A Black Pepper Hair Growth Recipe You Should Try

Black pepper for hair growth

Alright ya’ll, I see you going in on me in the comment section. You haven’t even read the article yet and all I see is -“this tew much girl”, “Black pepper…whet?” “No way” .. I get it, when I read it I was a bit flabbergasted myself. Cayenne pepper is used extensively in home made Click to continue…

Can You Retain Length Using Heat? – 7 Ways This Might Be Possible

Can you retain length using heat

A few years ago I followed some women who used heat training to keep their hair long and watched in awe as they retained every inch of hair they managed to grow. My fascination with their method’s was pretty much based on taboo. The fact that all the information around me said there is no way Click to continue…

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Potato Water For Hair Growth – A Scalp And Hair Recipe


The other day I wrote a list of things you can or should do if you want longer hair. The post was titled “20 Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Retain Length“. If you missed that post you can read it again and then come back here to see what I am talking Click to continue…

20 Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Retain Length Now

Lady with curly hair

Recently I decided that I was going to really focus my attention on growing out my hair. As much as I love short styles and chunky shrinkage looks I like the fact that I have the choice if I want to wear my hair fully stretched and waist length. The beauty of natural afro textured Click to continue…

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Growing Out Your TWA That Use To Be A Fade Isn’t Easy- We Have 3 Suggestions For Styling You Can Try


This video is probably one of the most hilarious videos I have seen in a while and even though Mahoganyknots is known for her very funny and down to earth personality she still gets me every time. Listen ladies this is really a serious thing, because even though many of us love cutting our TWA’s Click to continue…

6 Bonafide Medical Reasons For Very Slow Hair Growth – Do You Have One Of Them?


You are doing everything right; everything that is humanly possible to get that half an inch of hair growth that the websites and blogs all boast that is ‘normal’ for the average human to grow healthy hair. I do not know about you, but it can be super frustrating to hear what is normal for Click to continue…

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Get That Diet In Check Now – 5 Foods To Grow Your Hair

natural hair eat healthy

We all want anything that can help us reach our hair goals for 2015, and everything you put in, you get out. With a few of these foods added to your grocery list, slowly but surely you will see improvements in the growth, strength and even the sheen of your hair! Here are 5 foods that Click to continue…

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The Importance Of Supplementing With Silica For Maximum Hair Growth

The Importance Of Supplementing With Silica For Maximum Hair Growth

As us girls get older we tend to go on a quest for the best kept beauty secrets. We do not want anything sagging, drooping, discolored or falling out. You can call us vain if you like, it really doesn’t matter because the truth is at some point in most women’s lives we will all consider making improvements to Click to continue…

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5 Reasons Women Swear By Biotin For Hair Health And Growth

5 Reasons Women Swear By Biotin For Hair Health And Growth1

Have you considered taking Biotin lately? I have and I would be a pretentious blogger if I did not admit that I have a love hate relationship with vitamins in general. It’s not just vitamins though, I would rather sleep off a headache than take two itty bitty Tylenol pills, much to the dismay of Click to continue…

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6 Ways You Can Make Your Goal Of Super Thick Hair Some What Of A Reality

thick hair

Well that title was perfect until the words “some what” showed up. So can I have thick hair or not? Don’t you hate it when you need a definitive answer on something and someone like me rolls around with words like ‘maybe’ and ‘some what’. The thing is my dear, like matters of the heart Click to continue…

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Use The Aloe Vera Plant For Hair Growth And Retention

The Aloe Vera Plant For Hair Growth And Retention

Its funny how when you are young you tend to have less appreciation for the little things your mom and dad would do for you. Part of it was a lack of understanding, essentially a childlike selfish mentality. This isn’t a bad thing, the innocence of children is endearing really, I mean all they care about are curly haired Click to continue…

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5 Ways to Deal with the Disappointment of Not Meeting Hair Length Goals

Why isnt it working

Disappointment can be stressful, especially when you think you are doing everything you can to get a certain result but instead you end up not meeting your goals. It is almost like a science experiment, if you do this this and this, you should get this, no brainer right? The only problem is the result is Click to continue…

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Are You Ever too Old to Grow Long Hair? How Does Your Age Affect Your Hair Growth Rate?

Older woman with natural hair

Right off the bat with no real thought my answer to that question is a resounding yes. Of course my answer is based on the flashes of pictures of gorgeous silver foxes with long flowing gray hair that my mind has retained. I also have a bit of experience too, my grandmother has hair that Click to continue…

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Four Yoga Poses that Can Increase Your Hair Growth

Woman standing on her hand

healingherbsbyrene.com Say What? My first impression of yoga actually being beneficial to your hair growth, I immediately thought, “That’s insane.” As I did some research, it kind of made sense. For those yogis out there, we know that yoga is just so healthy and beneficial for the body, mind, and soul in general, but have you Click to continue…

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Top 6 Oils with Hair Growth Properties

Top 6 Oils with Hair Growth Properties- featured

How many of you ever went out to Sally’s or your favorite beauty supply store and purchased some miracle oil? You know the kind, right? It is in a bottle that probably isn’t the prettiest; the smell might be a bit questionable, but the lady in the shop swears by it because it worked for Click to continue…

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Elongtress Biotin Giveaway – 3 Reasons Biotin Was the Number 1 Supplement Used By Our Readers Last Year (CLOSED)


Hair growth is still the number one priority for most of our readers, and at some point in your life even if you have turned your nose up at the idea of long hair now you must admit it was probably a priority for you at one point or another. Yet hair growth is totally dependent on Click to continue…

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6 Tips for Creating the Best Hair Growth Environment for Your Hair


I cannot cook in a dirty kitchen. Call me weird, anal, whatever you want, but if there are dishes in the sink, messy counter tops and a dirty floor everything has to be clean before I chop one tomato or boil a pot of water. Part of it is I like to be organized; you can’t Click to continue…

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4 Things that Lead to Longer Hair that has Nothing to Do With Hair Care


Hair growth is a an intricate process, if you are a scientist or a doctor you might not agree with me as there are more complicated things happening in our body at any one time. Whether you think it is complicated or not, at one time or another we have all been focused on hair Click to continue…