The 5 Anti-Dandruff Foods You Should Eat

Woman eating an apple

Apparently, there is a healthy way of eating that helps prevent dandruff! This article has a list of the foods that are claimed to be some of the very best anti-dandruff foods nature has to offer to us. 1. Sunflower seeds These tasty seeds have nutrients that contribute to dandruff-free hair. Sunflower seeds have many Click to continue…

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3 Reasons Why Petroleum Gets a Bad Rap


Petroleum is a by-product of crude oil which was first discovered on oil rigs. When the crews dug for and struck oil, the waxy substance would form on the rig and often prevent it from working, that’s when they sought out ways to get rid of it and it was discovered that it caused wounds Click to continue…

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3 Ways You Can Fight Winter Dry Scalp

Frustrated Black Woman

We have all had those moments when we have a really bad scalp issues for what ever reason. During the winter time dry scalp and dry skin can be very common for most of us, I know first hand. If you have winter dry scalp flare ups there are a number of things you can Click to continue…

How to Manage Your Scalp Eczema


My first experience with eczema came in 2012 when my son was born. I watched this little person scratch his joints, wrists, legs and arms and after countless doctor appointments and trying a ton of stuff on the market, I finally think we have the one thing that will work for his skin, as long Click to continue…

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8 Reasons You Are Still Not Retaining Length

8 Reasons You Are Still Not Retaining Length

Yes, you read the blog, yes you do protective styles, yes you finger detangle but it’s 2014. You have been natural since 2008 and your hair is still neck length when at full shrinkage and just barely past your arm pits stretched. You watch YouTube, and sexysassy987 has waist length hair now, yet you both Click to continue…

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What Is Stress Related Hair Loss And How To Deal With It

I dont want to lose my hair over this

My mom lost her first child, a boy, when he was just 1 year and 8 months old. With a two year old of my own now, I cannot imagine what that was like for her. Nobody should ever go through the pain of losing a child. It was something we have had to work through as Click to continue…

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Everything You Need To Know About Postpartum Shedding


When I had my first child a few years ago, I wasn’t too bothered by the possibility of losing my hair; in fact, I wasn’t even on a hair journey. On occasion I had heard people complain that they had lost chunks of hair but I just thought it was the off chance. Man was Click to continue…

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5 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Natural Hair


Natural hair is beautiful and versatile and experimenting with different styles and products is a part of the beauty of natural hair care. Curls, bangs, waves, afros, buns, and twists are just some of the hair styles that you can create. However, if you aren’t careful, you can destroy your hair and cause permanent damage Click to continue…

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Natural Remedies For Cradle Cap

hqdefault (4)

I wish I had this video when I had my son because his cradle cap was a huge issue for us, I was afraid to shampoo his hair with harsh shampoos I wanted to remain as natural as I could and I never once thought to use a tooth brush. I was waiting for this Click to continue…

5 Clues It’s Time For A Natural Hair Change


Being natural is a beautiful experience but like anything else it has its ups and downs. You must forever evolve with each passing season to find the right products and techniques because the needs of your hair changes as your environment changes. Coupled with that other things like age, stress, pregnancy, are all incidents within Click to continue…

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The Shelf Life Of Hair And How It Relates To Your Trimming Schedule


Apparently like your semi natural food in a can, your hair can have a shelf life. There is a notion that says because hair has a shelf life then it would make sense to trim your hair on a set schedule, like every three months or every six months depending on what your stylist recommends. Click to continue…

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8 Bad Hair Habits We Need To Break

detangle post1

  We cant even front, we all have those bad hair habits we know we need to break and we know deep down that without these habits our hair would be further along, growth and health wise. If only we would just do exactly what we need to do to achieve our hair goals we Click to continue…

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How To Care For High Porosity Hair

Woman with colored hair and head scarf

You have to admit that there is so much to learn about our hair that by the time we get to porosity we are slightly overwhelmed and just over it. The thing is porosity might be the most important thing you can learn about the health of your hair because it determines how your hair Click to continue…

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How to Improve Your Scalp Health

Scalp issues

A dry, itchy, flaky scalp is downright annoying and not to mention embarrassing. Trust me, I have been there, I have been suffering from eczema for about nine years, so I know all too well the pain of a dry itchy scalp, and the embarrassing flakes that come with it. It’s so bad that sometimes Click to continue…

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Detangling 4B/4C Natural Hair

African Export detangling her natural hair

  I feel like we have mentioned detangling a few times this week, which is of course on purpose because it is a huge part of our natural hair life. The below video we are about to share is a tutorial done by the queen of realness herself Vanisha aka African Export. I loved the Click to continue…

6 Ways To Prevent Tangles In Kinky Natural Hair

Woman with natural hair twist out

Natural hair is beautiful, it’s trendy, it’s popular and it’s here to stay. It’s also time-consuming, quirky and requires real knowledge, time and patience to keep your tresses healthy and looking amazing. One of those quirks is tangles, they can drive a woman crazy and I cant help but remember those relaxed hair days when Click to continue…

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6 Antifungal Hair Products For Common Scalp Problems

Antifungal hair products for scalp problems

Scalp infections, fungus or even minor scalp issues can be a real problem in our hair journeys. There are several different ailments that can affect the scalp most of them can be treated with something over the counter, some of them would probably require a licensed dermatologist or a trichologist to help. One point I Click to continue…

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Garlic: A Natural Way To Stop Hair Shedding?

Garlic to stop hair shedding

This post is all about the one ingredient every kitchen cannot be without, yes you guessed it…garlic! But this isn’t about garlic being a great ingredient for your favorite Italian dish but rather using it in your hair as part of your regimen to cure shedding. If the hair found in your brush after a single Click to continue…

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