Are the StudioDry Hair Gloves the Next Big Thing in Hair Care?


You know we try to be on the ball when it comes to the latest trends in hair care, and there is always some new development – or tweaking of an old one- to provide maybe just a measure of interest for at least a few seconds, and some have even turned out to be Click to continue…

4 Natural Butters You Need To Be Using This Fall And Winter


Our world is full of natural wonders that give plenty of benefit to our bodies including our hair. From every inch of this planet we can find plants, herbs, oils and butters that aid our health and hair in much better ways than anything man-made. When you think of hair butters then you immediately think Click to continue…

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Top 10 Products With Rhassoul Clay


Most naturals already know about the immeasurable benefits of using products with natural ingredients for their hair as well as for their bodies. It’s cheaper most of the time, and much better for our bodies and hair. If you are trying to live a less toxic life, then it just makes sense. As we find Click to continue…

Top 10 Hair Products With Cucumber

Top 10 Hair Products With Cucumber

It seems just about every other day we hear about another new herb, fruit, or vegetable that can be found in a remote part of the world that is amazing for our health, beauty or mind. It’s either from a plant, the water or even from an animal’s behind. (Emu oil is from the Emu Click to continue…

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Big On Biotin? Try These Top 10 Biotin Products For Natural Hair

Top 10 Biotin Products For Natural Hair

Most of us, if not all, at one time or another has tried to grow our hair long, and there’s nothing wrong with that. On one hand, short hair is sassy, sexy and flirty; maybe it’s even ‘in’, but on the other hand, there are still many women who want and love long hair. I Click to continue…

Why Olive Oil Is Perfect For Hair Growth


  In the kitchen, in the cupboard, on the left, right next next to the black pepper in front of my curry powder, that’s where you will find the olive oil, no matter what time of year it is, or what day, I always have a bottle. That is not the only place I keep Click to continue…

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Beautiful Textures “Texture Manageability System” Review

Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System Review

Natural hair is great in it’s versatility, from ultra short curly fro to mid back length sleek tresses in a couple of hours. But us curly girls know that the results of flat ironing our curls and kinks only lasts a couple of days (or a couple of hours for some of us). And truth Click to continue…

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Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer 1st Impressions Type 4 Hair

Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer 1st Impressions type 4a

The Q-Redew hand held steamer is the newest craze in the natural hair community, for one the company has been doing a huge push on promotion by sending the product to key You Tubers for review which always creates a bit of a buzz. We all know the value of the YouTube voice and so Click to continue…

Abyssinian Oil – The Next Wonder Oil in Haircare?

Abyssinian Oil in a jug

Okay y’all, so in a post a while back I declared my love of oils to you all and how much they rock. But now there is a new oil on the rise called Abyssinian oil. There has been very little talk around the hair community so this oil is not very popular as of Click to continue…

An App For Your Hair Journey: A Review Of the Hair Journal App On iPhone

hair journal app image

About a month ago I was complaining about social media as I listed all of the many platforms I have signed up for on my blog. Sometimes I wonder where do we find the time to do all that we do on the internet ? I swear if they create another social media outlet I Click to continue…

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The Ultimate Hair Product Recommendations Post

Ultimate hair product list

A few of you lovely readers have written to me asking for product recommendations for everything from hair gels to flat irons. We are all so individual in our needs and our approaches to hair care, that a product that works wonderfully for me may do nothing for your hair. Your journey should be an Click to continue…

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The Azure EdgeStick Product Review

The Azure EdgeStick Product Review

When the Edgestick was first released, I was dying to get my hands on one. At the time I was wearing my hair mostly straight but the reversion especially at my roots was driving me to distraction so the Edgestick seemed to be the perfect answer to my prayers. As the name suggests, the idea Click to continue…

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6 Silicone Free Styling Products Under $15

6 Silicone Free Styling Products Under 15

Silicones are a somewhat controversial subject when it comes to hair care. Because of their ability to coat the hair strands and reflect rather than absorb heat, they are used extensively in thermal protectants and anti-frizz styling products. Most silicones are notoriously water insoluble which means that they have the potential to increase build up Click to continue…

Queen Helene Mint Julep Shampoo Review

Queen Helene Mint Julep Shampoo with Protein

Hellooooo, Beauties! Recently, I acquired some shea butter and made my own whipped shea butter cream, with added oils. So far, it’s fantastic, and it keeps my curls soft and fluffy. A lil dab will do, so I only have to spritz my hair with water every few days and reseal with the shea butter. Click to continue…

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Review Of The Curls Unleashed Line Of Products On 4a Natural Hair

Curls Unleashed products review

“Slap the words butter, smoothie, pudding, souffle, and most of all CURL on a product and its almost guaranteed to fly off the shelf.” This comment was by EbonyCPrincess of Longing4length on one of my articles a while ago. It made me giggle at the time because it’s an accurate observation and cringe inducingly true in Click to continue…

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My Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol Conditioning Treatment Disaster

Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol Conditioning Treatment

I love a deep conditioner. I love to slather my damp (not wet) hair in rich, creamy conditioners, and then put on a shower cap, and relax with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and read a book or tie my leopard print scarf around my shower cap and run errands. So when Click to continue…

The New Hair Product Offering From DAX And Why I Would Not Use It

DAX roots jojoba oil

I had this question from one of our visitors last week and I thought it was important to highlight it. There is a new product from Dax that states no petrolatum, no mineral oil. But the main ingredients is hydrogenated vegetable oils, is that good for the hair? Other ingredients are coconut oil, castor oil, Click to continue…

Top 10 Black Hair Books Ranked By Sales

Ultra black hair growth book

I’ve been asked a few times if I ever intend on writing a book on black hair care. When I first started on my hair journey a good few years ago I remember getting most of my advice from hair forums. As helpful as they were, I found that forums were lacking in ‘specificity’. I Click to continue…