxtqi – 2014-06-25 00:55:30

Sweet Island Curls | Our journey begins here. apriedxtqi priedxtqi http://www.g7dwsf5y20l492ddo1gbv7j30601m8y1s.org/ [url=http://www.g7dwsf5y20l492ddo1gbv7j30601m8y1s.org/]upriedxtqi[/url] (more…) Read More

Product Review: Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream


Price: not too sure but put it to about $800 Purchased from: Cherry’s Hair and More (Park Plaza) Promises: Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream is an intensive deep penetrating leave in cream conditioning treatment that is made with pure Shea Butter and other natural oils to stop and mend Read More

Protective Styling Challenge


  that’s the pic I found on pinterest   My version of the style and my first pic on the blog site Hello HHJ darlings I hope all is well I started my protective styling challenge the other day and I’m still gonna be doing my coco-castor oil challenge thingy. Read More

Wow, Aloe Vera!


Aloe Vera  I’ve just recently discovered the wide range of benefits of the Aloe plant! I’m so amazed that a plant that grows almost everywhere in my country, South Africa, has so many benefits for the human body. Aloe Plant     From now on, I will be drinking the juice and applying it on […]

Koiled Up With Jealousy?


You’ve done the big chop. You’ve transitioned. You’re a veteran natural. Or you’re just on your natural-haired journey. The question is whatever stage you might be in ‘Are you jealous?’. You’ve been researching , looking for new styles for your TWA, possibly become a DIYer, developed a hair regimen and even Read More

Product Review-Terressentials Organic Mud Wash


A while back there was (and still may be) a rave about this particular brand of “shampoo” for natural hair. I came across it via information from the one and only Whitney of YouTube’s  @Naptural85 and gave it a try myself. It is supposed to be organic clay mixed with minerals and Read More

Buns-The Perfect Protective Style


Two medium buns Hey ladies! If you didn’t know already I’m a die-hard fan of buns. I wear them because they are cute, fun awesome, easy and most of all a great protective style for my natural hair! There are so many things that you can do with your hair, but Read More

4 Week Hairfinity Check-in!!


I know I’m pretty late on posting recent results ladies! So sorry! I got really busy lately and I actually slacked off:|:|!  But I have noticed some great results nevertheless! My hair has thickened up -just a little (and coming from a person who has fine hair I am elated!). Read More

Product Review: Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner


Good Day hair loves this post will be on my very very very very favourite deep conditioner that I just found a few months a go at my local beauty supply store. I really just picked it up because I wanted to wash my hair the next day and needed Read More

Air Drying vs. Heat Drying on Relaxed Hair


Hello HHJ lovers I hope the hair journey is going well and we are meeting our goals daily or somewhere near there well this post is about as the title says air drying v heat drying . I read a post by relaxed hair thairapy the other day and she Read More

How to find your hairstylist!!

Hi ladies! I’ve recently been on the lookout for a new hairstylist and I know that if I’m looking for one I cannot be the only one.  I have finally decided to let someone else do my hair! But who do I go to is my question! Here are some Read More


On January 20 1994 I went natural (big chop #1).  I had worn box braids for about a year and finally cut off all relaxed hair to start locs.  I wore them for 20 years to the day.  I never had to do more than wash about every 6 weeks, Read More


While scrolling through my Instagram page, I recently came upon a post called ‘Natural Hair for White Girls’. It grabbed my attenton and I actually thought it was quite funny. that was before I read the article. The article is posted on an internet website called Thought Catalog. It is an internet magazine Read More

Airdrying #2

So this is my second post ad second try of air drying my hair. Well this time around my hair was way smoother and way less poofier and way less of everything that went wrong the last time. So ima just run you through what I may have done differently Read More

Acrylics and our HHJ


Goodnight loves this post is about something that is currently happening to me. I am a girl that loves to have my nails done I have the best nail technician in the world that is probably the only thing I don’t do for myself. Seeing as I bite my nails Read More

Update on Coco Castor Oil Challenge


Howdy HHJ lovers I hope all is going well it’s a beautiful day isn’t it. Well just giving you guys a lil update on my challenge I will post pictures soon I’m a little busy with school but so far I’ve been doing it a little before my last post Read More

Product Review


Hey guys so this is gonna be my very first product review of my new moisturizer that I bought  a month or so a go that I just started using the other day I love love love it. It’s Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme for mixed textures, curly, Read More

If You Are A Kinky Type 4 Like Me I’ve Got 2 Words For You: Wheat Germ Oil And Keracare Clear Protein Styling Gel


  Now ladies you know that my hair has like NO shine on it’s own and this fact is greatly exaggerated when I do wash and go’s. Oil will give me shiny straight hair but I haven’t found a way to make oil work for me when doing wash and Read More

Are you changing your regimen?

