6 Tips for Creating the Best Hair Growth Environment for Your Hair


I cannot cook in a dirty kitchen. Call me weird, anal, whatever you want, but if there are dishes in the sink, messy counter tops and a dirty floor everything has to be clean before I chop one tomato or boil a pot of water. Part of it is I like to be organized; you can’t Click to continue…

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4 Things that Lead to Longer Hair that has Nothing to Do With Hair Care


Hair growth is a an intricate process, if you are a scientist or a doctor you might not agree with me as there are more complicated things happening in our body at any one time. Whether you think it is complicated or not, at one time or another we have all been focused on hair Click to continue…

Nail Rubbing For Hair Growth: The Basics of Balayam Yoga and Why We Are Skeptical


You all are going to think I lost my mind, and if you do, that’s OK, because I get that a lot, sometimes. Maybe you won’t say I am crazy; maybe you will chastise me for suggesting just any old thing for some hair growth. Well, if you let me choose the route you take, Click to continue…

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The Hair Type Chart – Discover Your Hair Type

The Hair Type Chart

Embed Code: Share the graphic on your website!  From BlackHairInformation.com What is your hair type? So, you have the letter part of the grade which goes as follows: The letter A would be a looser curl pattern. The letter B is a little more defined and the letter C is the tightest curl pattern of Click to continue…

Do You Have 4 -11 Hours To Care For Natural Hair Every Week?

Do you have 4-11 hours to care for natural hair every week

Do you dream of having long flowing drool worthy natural hair? Most of us do and some of us can gladly say that we have achieved it. I am here to tell you that waist length hair even hip length hair is very achievable and if you make it there, you will have a lot Click to continue…

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A Cold Shower Can Help To Reduce Hair Shedding and Increase Hair Growth

Cold Showers Can Help To Reduce Hair Shedding And Increase Hair Growth

I know what you are going to say: that’s ridiculous; my hair is falling out, and all you have to say to me is to go take a cold shower?? Excessive shedding is no joke. It’s not some random unseen phenomenon, it is your hair literally laying there on the bathroom floor and you not knowing what on Click to continue…

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Three Tips to Revive Those Thinning Edges

How to re-grow your edges hairline

You can have a head full of hair, and have no edges whatsoever. It is depressing, I know, but the good news is, you can recover from it. Many things can cause edges to thin: scratching in that area, combing/brushing roughly, tight hairstyles, and even wigs. We know you need answers fast so say no more. Click to continue…

The Crown And Glory Method Created By Robin Woods Will Give You Maximum Growth Retention

The Crown And Glory Method

I recently read about The Crown And Glory Method on a pretty popular natural hair website, and found it quite interesting. Before I get into what makes it interesting, let me first tell you what it is. Basically it is a way to get maximum growth potential from your hair whether relaxed or natural, using Click to continue…

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The Hair Growth Diet


  Taking proper care of our hair, and sticking to our hair regimens is important. We faithfully look for ways to retain hair length, moisture, and even promote growth. There are plenty of products out there that claim to promote hair growth, but let us face it products will not always be the cause of Click to continue…

A Simple DIY Sulfur Hair Growth Oil Recipe

A Simple DIY Sulfur Hair Growth Oil Recipe

Us girls are always looking for hair growth remedies and supplements to give us healthy long locs. Often, many newbies and veterans alike will decide to incorporate a Biotin supplements into their diet to achieve long healthy hair; But what if I told you that there is something better? Something that does not have the side effects that Click to continue…

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What To Do If You Have Slow Growing Hair

What to do if you have slow growing hair

Since the widespread popularity of black hair websites – BHI included of course – a lot of women have quite rightly put away that the old adage ‘black hair grows slow’ as a myth. Even so, slow growing hair may in fact be more common amongst black people than you may think with 6 inches Click to continue…

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5 Ways To Optimize Your Hair’s Strength

Optimize Your Hair's Strength2

Why is the hair that is all over the bathroom and on the sink considered gross yet when its on your head its all kinds of cool? Weird right, I mean either way its dead but for some reason when it is unattached from our heads it becomes an entirely different specimen, something to be Click to continue…

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What To Do When Your Hair Does Not Grow At The Rate You Think It Should

Hair growth stagnated

Alright y’all , so I personally have a beef with stagnant growth. I mean I don’t know about y’all but when I feel that I have my stuff in order (which sometimes I don’t but who’s judging hehe) I expect to have my growth and retention to takeoff like a rocket. But it does not Click to continue…

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A Juice Tonic for Hair Growth

A juice tonic for hair growth

This is a particularly special post because it focusses on the number one issue most of us have and that is hair growth. We have talked about how many times we get the question “how can I get my hair to grow?” and repeatedly we have said, it isn’t about products or even techniques when it Click to continue…

4 Reasons You Are Not Retaining Length

4 reasons you are not retaining length

Whether we want to believe it or not, most women who are natural are length driven. I’m sure it’s the same for relaxed women but the many who switch to natural hair are doing so for longer tresses. Yes, we want healthy hair and hair that is not thinning or breaking off but you cannot Click to continue…

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How Protective Styling Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good In Your HHJ


If you have any knowledge of the diet industry you will know that majority of the people who lose a great deal of weight eventually gain it back. For that reason a lot of industry experts often say that the real battle starts after you have lost the weight and not during the weight loss Click to continue…

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5 Mistakes That Are Costing Naturals Length

Mistakes that are costing naturals length

If you scan our message inbox and search for these two words ‘not growing’ you might find more than 100 instances of that very phrase in that order highlighted in yellow. There are healthy women out there that genuinely believe that their hair is not growing, and can attest to the fact that year after Click to continue…

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How To Get 4b Hair To Waist Length In 3 Years

How To Get 4b Hair To Waist Length In 3 Years

  If you watch the below video you might think that getting your 4b natural hair to waist length is kind of easy, I mean protective styling, drinking water, supplements, deep conditioning, moisturizing and cleansing all seems easy enough right? Then why aren’t we all on #teamwaistlength then? Well it is that easy and then again Click to continue…