Kinky-Curly Clipins Are A Better Alternative Than Crochet Braids In My Opinion

Kurly Klips "Shoulder Chic Fro"

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Crochet braids have been in style for a while now, but after watching my friends struggle for hours and sometimes days installing them, I just wasn’t with it. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the look and style. I mean, some people have the technique so down pact that the hair looks like their Click to continue…

How To Choose The Right Flat Iron For You

flat iron hair

When choosing the right flat iron for you and your hair, it is very important that you consider your hair type. We often aim to to buy “professional” flat irons with the most sophisticated and up to date technology to provide the best styling. A professional flat iron usually offers temperature control and more consistent Click to continue…

Are You Thinking about Getting Crochet Braids? Here Are 5 Reasons You Should


Crochet braids are the thing these days. If you have no qualms about getting extensions or wearing hair other than that which grows from your own scalp, you might be interested in getting your crochet on. If you are on the fence about it, here are five reasons to get crochet braids. Crochet braids are versatile: Really Click to continue…

Would You Try It? A Critical Look At The EZ Out Weave

Would You Try It A Critical Look At The EZ Out Weave

Have you seen this new product around social media lately? I recently got wind of it and while I do not wear weaves now, you never know I might get inspired one day so I was curious. I thought this was kind of interesting, put simply the company has made it possible for you to Click to continue…

A Simple Guide On The Variety Of Rollers For Fabulous Sets

A Simple Guide On The Variety Of Rollers For Fabulous Sets

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  Fall is officially here! And what does that mean for your hair? Hair regimens, products, and hair styles change. We put up the honey and vegetable glycerin for heavier oils and butters. Our hair regimens and routines change to fit our hair needs for the cooler months. We even put the wash and gos Click to continue…

A few Options For Styling Your Box Braids


Some of us have decided that braids are the way to go this holiday season, but styling them might still be a problem. Because braids are considered a style themselves, and they are literally individual pieces of hair, you might find it hard to get creative with them. The truth is, inspiration is all around Click to continue…

3 Styling Tutorials That Can Help You To Style Your New TWA


Hey, girl, so I hear you are new to this natural thing? Did you just do The Big Chop? I bet you are freaking out about what to do next. Well not to worry, if you need some hair styling tips dealing with that TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), we have you covered. Some of us Click to continue…

Weave Specialist Reniece Shares Her Blow Dry Technique For Natural Hair


I am beyond excited, so excited that I almost couldn’t even type this post. So you may wonder “Danni, why are you so excited?” Well, I am excited because Reniece, a.k.a. “The Weave Specialist”, has recently put up a YouTube video of her infamous blow-drying technique. Now you may be wondering “Who is this Reniece, and Click to continue…

12 Ways To Tie A Head Scarf

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Fall is almost here, and we are all excited about the seasonal fashion: boots, comfy sweaters, leggings and, scarves!! Oh yes, scarves, and specifically the ones that can be used on our head as fashionable fall accessories. This look has been a trend for quite some time now. Some call them head wraps or turbans, Click to continue…

Top 7 Protective Styles. Which One Are You Choosing This Winter?

Protective Styles

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Alright ladies: please don’t think that I am trying to chase down the cold weather; I am still enjoying my bikini and shorts, I swear. But I have been thinking about my hair this coming winter. Last year the cold was brutal on my hair, and this year I want to be prepared with a Click to continue…

My Beautician Story And A Complete Guide On How To Pick The Right Hairdresser For You


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When I first went natural back in October 2012, I was still learning about my hair. I did not know exactly where to start with products, regimen, or styles. So I called up my long-time beautician I had gone to for years, and I asked her if she could hook my natural hair up with Click to continue…

Top 5 Picks For Inexpensive “Natural” Weaves

Top 5 Picks For Inexpensive Natural Weaves

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There will constantly be a fuss about why us kinky, coily, nappy haired women have no true to texture weave out there. Don’t get me wrong, they exist, but they are crazy expensive! A variety of brands are completely accurate when it comes to blending their products with 4a-4c hair textures. Hallejuah to that! The Click to continue…

5 Ways to Dye Your Hair Naturally

5 ways to dye your hair naturally

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Like many of you I have wanted to lighten my hair but I also wanted to avoid all the harsh stuff on the market that can permanently alter my hair pattern and strip my hair of moisture. For the longest there has been a rave about safely and naturally dying hair, whether relaxed or natural and I Click to continue…

Heat Protectants, What’s the Fuss?


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Every now and then, we all like to like to add a little flair into our lives.  This can be achieved by trying a new fashion trend, switching to a bold nail polish, or simply changing up your hair. I’m all for a quick hair change!   Whether it be a bomb blow out, a Click to continue…

Trimming Your Natural Hair Using The Curly Girl Method

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We all know MahoganyCurls right? She is the new ambassador for Shea Moisture which is totally awesome and we have loved her hair forever and day. In the below video Jess demonstrates how she has always cut her hair, and it really has worked for her from what we see on her channel. There are Click to continue…

How To Achieve A Gorgeous Puff With These Tools And Tips

How to achieve a gorgeous puff

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There are many ways that natural ladies achieve their afro puffs. I have personally tried a lot of things and some were not exactly intended for your hair. Some women use thigh highs, ribbon and bra straps for their puffs, but other women aren’t really sure how to use those items in their hair. After Click to continue…

Did You Know That Thinning Ends Will Cause More Breakage? 4 Clues That Its Time To Trim

4 clues that it's time to trim

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There she is, the girl who has long hair with stringy, frazzled ends. These are ends that look like they are just dying to be cut off and thrown away for good yet she refuses to cut her hair, believing that if she does then her hair will be “short”. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s Click to continue…

How To Make Curly 3A Clip In Extensions Using Virgin Remy Weave

curly clipins

I agree with Miss Charmise when it comes to making clip in extensions rather than purchasing the hair. I personally love clip ins over a full weave because I need to feel my scalp so if I was supposed to do any weave at all, clip ins would be my preference. In the video below Click to continue…

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