A Juice Tonic for Hair Growth

A juice tonic for hair growth

This is a particularly special post because it focusses on the number one issue most of us have and that is hair growth. We have talked about how many times we get the question “how can I get my hair to grow?” and repeatedly we have said, it isn’t about products or even techniques when it Click to continue…

What You Should Know Before Buying A Juicer

What You Should Know Before Buying A Juicer featured

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Choosing a juicer is not the easiest task in the world, especially if you are an over thinker like me. My final decision on what juicer to buy came after months of research, finally prompted by a late night infomercial and a nudge from my brother who purchased the Jack Lallane Juicer to keep his ninja Click to continue…

Juicing: A Cheat Sheet Of Tips You Cannot Do Without

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Over the past year or so I have really made a commitment to keeping up the habit of juicing and that meant finding easier ways to juice. This has allowed me to take full advantage of the health benefits including getting nutrients to help with my hair growth in a natural way. You can find Click to continue…

Three Juicy Recipes That Will Render Your Hair Growth Supplements Unnecessary

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Ahhh juicing, my newish favorite pass time, I’m a Jack Lalanne girl myself, R.I.P, and my juicer is permanently affixed to my counter top for something fresh every other day or so. I try to make enough juice to last two days because I kind of need that extra day to get over washing all Click to continue…

A-Z of Hair Growth Vitamins And Their Natural Alternatives

A-Z of Hair Growth Vitamins And Their Natural Alternatives featured

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Recently I introduced the idea of juicing as a way to improve your nutrition without having to resort to supplements. I have been juicing myself for a while now and honestly I can say that nothing is more delicious than a freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juice to start the day. It gives you an Click to continue…

Juicing: How You Can Supercharge Your Nutrition Naturally

Fruit and vegetable juicing

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Last week I shared my unfortunate experience with hair growth supplements but this week, rather than focus on negatives, I would like to show you a wonderful way of getting supreme nutrition to help hair growth in a natural way. It seems that almost yearly researchers find more elements in our food which raises them Click to continue…

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