5 Sulfate-Free Shampoos Under $10


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I am definitely one who has not adopted the no-poo curly girl method. As a result of product build up, every few weeks my hair needs a clarifying cleanse and co-washing just can’t get the job done! The problem with some shampoos is that they contain sulfates. A sulfate is a surfactant that basically gives Click to continue…

Hair Acting A Little Rebellious? 4 Ways To Know It Is Time To Clarify!

washing hair

What would you consider the most vital part of your hair regimen? Moisturizing? Deep conditioning? or perhaps pre-pooing? Most of the time we say these parts of our regimens are essential, but there is hardly any of us that say that clarifying is on our top priority list of our hair regimen. Well, it is Click to continue…

DIY: How To Make Your Own Orange Vanilla Honey Shampoo

Orange Vanilla Honey Shampoo

For all my DIY women out there I have another recipe for you. This one is a fun one and you might have some of the ingredients already in your possession if you are about that DIY life. Have you ever tried making your own shampoo? If you haven’t you should, at least once or Click to continue…

4 Alternatives To Sulfate Shampoo You Can Add To Your Regimen Now


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One of the first things we learn when beginning a natural hair journey is to cut back on or totally get rid of our favorite sulfate shampoo. Sulfates (seen in product ingredients as sodium lauryl sulfate) is a drying agent that is responsible for the suds or bubbles that you see in your favorite shampoo Click to continue…

Co-Washing Is Not For Everyone


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Having soft, flowing, luscious hair is the ultimate dream of us natural girls. We tend to run – correction – we sprint away from shampoos especially those that have sulfates. To maintain moisture and upkeep in our hair, a lot of naturals opt for co-washing in lue of using shampoo. Some even ban shampooing all Click to continue…

A Little Dirt Won’t Hurt: How About a Clay Mix or Mud Wash?

How About a Clay Mix or Mud Wash

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How about we get in on some mud slinging? Not the regular run of the mill stuff either, I promise this one is totally above board. Perhaps you’ll come to find that a little dirt won’t hurt. It makes me chuckle when I think of how some of my friends proudly stated that dirt grows Click to continue…

How To Use Rhassoul Clay As A Cleanser


Rhassoul clay comes from the Atlas mountains of Morocco. The clay is reddish brown, and is very rich in minerals making the clay perfect for using on your skin and on your hair. If you are looking for an all natural alternative cleanser using a clay on your scalp and hair might be a very Click to continue…

The Buffering Method – Yay or Nay?

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As some of you guys may have heard or not, natural hair vlogger Kimmaytube created a method called the buffering method. In a nutshell, the buffering method was created as a way to counteract the dry, stripped feeling that most of us get from our shampoo. The big question here is whether this is an Click to continue…

The Benefits Of And How To Clarify Your Hair

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Every couple of years my parents would have our house painted. The painter we had each time, my brother and I called Uncle Raffee. He was not related to us and I have no idea what his real name was or even how to spell it but that’s what we called him and it literally took him the Click to continue…

The Difference Between Clarifying And Chelating Relaxed Hair

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So I know exactly what you are thinking, “this post came right on time!” Am I right? Okay maybe not, but this is a super important topic for just about all of us relaxed ladies out here. In this post we’ll be discussing a question that is asked frequently in the hair community: “What is Click to continue…

Do You Need To Prepoo If You Only Wash Your Hair Once A Month?

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If you asked me that question and gave me only 2 seconds to answer it I would probably blurt out YES! After all I am a creature of habit and for me prepooing seems to be naturally the first step to any wash day especially since that is what I have practiced for years. Now that we have Click to continue…

Protective Styling: Cleaning Your Scalp With Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

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I am a nineties girl, Bell Biv Devoe, Brandy, black lipstick and a ton of eyeliner. Call it my version of a Goth phase but I really experimented with makeup back then and even though I had not a clue about what I was doing I knew to have a bottle of witch hazel and Click to continue…

Back To Basics: Condition Your Hair But Shampoo Your Scalp

Purple conditioner bottles

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When learning about hair care for the first time, information overload is a real issue and for newbies this can be seriously overwhelming. Back in the day when I started my hair journey we primarily learned about hair from online forums and even then there was a great deal of info to sift through. But Click to continue…

The Benefits Of Using Dry Shampoo

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo With Oat Extract

Dry shampoo sounds a little weird if you think about it in a literal sense, because honestly how is it possible to shampoo your hair while it is dry? Without the literal semantics the truth is the product is kind of revolutionary; the basic claim to fame essentially is that it can clean your hair without Click to continue…

Are Sulfate Free Shampoos Just A Con?

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Black women love a scapegoat. Since hair forums and blogs became popular and we learned from each other exactly how black hair can be grown long, we’ve been looking either for that 1 product that will guarantee us long locks or that 1 evil product that stunted our length retention efforts in the first place. Click to continue…

Clean Better – Wash your Hair With Water First!

Shower head water spray

Like most, when I was a little girl my mother washed my hair.  One of the things I remember about those memorable hair days is that she used a ton of shampoo every single wash day.  I’d be lying on the counter with my head leaning over into the sink and she’d pour handful after Click to continue…

Shampooing Is Important If You Use Oil Or Silicones In Your Hair


Going shampoo free may be beneficial for your hair but if you are a big fan of oils or silicones then you may be doing more harm than good  So a lot of us ladies are opting to dismiss the shampoos because of those nasty sulphates they contain that dry our tresses out. By dismissing Click to continue…

How To Shampoo Your Natural Or Relaxed Black Hair Without Tangling


Make wash day a dream by shampooing your hair the easy way After you have bought a suitable shampoo for your hair type, now is the time to learn the proper techniques for shampooing black hair. Depending on if the hair is relaxed or in its natural state, shampooing can be a very complex experience Click to continue…

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