I Am Having A Love Affair With Vitamin E Oil And I Do Not Care What My Other Oils Think About It


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I have a confession, I have been walking right by the coconut oil in the grocery store knowing full well I have no more in my cabinet at home…I have been cooking with my olive oil and not stealing any of it for my hair…I have even had the nerve to turn my nose up Click to continue…

A Recipe For The Ultimate Herbal Leave in And Detangler

Nikisha Brunson

The other day I read a blog post from a lady who said she was finding the cost of products a bit overwhelming. We totally understand. If you are buying products based on the ingredients it can get pretty costly especially if you are buying shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins of the highest quality. Ladies I cannot Click to continue…

The Top 10 Hair Butters that Soften Natural Hair

The Top 10 Hair Butters That Soften Natural Hair

I’m sure the purists would argue that only a whipped pure hard fat like cocoa butter, shea butter or even coconut oil really qualifies as a hair butter but to most of us hair care enthusiasts, hair butters are those creamy in between products. Too thick to be considered a leave in conditioner but not quite Click to continue…

3 Reasons You Should Always Use a Leave-In Conditioner

Natural hair

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Raise your hand if you never use a leave in! That might sound a bit odd, but there are women out there that think conditioner is enough and they don’t know the purpose of using leave-in conditioners. If you are a part of that 1% let me school you a bit. Here are 3 reasons Click to continue…

Is Sealing Your Ends Really Necessary?


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Sealing your ends is one of the most important things you can incorporate into your regimen for length retention, whether you are natural or relaxed. To retain length successfully, and keep it from getting shorter, you want to find ways to ensure that your fragile ends are well protected. Sealing your ends is the process Click to continue…

4 Steps To Moisturize Natural Hair This Winter


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Winter is upon us and you know what that means: big coats, hot chocolate, and drier natural hair. There are a few ways that our natural hair gets drier during the winter. The harsh wind and weather can lead to breakage, while the cotton or wool hats, scarves, and sweaters we wear can snag our Click to continue…

5 DIY Hair Moisturizing Sprays


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To get moisturized hair, you really don’t have to spend all your money on those pricey products that claim to give your hair “the business”. Whenever you need that refresher, look no further than your kitchen and refrigerator. Buying just ingredients rather than whole products can last you much longer versus buying moisturizing products that Click to continue…

What Is The Difference Between A Leave In Conditioner And A Moisturizer?

Leave in conditioners vs moisturizers are they the same

Isn’t it weird how in different parts of the country or even opposite sides of the same city you can have different names for the same hair technique or hairstyle? Senegalese twists vs rope twists or tree braids vs lace braids or singles vs box braids. Same difference. I received this question in my inbox Click to continue…

Top 8 Thirst Quenching Leave In Conditioners For Your Hair

Top 8 thirst quenching leave in conditioners

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We get questions all the time about product recommendations for dry thirsty hair and while we don’t know everyone’s situation what we do know is that there are some pretty cool products out there that are designed to solve just that problem. Afro textured hair is naturally dry, this does not change if you have Click to continue…

Aloe Vera Juice Vs Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera juice vs gel

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I am super excited to write this post because honey let me tell ya, aloe vera juice has been giving my hair life lately. Allow me to speak freely with ya’ll, I was in a rut, a bad one, my hair was dry, lifeless, just an over all bleh. I go through these dry spells Click to continue…

Fewer Ingredients Vs Quality Ingredients In Hair Products

Better quality hair moisturizers

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I recently attended a natural hair event. While it was good for those who were on the verge of transitioning or those who were brand new to the idea of caring for their own hair, it did very little to address the practical side of hair care. The idea of caring for your own hair Click to continue…

Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer 1st Impressions Type 4 Hair

Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer 1st Impressions type 4a

The Q-Redew hand held steamer is the newest craze in the natural hair community, for one the company has been doing a huge push on promotion by sending the product to key You Tubers for review which always creates a bit of a buzz. We all know the value of the YouTube voice and so Click to continue…

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Vs Clear Castor Oil

Jamaican black castor oil vs clear castor oil

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Whenever I visit the family in Jamaica, before I leave my mom knows she has to take me to get two things; a bottle of honey and a rum flask of castor oil. You know you got the good stuff when the only thing they can find to put it in is an old white rum bottle. I Click to continue…

4 Super Cheap Grocery Store Oils That Work Great For Your Hair

4 cheap grocery store oils for your hair

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So picture this: You have just washed and conditioned your hair and you are set to moisturize and seal. You have just finished applying your favorite leave in to the last section and you are now reaching to seal that goodness in. But… wait? Wholllleee up, what happen to my last bit of avocado oil? Click to continue…

The Best Moisturizers For Really Dry Natural Hair – LOC Method Friendly


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Remember that LOC method post you all liked so much? Don’t even front, we know you liked that one! Well no gift is complete without the fancy red bow on the top so in lieu of adding to that post we went ahead and developed a complete list of product suggestions that would make things Click to continue…

5 Ways To Deal With A Rubbish Conditioner

acme conditioner

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You know what I hate? Getting sucked in by fancy packaging! This is the oldest marketing trick in the book and it is still being used by major corporations to this day because it works. Product not selling? Change the packaging, re-market the same junk and voila, profits are soaring again and another sucker is Click to continue…

How To Use Glycerin In Dry Non Humid Weather

vegetable glycerine

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Glycerin is one of those ingredients everyone loves to hate including me. My reasons are varied; at first I didn’t like it because all the cool girls hated it. Then I didn’t like the sticky texture and thought it would make any concoction I made a disaster without even testing it out and finally I Click to continue…

The LOC Method Explained – Why It Is The Best Way To Moisturize Your Hair

the loc method explained

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If you are on a new hair journey, abbreviations can get a bit daunting, and sometimes you may wonder if we have created a whole other language specially to annoy you. I get that all these abbreviations can get irritating and hard to remember but the best thing to do is really figure out what Click to continue…

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