3 Herbal Shampoo Recipes For Hair Growth & Damaged Hair

3 Herbal Shampoo Recipes For Hair Growth And Damaged Hair

Your days as a natural have been spent searching for new and improved hair products that will give you healthy, long, thick hair, but where you should have been looking all along is in your backyard. Well, maybe not your backyard, but these natural herbal ingredients do grow in some people’s backyards (and very fortunate Click to continue…

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Avoid Hair Damage This Summer With These 4 Must-Try Tea Rinses

4 Must-Try Tea Rinses

No one wants to spend the summer with dull, dry, unhealthy hair. It is very likely that you have plans to hit up beaches, swimming pools, amusement parks, maybe do some light traveling and of course you want to look good while doing it. However, all of this will add wear and tear to your Click to continue…

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The Top 3 Hydrolyzed Proteins That Will Take Your Hair From Drab To Fab

hydrolyzed protein

Lately I have seen posts in a couple of forums concerning the hydrolyzed proteins that are starting to pop up in many conditioners. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but in the beginning when I really started to get into healthy hair care information, I was very confused about hydrolyzed proteins and which was Click to continue…

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4 Nutrient Rich DIY Hair Mask Recipes Designed To Give Your Hair Moisture And Strength

4 Nutrient Rich DIY Hair Mask Recipes

After a winter of long flowing straight hair, flexi rod sets and bouncy curls, during the summer we want our kinks and curls to have a little freedom. Free from manipulation, free from heat, and free from stress. It is time to pamper those tresses! We are often amazed at the popularity of hair mask recipes on Click to continue…

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3 DIY Banana Hair Mask Recipes That Will Hydrate, Strengthen And Make Those Curls Pop Pop Pop!

Banana hair Mask

I have three bananas left in my fruit basket on the kitchen counter that no one plans to eat. How do I know this? Well you know how it is with kids, if they see even one spot on a banana, suddenly they are gross and untouchable. I do not complain though, more for me. Click to continue…

3 DIY Refresher Sprays You Can Use to Refresh Your Curls Daily


I have been falling in love with wash and go’s lately. I don’t know if it is because I cannot wait for warmer weather or just the ease of being able to do it them especially after a work out. Not to mention I finally found my hair pick so I have been loving the Click to continue…

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Coffee Oil for Hair Growth? Two DIY Recipes

coffee oil for hair growth2

Coffee is one of those products where those who love it think it’s a miracle cure all for all of life’s ailments but those who are bit more skeptical think that it causes many ailments too. I’ve heard that it can help you lose weight (bullet proof coffee) or make you gain weight (caffeine making Click to continue…

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Two DIY Leave In Conditioner Recipes that You Might Not Have Tried Yet


If you can’t tell by now, I am all about the DIY, not only is it fun to make your own stuff at home, but the thing is you know exactly what your product has in it and you can make it over and over again when you run out. These recipes are not what Click to continue…

3 Reasons Sea Salt Can Be Beneficial for Your Hair [Recipe Included]

natural hair at the beach

When was the last time you were at the beach? Obviously with people experiencing massive amounts of snow all over the world these days many of us are dreaming of beach days and would much rather shovel sand and build sand castles than dig our car out from under snow just to make it to Click to continue…

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What’s the Skinny On at Home Keratin Treatments for Longer Lasting Straight Hair?


At-home beauty and hair products have been popular and a booming business for years and for many it makes perfect sense to use them.  They are practical, less expensive than salon visits and with the right person applying the technique, you can look like you just came from a salon. From hair dyes, to acrylic Click to continue…

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4 Natural Hair Softener Recipes and Products that Every Girl Should Know

4 Natural Hair Softener Recipes And Products

Although natural kinks and curls are gorgeous, some naturalistas like to take advantage of the cooler months by flat ironing or pressing their hair. There’s nothing better than stepping out of the house with freshly flat ironed hair whipping in the wind, making you feel glamorous. For many of us however, after an hour or Click to continue…

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Back to Basics: Use a Beer Rinse for Smooth, Shiny, Stronger Hair

A Beer Rinse For Smooth Shiny Stronger Hair

Beer rinses are nothing new. I heard about them when I was a child and even remember my mother using them. They have always been a staple in hair care as far as I can remember and I know before DIY got super big a few years ago that was how many women have always Click to continue…

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A Few Reasons You Should Add Coconut to Your Hair Regimen


Where I’m from you tend to not want to waste anything at all when it comes to the coconut. You cut the outer fibrous shell and use it as a buffer to get a brilliant shine for your floor and shoes; the leaves from the trees are plaited to make a cool beach-side shed or Click to continue…

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Two Great Cleansers For Baby And Mature Locs


Loc’d Ladies, I have a question? Have you ever looked around for great hair cleansers only to find out that they either had oils or conditioning agents in them? Okay, so y’all I’m going to pause for a second, because I know that many ladies that may be reading this are probably saying, “What’s wrong with that? Those things can be Click to continue…

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DIY Creamy Raw And Organic Hair Butter For Winter

hqdefault (2)

One of the great things that I love about the cold weather in terms of hair care is that we can pull out the thick butters. This might sounds a little off but I love the feeling of creamy moisturizers on my natural hair it just makes it feel all supple and stuff. I am Click to continue…

4 Not-So-Famous Oils And Herbs Great For All Hair Types


It seems our world is a highly resourceful place with natural goodness available on every corner of the earth. From Australia to the UK to the United States we are opening our eyes to wonderful pathways to beautiful hair and skin and it is not always something man-made. More often than not, nature provides us Click to continue…

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How to Make Your Own Shampoo Bars

hqdefault (1)

I don’t know about you, but I love making my own products. You pretty much know what is going into your hair when you make your own stuff and you get to customize your products to your hair’s liking. I have heard of making soap bars, but I have never heard of making your own Click to continue…

Coconut Oil and Brown Sugar Treatment For Hair


We all know the story behind virgin coconut oil: it heals, mends, cures you name it, it does it. Coconut oil is also known as cocos nucifera and it is basically white fat made by pressing coconut kernels. We always suggest that when making the decision to purchase coconut oil, always buy organic, cold-pressed, pure, unrefined, Click to continue…

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