Do you have a new regimen or has your regimen been adjusted? As our hair changes and as we continue on our natural hair journey, we add new items , change routines, discover the good and what we don’t care for about our hair. And we deal with them by Read More

Air Drying


So the other day as you know I wash my hair every two (2) weeks I said during my big stretch to my birthday in October I am gonna start washing my hair 3 times a month and include one co wash when my hair needs that little extra boost Read More

Waist Training…taking it in

It seems that there might be a new trend coming back – waist training. It cinches the waistline using your choice of wired corsets or latex waist cinchers. It’s nothing quick and you must have patience;  it’s a gradual process. It has it’s benefits; usually within 3-4 months (patience, patience) your waist Read More

Shea Moisture is expanding

Recently I went into Target and as usual I came in for one thing. And of course I (and I don’t think it’s just me) I came out , like always, with more than I was supposed to get. While in the makeup aisle, I spotted a whole new line of Read More

How I Earn A Living As A Full Time Blogger


I don’t do these kind of posts often, as you know I like to keep my blog mostly about hair or perhaps some of my random ramblings. But I’ve had a few questions from some of you asking how I got started doing what I do and how you can Read More

I have 3c/4a hair :)


Read More

My healthy hair Journey started in 2011


Good Hair Read More

Kids Natural Hairstyles – How Jasmine Has Been Wearing Her Hair


A few of you ladies have asked me how I style Jasmines hair regularly. Well truthfully the reggie that I have for her is so simple it’s laughable. I wash her hair every week or every 2 weeks, depending on time constraints. I usually wash it while she is in Read More

Sew-In Summer Style!!


Hey ladies! This summer I am going to try my first sew-in! I am so excited and can’t wait! Of course I have been researching what kind of sew-in I want. I’ve seen so many styles that I liked but I narrowed it down to four kinds of hair; (in order Read More

Hairfinity Check in Week 2!

Hi ladies! I am doing my first check in for my Hairfinity 2 month challenge! I will be checking in every other week or so. I’m really bad with check-ins but with this I really want to stay true to it! I would like to know if anyone is has or Read More

Springtime Break In Amsterdam


Before I even get started can I just qualify my absence by saying that I’ve been mad busy over the last few months. Who knew that being a blogger/enterpreneur (yes I think of myself as one of those now) could take so much time away from you. There’s simply isn’t Read More

Product Review: 3 Sisters of Nature Once a Week Nourishing Treatment

Let me say I love the 3 Sisters of Nature brand and the nourishing treatment. This brand is natural and curly girl friendly, which means no alcohol; waxes; silicones; petrolatum; mineral oil; parabens; formaldehyde; or carbomer. On the label of all of their products that I’ve bought it has a Read More

Coconut Oil and Castor Oil Hair Challenge


Hello!!! HHJ people I hope all is going well my exams have finished *does happy dance* so hopefully November I’ll be graduating with my LLB a good one in November and will be in law school by then. So my hair has grown since I started my HHJ about November Read More

Product Review: Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk

I know in my past two post about Shea Moisture I was just a bunch of no, no, no’s, but with this product I am saying yes, yes, yes!I absolutely love that this product is light, all natural, AND keeps my hair moisturized without feeling greasy. The price of this Read More

Low porosity hair and my wash routine

Since I recently found out I have low porosity hair, I had to change up my styling routine. I took my Senegalese twists out on a Thursday and had to go thru my wash routine. I pre-poo’d with olive oil and 3 Sisters of Nature Once A Week Nourishing Treatment. Read More

Hairfinity 2 month Challenge! !


Hi ladies! I have officially decided to start my own 2 month Hairfinity Challenge!  I’ve bought a 2 month supply of the Hairfinity Vitamins at www.shopbrockbeauty.com/?AffId=4752 and i cannot wait to start! My vitamins have arrived and the challenge starts today! However, if anyone wants to join me please feel Read More

Does weave make your hair grow?


The answer is….NO. Weave aids in hair growth but putting weave ,(a sew-in, braids, twists, etc.), is purely for protection of your hair. Now of course when you put in those super cute braids, faux locs, sew-in or whatever style, if you don’t take care of your hair meanwhile then Read More

Natural hair type

Ever since I big chopped I knew my hair type. My hair is all 4a with a few sprinkles of 3c in the top (I literally mean sprinkles!), and I feel that’s all the space my curl pattern needs. I’ve spent months searching google for every woman with 4a hair Read More